Chapter 19 Meditation | Unveiling Dream Realms: Lumian’s Quest for Mysterious Powers and Supernatural Encounters

Mrs. Pualis did not chat with Orlore for long. Ten minutes later, they walked out of the study.

Lumian accompanied her sister and escorted Madame Pualis out of the gate.

He then looked at Orlore.”

“What did she ask you to do?”

Mr Laura left under the mouth way:

“I was asked to lead the singing at the celebration of praise, but I refused.”

Lent in the village of Cordoo consists of three stages: a “Spring Spirit” blessing parade, a ceremony at the water’s edge, a celebration of praise in the church, and finally a chorus with musical instruments.

In the Daliege region, the church choir was often the lead singer, but the village of Cordu did not have this condition, only to find a good singer to replace.

As for playing musical instruments, the villagers didn’t worry about it. In the village with the tradition of shepherds, music or musical instruments were essential to daily life.

You know, shepherds all the year round in the wild, not live shacks, is to play pit, in addition to the companions and sheep, they most often deal with only carry the flute.

Herding, playing cards, chatting, blowing the flute to soothe his heart with music is almost every shepherd will do.

Because of this, the description of a poor shepherd is that “he doesn’t even have a flute.”

With so many shepherds around them, it was inevitable that the other villagers of Cordu Village would be affected to a certain extent. When they gathered and chatted in the square, there would inevitably be someone playing a musical instrument to let the melodious melody reverberate.

“Well,” she said.Lumian was glad to see her sister’s determination.

Those celebrations watching the booing to go, really want to do the leading role is not only a waste of time, but also easy to get some unnecessary covet.

In order to protect his eyesight, Lumian only read a book for a while before washing up and going to bed. He carefully thought about how to safely test out what was special about himself in the dream.

The lady’s advice was extremely accurate several times in a row, and he unconsciously believed her words completely.

In the dead of night, Lumian entered the dream again and woke up there.

He touched his pockets and counted them out of habit to confirm that the 217 Feldins and 25 Copes were still there.

With a sigh of relief, Lumien picked up his ax and steel fork and stomped down the stairs, heading straight for the stove.

The fire has been extinguished.

“When I’m not dreaming, the clocks here are still ticking,” Lumian frowned slightly.

In such a ‘real’ dream, how could there be anything special about him?

“The clock is still moving” is a common saying in Dalege, which means that time does not stop because of human beings, but always flows forward.

Lumian went back to his bedroom, which he thought was the safest, put down his axe and fork, and brushed off his clothes.

Then, he walked to the full-length mirror attached to the wardrobe and examined his body inch by inch to see if there were any differences compared to reality.

There is no exception.

“Spiritual special?”Lumian didn’t rush to get dressed. He went straight back to his bed and sat down cross-legged, like his sister.

Previously, in order to make him have lucid dreams, Orlor had taught him some basic meditation techniques that did not involve mysterious elements. He wanted to give it a try to see if he could sense the special aspects of his mind and body in a completely quiet scene.

The first step, regulate breathing.

Lumian’s breathing deepened and slowed.

As Lumian breathed slowly and rhythmically, his mind slowly cleared.

At the same time, he drew the outline of a scarlet sun in his mind. He focused all his attention and thoughts on it to eliminate the other messy thoughts.

This was something Orlore had specifically instructed him to choose to sketch things that existed in reality and represented light when he meditated, so as to avoid being targeted by some filthy and evil things.

As a panbeliever of the Eternal Blazing Sun, Lumian’s first reaction was to visualize the sun.

His mind gradually calmed down, the perception of the whole world seems to be only the round latosolic red sun.

Suddenly, Lumian seemed to hear something.

It seemed to come from an infinite height, but it also seemed to ring in his ears. It was inaudible, but it also sounded like thunder.

Amid the indescribable buzzing sound, Lumian’s heart began to pound wildly. It was as if someone had inserted a metal rod into his head and stirred it a few times.

Severe pain instantly broke out, and the blazing sun turned bright red like blood, and quickly dyed a deep black.

The scene in his meditation shattered.

Lumian’s eyes snapped open and he gasped for air. He felt like he was about to die.

A full ten to twenty seconds passed before he recovered from the near-death experience.

He instinctively lowered his head and examined his own body.

He saw that there was something strange on the left side of his chest.

A dark, thorn-like symbol seemed to have grown out of his heart. They were connected one by one and extended to his back like a chain.

Above these “thorns” are patterns of eyes and worm-like twisted lines, all of which are bluish-black.

At this point, these things like tattoos are slowly fading.

Lumian was shocked at first, but then he had many thoughts.He quickly got out of bed, straight to the front of the full-length mirror, with his back on it.

Then, he tried to twist a head to the left, check the condition of the back.

He could see the black “thorns” of the chain in the vest and drilled into the body.

In other words, the “thorny” chain locks his heart and body in the form of a ring.

“Black and cyan are two different symbols. The cyan and black ones feel a little familiar. Well, it’s very similar to the one on the old man I helped when I was wandering. That’s when I started to dream with a large fog.” Lumian analyzed the “special” that was different from reality on his body until they completely faded and disappeared.

Lumian was disappointed to see this.

Although he found something special, he felt that it was meaningless.

Because the process of guiding them to appear made him extremely painful, close to death.

What was the difference between facing a monster with a shotgun and sending it food when it was almost unconscious?

And if he had to wait until the first world war,”special” is going to disappear.

The climate in the dream was rather cold, like early spring in the mountains. Lumian was always uncomfortable naked, so he quickly put on his clothes.

Just do such a simple thing, he is very tired, head and a little pain.

It was obvious that the impact of the meditation earlier could not be recovered in a short period of time.

Under such circumstances, Lumian decided to give up on his exploration tonight. He would not attempt to do so. He would sleep well and recuperate seriously.


After he woke up a night’s sleep, the day is not light up.

Looking into the darkness of the room and the slight redness near the curtains, Lumian recalled what had happened in his dream.

“I have meditated many times in reality before, but I have not heard that strange sound, nor felt any pain.”

“Only in that dream is there something special?”Lumian sat up doubtfully, intending to confirm.

He once again followed the procedure and tried to meditate.

The scarlet sun quickly appeared in his mind, and the chaos in his mind gradually settled down.

This was a meditation experience that Lumian was familiar with. There were no strange sounds, no intense pain, and no near-death experiences.

After a while, he ended his meditation, unbuttoned his shirt, and looked down at the position of his heart.

There is not a symbol.

“Sure enough, it’s a special dream that doesn’t affect reality.” Lumian didn’t know whether he should be happy or disappointed.

He raised his head and looked at the window that was covered by the curtain. His thoughts then spread out, thinking about whether the “special” in the dream could be used, and how it should be used.

At this moment, he saw a dark shadow outside the window. It was a small shadow.

Lumian’s pupils dilated, and he was extremely nervous.

His most instinctive reaction was to call her sister, but then he remembered that he was at home. Orlore said that she would look over here, so she should have sensed something. Hence, he got out of bed carefully and slowly approached the window.

All the while, Lumian waited for her sister to call the shots.

Mr. Laurel didn’t show up.

Lumian went to the window, grabbed the curtain, and carefully pulled it open.

Out of the window is a quiet and deep night, the crimson moon hanging far in the sky.

Nearby, on an elm tree that was gently shaking its leaves, an owl stood quietly, facing Lumian’s window.

It was bigger than most of its kind, and its eyes were not stiff at all. It looked down at Lumian with an indescribable sense of disdain.

The owl!

It’s coming again!

Lumian’s heart skipped a beat.

Just like the last time, the owl looked at Lumian for more than ten seconds before spreading its wings and flying into the darkness.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

After a long while, he pulled open the curtain, swearing way:

“Is that right?”

“Every time I look at it, I look at it, and I don’t talk!”

“Are you dumb, or are you having an IQ problem? You haven’t learned human language for so many years?”

In fact, Lumian had his own speculations about the owl’s actions. He thought that his sister’s presence made it afraid to do anything. After all, Orlore had said that as long as it didn’t leave the building at night, it would be safe. If he had stuck his head out of the window on impulse, the owl would not have flown away quietly like now.

After a few curses, Lumian decided to draw the curtains and catch up on his sleep.

His gaze casually swept outside and suddenly froze.

At the edge of a small forest more than ten meters away, a figure was slowly walking past.

She wore a dark dress made of coarse cloth, thin and pale hair.

“Naloka” Lumian recognized the figure.

That’s what he asked before the wizard legend of roca.

Na roca’s face as if half into the darkness, eyes under the faint crimson moonlight reflects the light of the singular, whole person unusually stiff, like a wandering ghost.

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