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Navigating Uncertain Times: Financial Lessons for the Next Three Years

In the past three years, our world has changed dramatically. A virus epidemic has completely changed people’s lifestyle and thinking mode.

For example, consumption patterns, visible to the naked eye from keen to consume ahead of time, to the current consumption degradation; for example, work and investment, also from the previous rash advance, to the current conservative.

The outside world has also been volatile.

In October this year, before the two-year Russian-Ukrainian war ended, fierce clashes broke out between Israel and Palestine.

The already grim international situation has become highly tense.

We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Everything is in uncertainty.

So for the next time, at ten o ‘clock you suggest:

Invest carefully, save more money, and don’t mess around.

Read such a story.

Shenzhen has a couple, after 10 years of hard work, finally saved 4 million yuan of deposits.

Looking at the material preparation is sufficient, they are ready to have a baby.

In order to welcome the arrival of the children, they with a down payment of 3 million yuan, bought a 120 square meters, worth 10 million yuan school district housing.

They think so, the couple’s annual income added up to 1.5 million, and 1 million in savings, if no accident, they should be able to cope with most of the difficulties of life.

There is no problem with the idea, but life is the most afraid of be an accident.

The happy days lasted only a few months.

At the end of 2021, her husband’s company suffered layoffs, and his name was on the list.

Although he had received a sum of compensation, he could not hold out for long.

In 2022, her husband found another job at a small company and left within two months because of a conflict with his superiors.

Later, how to find a job how not smooth, accustomed to a million annual salary of him, unable to accept a substantial salary cut, several months in succession did not receive an interview notice.

During this period, he tried to start a business, but also ended in no business.

This year all by his wife’s income support, but the mortgage, raising a baby, all spending only increase.

See deposit is going to bottom, her husband’s work in the short term is still unable to implement.

The couple figured out how to sell the house.

They calculated a bill:

The mortgage of 7 million yuan, with monthly repayment of 37,600 yuan, can be repaid for a year and a half, with the principal remaining 6.84 million yuan.

This is because, in the past also 677000, interest accounted for more than 510000, and the principal is only 160000.

Worse still.

When I bought it, the house price was 83,000 yuan. Now it’s only 70,000 yuan. If you want to sell it, someone may buy it for 65,000 yuan.

In other words, 18 months after buying a house, they have lost 2.2 million yuan.

Home savings can barely last about a year.

But the mortgage, but a full 28 years.

There is only one way in front of them:

Selling a house at a loss is important to your life.

It seemed helpless, but it was already the best way to control risks at present.

Therefore, in special periods, do not participate in venture capital beyond their ability or cognitive scope.

Always give your life, set up a “plan B” option, let oneself have retreat can choose.

Your money is hard to come by, don’t waste it easily.

In the next three years, keep your purse.

Try to invest carefully, don’t invest blindly.

To keep the money and not lose money, this is already making money for many people.

Near the end of the year, everyone will be thinking in their hearts:

This year, how much money left in his hand?

How many people are there in the plate plate of bank card found that:

Thought to earn a lot of, in fact didn’t save much.

Then the soul to ask:

Where’s all the hard earned money?

Think back to these years, often is the money just to hand haven’t cover hot, will be used elsewhere.

In middle age, if you can’t earn too much money, you must learn to save money.

Some time ago, I heard a case of extreme saving money.

A netizen named “Little Table” shared his experience of saving 400,000 yuan in three years.

Three years ago, he was still troubled by having no savings, unable to afford a house, unable to get married, and unable to give a bride price.

On his 24th birthday, he decided to change himself and set a small goal: to have a deposit of 300,000 at 27.

In order to achieve his goal, he first optimized his consumption style.

Every night after work, he always rushed in just before the supermarket closed, so he could spend 10 yuan on vegetables and fruits for 2-3 days.

Rarely order takeout, every day is to bring food to work.

And rarely go to buy new clothes, let alone go shopping.

Once there is a large demand for equipment, priority will be given to online purchase second-hand idle.

Although the material life seems to be more strict, but the spiritual life is gradually rich.

After work, he likes reading books. In order to save money on books, he often goes to the public library to read books, take notes and learn new knowledge.

He also likes sports and goes to the park for morning exercises if he has nothing to do.

His savings grew rapidly in a few years by “cutting back.”

At ten o ‘clock, of course, you also admitted that:

This kind of extreme savings case was indeed difficult for ordinary people.

But we can plan our savings plan according to our own situation.

The purpose of throttling is not to make life tight, but not to spend money on the premise of having a good life.

Most people can’t save money for two reasons:

One is can’t hold the desire to spend money;

Second, there is no habit of saving money.

Let’s look at the first point.

One of the first concepts we need to understand is that a lot of money is actually unnecessary to spend.

I don’t believe you open the wardrobe, there are a lot of “rushed to buy at a discount, but not once through the sweater”;

Punchs a hole to look at the room, and a lot of small things to gather together full reduction and buy, to the last time it is no use, but also take a place.

The first principle of spending is to pay for the “present,” never “spend before you spend”:

Don’t spend more money than you can afford, and try not to pay for the future.

Most of the money that’s spent on hoarding ends up wasted.

The second principle of spending money is that practical value trumps everything else.

Don’t fall into the trap of consumerism even if you don’t use anything cheap at all;

And use the number of items, to save money to buy good quality, even if it doesn’t matter your point.

In this way, spend less, save more money naturally.

Saving money is as painful as self-discipline. The desire to manage is actually the opposite of human nature.

And when you can overcome desire, learn to delay to meet, you will find that:

Saving money will bring more satisfaction than any immediate consumption.

Netizen @ mickey tells about his experience of being laid off.

Mickey, 34, has been in the industry for seven years.

She thought she was a veteran of the industry, but the company’s layoffs shattered her idea.

From receiving the message to leave the company, it took only a day.

At first she was not in a hurry, with her qualifications to go to a small company, should also be able to find a good job salary.

But this year the market is different.

After losing her job, she interviewed for a month, not only did she not receive any offer, but she also went on a tour.

Three months later, she invested in almost every company in the industry, but she couldn’t read it back. She clearly felt that although there were many online jobs, there weren’t many people who were really hiring.

I’ve been looking for a job for months, and I don’t have any income, but my family’s expenses haven’t stopped.

It’s a lie to say you’re not anxious.

“If I can’t find a job again, I decided to lower my expectations and have a class first.”

“If you can keep your current job and take advantage of your own pitfalls, then you will win this year.”

This time, don’t mention leaving on impulse.

The first is that jobs are no longer easy to find, and the second is that salaries may not be as high as those of the current job.

So, at this stage the main goal, keep your job, don’t tinkering with.

I once saw a question like this on the Internet:

“How can I live a successful life?”

There is an answer was agree:

Stay close to the situation and follow the trend.

When the situation is good, no matter what you do can make money;

But when the situation shrinks, you need to slow down and hide your strength and bide your time.

If you go against the trend without any planning, the result will teach you a lesson.

Critical period, don’t make a wrong judgment.

Invest cautiously.

Try to make your ability to resist risks greater than the risks themselves.

At any time have the ability of the palm for life, when the life of the wind and waves hit, don’t be blown down by a gust of wind, a fierce wave was overturned.

Save more.

Don’t spend money, save as much as you can.

Money is a person’s confidence and sense of security, more let a person have more retreat and options.

Don’t tinkering with.

If you can’t see the situation, the more casual, may fall off more malicious.

Keeping their current jobs and having a steady cash flow are the safe choices for most people.

In a month, we’re moving into 2024.

Although we don’t know what will happen in the future, the only thing we can grasp is the judgment and action of the present.

See the situation, and not trapped in the situation;

Make a difference, and don’t drift;

Armed with correct cognition, one step at a time steadfast forward, do these two points, no matter what kind of predicament, finally can be safe and sound.

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