Chapter 20 Customs | Whispers in the Dark: A Village Grapples with Loss and Unseen Forces

  Lumian held his breath unconsciously and shrank his body back a little.

  Naroka did not come in this direction. She slowly entered the woods and disappeared into the deep night.

  ”She’s not in the right state…Did something happen?” Lumian was slightly worried.

  Recently, there have been more and more abnormal situations in the village.

  He looked outside for a while. The night had become quiet, and only the swaying leaves proved the existence of the wind.

  ”What are you looking at?” Aurore’s voice suddenly sounded behind him.

  Lumian was not surprised but overjoyed. He turned around and said to his sister who was wearing two-piece pajamas:

  ”You also noticed something was wrong?”

  ”No.” Aurore’s hanging blond hair was slightly messy and fluffy. It looks like I just woke up.

  Then, she said angrily:

  ”I didn’t see anything wrong. I just knew that there was a guy who stayed up most of the night and was wandering around the window.”

  ”It will be dawn in an hour at most. How can it be considered midnight… …” Lumian muttered out of habit, and then asked, “Didn’t you fly out of the window because of that owl again? Didn’t you see Naroka outside?”

  ”Naroka?” Aurore It was rare to show a blank expression.

  Lumian did not hide anything. He started talking about it when he woke up and found a black shadow outside the window, and continued until Naroka, who was in a strange state, walked into the woods.

  As for the special features brought about by dream meditation, he planned to consult the mysterious woman first and then consider how to tell Aurore, or hide it for a while, lest his sister prevent him from obtaining extraordinary power.

  Aurore’s beautiful golden eyebrows frowned:

  ”There may have been something wrong with Naroka…

  ” Go to their house after dawn and take a look. ”

  ”what is the problem? Lumian asked subconsciously.

  ”How do I know?” I didn’t see it, so I can’t make an accurate judgment. “Aurore replied angrily.

  ”You really didn’t see it? Lumian thought his sister was monitoring the whole process.

  Aurore said “ha”:

  ”Do you think you can watch whatever you want?” When you see something you shouldn’t see, you have to consider which cemetery to choose for me.

  ”I won’t look outside for nothing, so I will monitor your condition and wake up only if something goes wrong.” My

  sister is taking such a big risk to look after me… Lumian was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but blink. Blinked.

  Aurore added earnestly:

  ”That’s why I’m telling you, don’t look at what you shouldn’t see, and don’t listen to what you shouldn’t hear. Pursuing extraordinary power is a very dangerous thing.” ”

  Yes.” Lumian solemnly said nod.

  At the same time, he said silently in his heart:

  ”It’s because of the danger that I can’t let you walk alone.”


  breakfast, Lumian took on his sister’s instructions and went straight to Naroka’s house.

  Before he even got close, he saw many villagers standing outside the door, including several of his friends, Ava’s father Guillaume Lizier, Raymond’s father Pierre Clegg, the parish priest’s His younger brother Pons Benet and others.

  ”What happened?” Lumian carefully walked around Pence Bene and several villains surrounding him, and came to Raymond’s side.

  Raymond replied sadly:

  ”Naroka passed away.”

  ”Huh?” Although Lumian was prepared for something to happen to Naroka, he did not expect that she was already dead.

  Raymond rambled on and added:

  ”In the morning before dawn, the priest came to give her last comfort.

  ”We went to her two days ago to ask the wizard about the legend. At that time, she was still fine and energetic. Why? Passed away suddenly…”

  Before dawn in the morning? Lumian was shocked.

  It was at this time that he saw Naroka’s figure, and the priest’s deathbed consolation was either earlier or later, Not much different.

  So, what I saw was actually Naroka’s ghost? This happened after the owl flew to look at me… Can it really take away human souls? Well, Naroka was the original wizard One of the witnesses of the incident who is still alive… If I hadn’t listened to my sister and not gone out after dark, maybe the priest’s last comfort would have been me. Oh, his last comfort to me was to spit on me. Phlegm… Various thoughts kept flashing through Lumian’s mind.

  Raymond did not chat with him, standing outside the two-story house, silently mourning Naroka.

  Lumian restrained his thoughts Finally, I saw three strangers, Liya, Ryan and Valentine walking over.

  ”What happened here? “Liya asked before Lumian could say hello.

  They saw many people gathering on the road.

  Lumian sighed and said,

  ”My cabbages, a respected old lady has passed away.

  ”Then why are you all standing outside the door? ” “Liya did not express her condolences first, because Lumian’s words were not that trustworthy.

  She was still wearing the same set of clothes.

  Lumian immediately made obvious movements to look up and down, which made Liya feel a little panicked.

  ”What’s wrong? ? Ryan asked.

  Lumian smiled and said,

  ”You are definitely not from Darie.” “

  We are from Bigor. “Lian answered calmly.

  Bigor is the provincial capital of Leston Province in the Republic of Intis, and Daliege is a city on the southern border of Leston Province, which governs a large area including Kordu Village.” No wonder you don’t know the customs of the Liège area. Lumian nodded.

  He had previously thought that these three foreigners were official people from Daliege, but they turned out to be from Bigor, the provincial capital.

  Their status seemed to be much higher than I expected… Lumian was silent. Updated judgment on Liya and others.

  ”What kind of customs? “Liya asked with interest, “Can you tell us? Lumian

  originally wanted to have a good relationship with them, so he smiled and said:

  ”You are my cabbage, how could I not tell you?”

  ”As you know, everyone has their own zodiac sign, and in the Liège area, we also believe that each family also has its own zodiac sign, which generates corresponding luck, and the death and funeral of family members, especially the head of the family, will take away this “In order not to affect the horoscope and preserve luck, we will place the deceased in the

  center of the home, that is, the kitchen, before burial, and then cut off part of her hair and nails and hide them at home forever , but cannot be discovered by guests.

  ”At this time, if people attending the funeral enter the house, it will affect the corresponding zodiac sign and take away some luck. Therefore, when we attend the funeral, we mourn outside the door. At most, we go to the door to look at it, and then go to the church next to the church. The cemetery awaits.”

  ”That’s right.” Ryan nodded lightly, “This is just like the cathedrals in every region have holy bones stored there. ‘There will always be saints where there are parts of the holy body.'”

  He turned around and faced Na At Rocca’s house, he took off his top hat, put it on his chest, and began to observe silence.

  Liya and Valentine also expressed their condolences.

  When they were finished, Lumian said to them:

  ”I’m going to the door to look at the body. See you later, my cabbages.”

  ”Okay.” Ryan nodded gently.

  Lumian lowered his voice and added:

  ”I will help you find that little blue book.”

  Without waiting for Liya and others to respond, he took a step aside and said with a smile:

  ”Why do you wear the same thing every day? Clothes?”

  ”When you have to stay in a foreign land for a while, you can’t care too much about appearance.” Ryan said simply, while Liya subconsciously touched the silver bell hanging on her veil.

  Saying goodbye to Valentine and others, Lumian walked to the door of Naroka’s house.

  After queuing for a while, it was finally his turn.

  He stood by the door and looked toward the kitchen ahead.

  Naroka’s body had not yet been placed in the coffin and was lying quietly on a simple bed made of several benches.

  Her nails have been cut off, and her sparse white hair is much neater than before.

  Her face was green and white, and with the presence of wrinkles, even a bold young man like Lumian did not dare to stare at her for too long.

  ”Compared with when I saw her before dawn, her face is even greener…” Lumian whispered, bowed slightly, and left the door.

  On the way to the cemetery with Raymond, he suddenly slapped his head:

  ”Oh, I forgot to inform Aurore.”

  ”Then you go quickly.” Raymond expressed understanding.

  Aurore doesn’t like to go out most of the time, and there’s really no way to know what’s going on in the village without relying on her brother.

  Lumian took advantage of the situation and said:

  ”It just so happens that this place is not far from your home. Lend me the little blue book for two days. The one I have at home has been chewed by mice for a few pages and needs to be copied.”

  ”Okay.” Raymond agreed.

  Anyway, it’s still a long time before the burial.


  ”Naroka passed away.” Lumian hid the little blue book, returned home, and said to Aurore.

  Aurore couldn’t help but sigh:

  ”Sure enough, something happened.

  ” “I don’t know if it was the owl that caused it…”

  ”I doubt it too. ” Lumian echoed her sister.

  Aurore said “Hmm” and said,

  ”You must not leave home after dark.

  ”You also have to find a way to warn the people who are pursuing the wizard legend with you.”

  ”Okay.” Lumian had just threatened Raymond with “Naroka died within two days after being asked about the wizard legend.” , asking him not to go out after dark during the recent period.

  ”Naroka is a good person. I’m going to change clothes and attend her funeral.” Aurore asked as she walked towards the stairs, “Are you coming with me, or are you going to read for a while and make a paper?” ?”

  What kind of paper should I do at this time? Sometimes, Lumian doesn’t quite understand his sister’s thinking.

  Considering that he wanted to compare it with the Little Blue Book, he said to Aurore,

  ”I’ll make a paper and then go.”

  ”Very good.” Aurore was quite pleased.

  After watching his sister go out, Lumian’s expression became serious.

  He went up to the second floor, entered the study, took out the little blue book borrowed from Raymond’s family, and compared it with his own book with some words cut out.

  Time passed slowly, and the corresponding words were found one by one and written on the white paper.

  Lumian put it together carefully for a while, and then adjusted it to the size of two sentences.

  Soon, the content of the possible help letter appeared in front of him:

  ”We need help as soon as possible.

  ” The people around him are getting weirder and weirder. ”

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