Chapter 17 Suspect | The Mystery of the Cut-Out Words: Secrets Unravel in Cordu Village

“What is it specifically?” Lumian was both excited and a little worried.

After the lady took a sip of the “Venus Holy Oil” special drink, she replied in a slow and slow tone:

“You need to ask yourself this.”

After saying that, she lowered her head slightly and concentrated on enjoying her breakfast, assuming that she would no longer communicate.

Really, why do you always say half to hide and half to wait until next time? Isn’t this a waste of everyone’s time? At this moment, Lumian actually felt that he was no match for the other party in making people angry.

He controlled his breathing rate, stood up with a smile, said goodbye and left.

For the next whole day, Lumian stayed at home peacefully and did not go out.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of the owl and didn’t dare to go out during the day, or that he didn’t have anything to do, but that he was putting on a show for some people.

——He was very curious about the letter asking for help in the hands of Liya and others, and wanted to find out what was specifically written and who wrote it. The best starting point for the investigation was to look for opportunities to read every little blue book in the village. , find the one with some words cut out. As a villager in this village, Lumian is definitely more qualified to do these things than Ryan, Liya and Valentine, but he is worried that starting some investigations as soon as he finished talking to the three outsiders will attract the attention of some people. Be careful and encounter unnecessary blows.

This kind of matter is likely to involve life and death, existence and destruction. Even with Auroer’s protection, Lumian cannot guarantee that the other party will not take any risky actions against him.

In the past two years, he has become more and more able to grasp the corresponding scale in “pranks”.

This comes from rich experience.

He planned to “visit” every household in a few days, after Lent began, under the pretext of pursuing legends related to the celebration.

At dusk, after dinner, Aurore returned to the bedroom to write a long-delayed manuscript.

Lumian entered the study room, intending to find some books related to “dreams”, hoping to get some special inspiration in his dreams.

Since there is only one battery-operated desk lamp at home, which is now being requisitioned by Aurore, he can only light a kerosene lamp that smells heavy and is not very good at lighting.

Holding the kerosene lamp that gave off a dim yellow light, Lumian quickly ran his other hand across the backs of the books, occasionally taking out a volume and placing it under his armpit.

After a while, he returned to the table with the three selected books.

As soon as he put down the things in his hands, Lumian saw the little blue book at home.

It was placed quietly in the corner of the desk as usual, and the gray-blue cover seemed to be a little dusty.

Seeing this little blue book, Lumian instantly thought of the one obtained in the ruins of the dreamland, and of the book where words had been cut out to spell out a letter for help.

He immediately stretched out his palm and picked up the little blue book in front of him, intending to flip through the contents to see which words were suitable to be cut out and put together into useful sentences.

After turning a few pages, Lumian’s eyes froze.

There is an obvious hole in the explanatory words attached to the current page of the calendar.

A certain word has been cut out!

“No way…” Lumian was extremely shocked.

He quickly flipped through the little blue book in his hand and found traces of more than ten or twenty words that had been cut out.

“No way…” Lumian whispered again, almost the same as his reaction just now.

The little blue book spelled out as a letter for help that Ryan, Liya, Valentine and others were looking for turned out to be the one at home!

Don’t talk about them, even Lumian himself didn’t expect such a development!

Never thought about it!

Amid indescribable complex emotions, Lumian frowned:

“Is this a letter for help written by Aurore?

“Why did she ask for help, ask the authorities for help? Why didn’t she tell me?”

He initially judged from details such as the behavior of Liya and others, and their habitual choice to discuss matters with the parish priest when they first arrived, that they should be official people, maybe from the government, maybe belonging to the “Eternal Sun” Church in the Daliez area. Or the Church of the God of Steam and Machinery.

Lumian hesitated, his expression constantly changing.

Finally, he made up his mind, took the little blue book, walked out of the study, and came outside Aurore’s bedroom.

He planned to ask directly.

He chose to believe in Aurore.

Dong Dong Dong, Lumian raised his fingers and knocked on the door.

“Please come in.” Aurore’s voice came out.

Lumian turned the handle and pushed the door open. Under the bright light of the desk lamp, he saw Aurore, wearing two-piece cotton pajamas, tying up her blond hair with a hairband and immersed herself in writing a story.

“Did you cut this off?” Lumian walked over without waiting for his sister to ask.

“Huh?” Aurore turned around in confusion, her eyes blank and distant, as if she was still a little immersed in the story.

Lumian handed over the small blue book with the corresponding page number turned to it, stared into Aurore’s eyes and said:

“Didn’t you cut this?”

Aurore looked at it carefully for a few seconds, then raised her head in amusement:

“Am I so boring and childish?

“Your sister, I am stable, mature and generous, and I am different from you.”

Aurore’s reaction was very natural… There was no surprise or panic at all when the secret was suddenly revealed… Lumian did not hide his doubts and asked:

“But who can cut out the words in Little Blue’s book?”

“Isn’t it you?” Aurore looked at her brother, “After reading my novel, I planned to imitate the content, cut out words from books and newspapers, spell them into kidnapping letters, and play a big prank in the village. Before that, try to see if you can deceive me? Are you testing my sister’s reasoning ability?” It really doesn’t look like Aurore did it… Lumian’s eyes were always on Aurore’s face, no. Letting go of any slight change in expression, my sister showed no problem at all.

“It wasn’t me.” Lumian frowned, “Who could have done it?”

Aurore smiled:

“You can play the reasoning game first, I still have to finish the manuscript.

“If you are free tomorrow, I will help you restore the truth.”

Using extraordinary means? Lumian said “hmm” and stopped disturbing his sister’s creation.

Taking the little blue book, he returned directly to his unlit room and sat on the chair behind the desk.

“Who is the one?”

Under the shining red moon high in the sky, Lumian muttered again.

He tried to reason:

“There are only two people in our family, and Aurore is still a wizard with extraordinary abilities. She will not let others make trouble at home…

“If it is indeed not her, according to what she said, if all impossibilities are eliminated, the remaining one is the truth no matter how unbelievable it is.

“So, given the choice between the two, I actually did it?”

For a moment, Lumian felt ridiculous and funny at the same time.

It turns out that the “criminal” is myself?

I do not know how?

He couldn’t help but turn sideways and look at the full-length mirror attached to the wardrobe.

In the crimson moonlight, Lumian in the mirror was wearing a linen shirt and brown trousers. His handsome features did not contain any smile, and his expression was extremely heavy.

He was very sure that he had not cut out the contents of the Little Blue Book.

To this end, he even recalled his experiences in the past month.

Although many details were blurred, he was still very sure of what he had done in general.

Bathing in the red moonlight seeping through the window, Lumian said silently to himself:

“Did I do it when I was unconscious?

“While having that dream, would I be sleepwalking in reality?

“No, it’s impossible. Aurore said she would look at me. I really wanted to sleepwalk and cut the little blue book. She would have pointed it out just now. Moreover, the letter must be sent during the day. I am very awake at those times.”

Lumian dismissed himself and thought about other possibilities:

“Maybe someone else from home?”

Although their home usually doesn’t have many guests, that doesn’t mean there are none at all.

First, poorer neighbors will come to borrow stoves or ovens to smoke meat or make bread;

Secondly, Lumian’s friends would come to his home from time to time, go to the study to find some simple novels to read, or listen to him telling stories;

Finally, a few ladies, including Naaraiza and Mrs. Pualis, would occasionally come to visit and chat with Aurore. Among them, Mrs. Pualis came the most often and would also lend Aurore a pony. , allowing Aurore to run freely in the mountains, the relationship between the two is considered good.

After all, in a countryside like Cordu Village, only writers like Aurore are worthy of Mrs. Pualis’ association.

However, Mrs. Pualis is very friendly on the surface. She often sits with the women in Naroka to chat in the sun, and even helps them catch lice. She has a good reputation in the village.

Although Mrs. Pualis and Aurore were barely friends, Lumian didn’t like her at all because she often introduced one of her relatives to Aurore and advised her to get married and have children early.

It would be fine if Mrs. Pualis’s relatives were good people, but every time Lumian went to Liège to inquire, he found that the targets were either of bad character or had little ability, and were about to fall into the poor class. None of them were good.

One time might be a coincidence, but every time it happened, Lumian would hate Mrs. Pualis.

“It’s definitely impossible for those who come to smoke meat and bake bread. Someone is watching every time and they won’t be allowed to go to the second floor… It’s impossible for Raymond and Ava to go up to the second floor… I’ll be with them the whole time… Mrs. Pualis Ladies such as , Naaraiza and others do have a certain chance. Every time they come, Aurore will leave them to read in the study while she prepares snacks…

“If Mrs. Pualis is really a witch, it is understandable that she needs to conceal her identity when seeking official help. Moreover, she is also very careful to use other people’s little blue books to avoid being traced…

“Did she discover something while having an affair with the parish priest that she had to protect herself in this way?”

The more Lumian thought about it, the more excited he became, and he felt like he was about to lock in the suspect.

He stood up, walked a few steps, and suddenly walked downstairs.

It was not that he wanted to question Mrs. Poialis, nor did he intend to spy on her actions now. Instead, he planned to find Raymond or little Guillaume of the Berry family and borrow their little blue book for comparison. Restore which words have been cut out and what kind of sentences can be spelled out.

In this way, Lumian is very likely to be able to restore the specific content of the letter asking for help.

He stomped downstairs, passed through the kitchen, and opened the door.

The crimson darkness outside rushed in, making him calm instantly.

“Well, my sister said, don’t go out after dark until you figure out the owl’s situation…” Lumian mumbled, took two steps back, and closed the door.

Anyway, I’m not in a hurry about borrowing Little Blue Book. It will be more natural to do it tomorrow.

After moving his body, Lumian walked towards the stairs.

Jingle bells, jingle bells.

The doorbell was rang, and the sound echoed.

“Who is it?” Lumian turned around and asked doubtfully as he walked towards the door.

A soft and slightly magnetic voice sounded outside the door:

“It’s me, Pualis de Roquefort.”

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