Unmasking Desire: Embracing Realities without Compromise

Growing up, when it comes to desire, we associate it with negative thoughts and scenarios and view it as a scourge.
In fact, desire is just a person’s instinct and nature as a creature, and has nothing to do with character or morality.
However, many people, under the brainwashing of the outside world and the junk culture, continue to compromise their basic desires as a living being.
This leads to their inner being in a constant state of conflict, pain, and struggle, and they are unable to live a happy life throughout their lives.
Desire cannot be achieved through compromise or compromise.
Next, I will talk about why desire cannot be compromised from the perspective of money and sex.
① Compromise on money.
In this real society, money is a man’s courage, a woman’s makeup, a child’s favorite gift, and a magic weapon to make parents smile.
However, if you look carefully, you will find that what the poor like to say most is:
Money is not the most important thing, sincere feelings cannot be compared with money.
Therefore, in order to maintain the so-called relationship, to keep false face, and to be gregarious, the poor always hang out with the rubbish friends around them, eat, drink, have fun, and waste time together.
The name is beautiful: you must learn to be humane and worldly, and you must learn to have good relationships with the people around you.
In fact, you know very well in your heart that you are just escaping from reality.
An incompetent person, a person who is a waste in his own right, hangs out in a circle all day long. Will there be any outstanding people in it?
Will not.
Eating and drinking every day is just to find a reasonable excuse to hide among the weak and hug each other for warmth.
This kind of compromise with money will only make your already bad life worse.
If you have no money in your pocket, no strength, and no identity, even the friends around you will look down on you, ridicule you, and attack you.
After all, what the poor at the bottom are best at is fearing you for being rich, despising you for being poor, hating you for having something, and laughing at you for not having it.
As you get older, life will become even more cruel, with people asking for money from all directions.
When you are young, you can be willful, you can curse, and then find a place to sleep and get over it.
However, you are already a middle-aged man, can you still escape reality and evade responsibilities?
You need to protect your parents in their later years. If you don’t have real money for them to live on, other people’s spit will drown you;
Without money to treat their illnesses, it is useless for you to go around begging your grandparents or complaining to your grandma. The real world will tell you that there is no way to go to heaven and no way to the earth.
Therefore, if you are a child of ordinary background, from now on, you must face your desire for money.
Give up all illusions, abandon all moral shackles, reject any emotional kidnapping, and do your best to earn money and enhance your own strength.
②Compromise between the sexes.
As long as a man stays at the bottom and has little financial strength, if he wants to reproduce, he must make compromises in terms of gender.
Ten men have nine colors. If a woman can enter a man’s eyes, it must be the woman’s sexual value that attracts him first.
So, how can a man choose a partner without any requirements or ideas?
It’s just that men at the bottom have too few choices. In order to carry on the family line and satisfy their own needs, under various pressures from the world, they can only end up with a low-class woman who can barely see through it and can have children. Live together.
When this poor man got married, he must have been thinking:
Your conditions are not that good either, so you will definitely live a good life with me.
Unfortunately, reality does not depend on human will.
It is the norm for poor and humble couples to suffer from everything that happens in low-class marriages.
If you observe a little, the married life of men and women at the bottom must be a mess. They have a small quarrel every three days and a big quarrel every five days.
What was the reason for the quarrel?
No reason.
Either the man is angry outside and comes back to vent; or the woman thinks her husband is such a waste and needs something to vent about.
The most ridiculous thing is that every time this poor man quarrels with his wife, he always thinks that it is caused by what happened today and wants to reason with his mother-in-law.
But you will find that every time a man at the bottom wins an argument with his wife and is convinced by reason, there will still be a next time, and the next time…
The reason is that this man is always unwilling to face reality and improve his worth and strength.
A marriage without a financial foundation can never live in harmony.
Finally, it is actually a good thing for ordinary people to face their own desires, which reminds us:
You should find a way to own it and make it a medicine that improves your life.
Blindly rejecting desires will only make you lose the motivation to move forward and eventually become a loser who achieves nothing.
Respect, understanding, care, and enthusiasm will all leave you.

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