Chapter 16 Letter | Secrets in Cordu Village: Whispers of Danger and Divine Intervention

Ryan shook his head:

” The letter only had two sentences and the content was very simple. It looked like a person in deep trouble was asking us for help.”

“Didn’t you say it was a dilemma?” Lumian was relieved.

Whether it’s the Laurel letter to her pen pals, or her pen pals to send back the mail, can’t only two sentences.

“No,” she said. Ryan sighed softly.

Just a letter of help, nothing you come? Aren’t you afraid it’s just a prank? The people of the Tribunal aren’t as enthusiastic as you. Isn’t this a little too kind, kind, and with a sense of mission? Lumian mocked in his heart.

According to his habits, he should have said these words directly, but considering the need to obtain information from the other party, he could not anger them, so he interrupted the conversation and forced himself to endure it.

However, Lumian also knew that Ryan would not tell him the whole story. They must have other considerations or reasons for coming to Cordu Village to look for someone for a letter of help that was not written clearly.

“Erm, erm, Maybe I can tell from the handwriting who wrote it.”

“Do you think we’re going to be able to do that?”

Leah laughed.

“Can you identify handwriting?”

“It’s not going to happen.” Lumian said sincerely.

Then he added in my mind:

I can identify O’Lauer’s handwriting and mine.

“It’s not that.” Ryan shook his head again.” Every word in that letter came from Little Blue Book. The entire sentence was made up of a piece of paper that was cut out from the letter.”

That’s very cautious. Why does this sound familiar? Have you heard too many stories about O’Lauer? Now that is for help, why hide their identity in this way? Fear of interception of letters of help and retaliation? Or, itself also have what problem, don’t want to be exposed in the line of sight of others? Lumian tried to analyze the writer’s mind.

He deliberately reveal an Epiphany expression way:

“Most of the families in the village have small blue books. You are looking for people to chat with, so you want to confirm whether the small blue books in their homes have similar damage?”

“But that person can totally buy another little blue book without anyone knowing and throw it away after using it.”

“It’s just one of them.” Ryan said calmly.

“Is there another direction?” Lumian didn’t think of himself as an outsider.

Ryan wanted to the next way:

” Since there is help, then there is harm. Something must be happening, and this will definitely leave traces.”

“That’s a good idea.” Lumian looked troubled for Leon and the others, as if he had felt it himself.

He solemnly promised,”

” My cabbages, I will help you keep an eye on them. I hope you can find clues.”

“Thank you.” Ryan replied politely.

Leah had already adjusted her attitude and asked,”

“Since we are friends, then I have a question to ask you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lumian smiled.

“When you called us Cabbage, why did the villagers in the pub laugh?” Leah was quite curious about this.

Although this title was shameful, it was a common local slang, so it shouldn’t make people laugh.

Lumian answered sincerely,”

” Cabbage in slang has the meaning of little cutie and baby. My cabbage or little cabbage is mainly used in two situations, one is between close friends, and the other is between elders and juniors. My rabbit, my chicken, these are similar.”

He stressed the word “intimate.”

Then, he added with an innocent look,”

“I just wanted us to be close friends.”

He looked as if he was pure and I didn’t understand the hidden meaning of this “intimacy.”

I think you want to be our elders, li ya finally understand why the villagers laugh.

Although Lumian’s explanation was not necessarily true, it was at least logically convincing.

Ryan nodded.”

Is there anything else?”

“No,” he said. Lumian didn’t want to be too positive, lest the other party would think that there was something wrong and investigate him and O’Lauer.

Sister can’t afford to survey!

After watching Leah and the others leave amid the ringing of bells, Lumi sat down at the entrance of the old tavern and waited for the mysterious lady to wake up.

After a while, his partner Raymond. Clegg came over.

“Lumian, have you decided which legend to investigate next?” Raymond asked as soon as they met.

These two days, he was more active than Lumian in this matter. After all, he didn’t have that strange dream and no other way to obtain the treasure.

“Not yet.” The owl had already come to his door. Before he confirmed the situation, how could Lumian dare to investigate the truth of the legend?

He casually find the reason:

“In a few days, it will be Lent. We will consider it after the holiday.”

“Well,” he said. Raymond felt that it made sense.” So, I don’t have to be a ‘green watcher’ for the time being. I’ll go after Lent. Even if there are people grazing these few days, it won’t cause too much damage.”

“In other words, you don’t have to leave the village for the next few days?” Lumian asked.

Seeing Raymond nod his head, he smiled and said,”

“What a coincidence. I can’t leave the village for the next few days.”

“Why?” Raymond asked, puzzled.

Lumian lowered his voice and said with a serious expression,”

“This morning, I met the owl, the owl in the wizard legend. It said that if there was not a church in the village and the god was watching, it would immediately take my soul away and throw it into the abyss.”

Raymond heard again surprised again fear.

His whole body was shaking up:


“I told you I couldn’t mess with this evil creature.”

As he muttered this, he suddenly saw a smile on Lumian’s face.

Raymond remembered the nature of being a good friend.

“Are you playing a prank and lying to me?” He was angry and anxious.

He was the one who was angry. He clearly knew what kind of person Lumian was and had been deceived many times, so why did he still fall for it?

“Do you believe in such outrageous things?” “Hey,” he said.

This sentence is lying to you, lest you bear the pressure, go directly to the church to repent, he added in my heart silently.

Raymond relaxed.

Lumian turned around and said,”

” Although that was a story I made up just now, I also wanted to tell you that there might be some danger in investigating the truth of the legend. If you don’t leave the village and don’t break away from the protection of the church, try not to leave.”

After saying that, he mumbled,”

This is the truth, just now, the story is really most, less than half is really not if it weren’t for after a lot of things need help, I won’t remind you, tell you the laurel told in another way, others die die pass I what matter not to be

Raymond thought of that moment of fear and nodded in understanding.”

“Good,” he said.

He no longer talk about the legend, to ask a way:

“Who would you vote for when choosing Spring Elf?”

Spring elf is the protagonist in the celebration of lent, is the symbol of spring, in the region of liege, usually by the whole village vote out a beautiful, haven’t married girl to play.

“It’s not.” Lumian replied nonchalantly,”Didn’t she always want to be a spring elf?”

“I’ll be right back.” Raymond secretly relieved.

Yesterday, Ah Wa had hinted to him that he should vote for her, so he felt that he needed to help her and help her get more votes.


Outside a house not far from the old pub.

Ryan, Leah and Valenti are not in a hurry to find someone to “chat.”

“Is it really okay to say so much to that guy just now?” Valente raised his hand to cover his mouth and nose.

The air here was filled with the faint smell of domestic poultry feces.

Leah fiddled with a silver bell above her head.” I don’t know if there’s a problem. I can only confirm one thing. My divination results tell me that he’s one of the useful helpers.”

“Under the circumstances where we can’t break the situation, it’s a very effective investigation method to properly leak some information and let the relevant people act out of fear.” Ryan explained his intentions.” Next, we’ll observe him more and see what he’ll do or who he’ll find.”


After Raymond left, Lumijin went to the old tavern and saw the lady who had given him the tarot card appear in her old position.

Today, she was wearing a white lady’s shirt, with a pair of light-colored trousers with loose trousers. Beside her was a round straw hat with a few yellow flowers tied to it.

She had a lot of clothes in her suitcase. She changed them every day, unlike Leah and the others. Lumian sighed as he moved closer to sit opposite her.

During this process, he casually glanced at the other party’s breakfast.”

A full meat pie, there is a thin sauce;

a few cream doughnut;

seasonal fruit cut into pieces;

A cup of glowing with some impurities of light color transparent drink.

These were not things that the old tavern could provide. Lumian pointed at the drink and asked,”

“What is it?” It’s not like that.”

“A special drink of the oil of Venus.” The woman replied casually,”It’s made with cinnamon water soaked with sugar and vanilla and mixed with poppy flowers. It was invented by a bar in Trier.”

The word “Venus” comes from Roselle the Great, who mentions in a story that she was a woman comparable to the goddess of beauty.

“Where did you get it? Did you adjust it yourself?” Lumian suspects that the nearest city of Daliege cannot offer anything like it.

The lady smiled to smile:

“As a traveler, it’s a professional instinct to get the right things at the right time.”

“I don’t know.” Lumian was honest.

He said:

“I’ve dealt with the monster before. This time, I encountered two more dangerous monsters.”

He put the monster with three faces and carrying a shotgun monster described it again, respectively, in the end,

” I feel that they all have powers that surpass normal humans. They’re not something I can deal with. Is there any way to deal with them?”

The lady took a bite of the butter doughnut, her eyes turning slightly. She smiled and said,

” I don’t dare to say that it’s a three-faced monster. The one with the shotgun on his back, you can completely deal with it on your own as long as you make good use of your uniqueness.”

“What’s so special about me?” Lumian was surprised and confused.

I don’t know!

The lady smiled at him and said,”

” That’s your dream. As the owner of the dream, you naturally have special treatment, but you haven’t realized it yet.”

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