Autumn’s Secret: Why Hibernation Is a Misnomer

  The withered yellow leaves slowly fell from the birch trees, leaving only the bare trunks, beautiful and sad. The flowers have fallen, all dust has returned to dust, and dust has returned to dust. The earth exudes the smell of decay. Needless to say, this year has truly come to an end.
  We say that nature has entered hibernation every year, but we have never observed the entire process of hibernation from underground. If we want to truly go deep into nature and understand the truth about hibernation, we have to go deep underground and start observing from the roots of plants.
  Oh, my God, this is not sleep! Can you call this a break? It can only be said that the plant has stopped growing upward because it has no time now and is working hard to stretch its roots downward and root itself deeply into the deeper soil. If you look carefully, these withered parts on the ground are just the listless parts of the plant, but under the ground, there are many new tender roots. If you look more carefully, you will see that these tender roots are scrambling to get in. Where have they gone – “咻咻咻” “咻咻咻”? Do you hear the sound of their efforts to develop downward?
  look! Those white, fragile, and tender things under the soil are the plants you thought were hibernating, the seedlings and buds that sprout quietly underground. Look, how lush they are! How’s your secret breeding going, Mr. Sod, who pretends to be withered and decayed? Everything is going well! Do you still want to call secret breeding hibernation? Come on, no matter how beautiful the flowers are and the vegetation is falling, you don’t have to feel sad about the spring and feel lonely in the autumn. Underground where you can’t see, Winter’s plan is being executed nervously and orderly. Here, and here, new shoots are growing; there, and there, new life is quietly accumulating the power to grow. Spring is planning its advancement step by step. There is no time to hibernate. There is obviously no time to rest at all.
  Now, the fat underground root system is growing, and the top of the bulb is slowly rising. We all think that spring is the season of budding, but in fact, if we have been paying attention to the natural world, we will find that the real budding period has begun as early as late autumn! We cannot deny that in the traditional sense, autumn means the end of the year; but in a deeper sense, it is not an exaggeration to call autumn the beginning of the year. Autumn leaves fall from the branches one by one. Of course I have seen them too. I just want to emphasize that below the surface, autumn is also the season for plant germination. The leaves wither because winter is approaching, and after winter comes spring. In order to welcome the arrival of spring, new roots as delicate as capillaries are working hard to grow, and all nutrients are still transported within the plant and spread to deeper and wider places. The desolation of late autumn is just an illusion to confuse the public, to hide the real secret – growing underground without being disturbed.
  We always say that nature sleeps too soundly after entering winter, because we usually cannot see her working secretly – nurturing all things. She just closed her shop and pulled down the blinds, but behind her, the new goods had been delivered by the gardener. She was busy unpacking and putting the goods on the shelves, but there were so many things that the shelves were almost full. Was bent. My friends, this is the real spring! If we are not ready now, it will be difficult for such a large amount of goods to be put on the shelves until April.

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