Dreamy Riches or Never-Ending Slumber: A Man’s Pact with a Magician

  This man has always lived an ordinary life. After graduating from a second-rate university, he went to work in a small manufacturing company. His performance was so-so and he had no worries that could be called “troubles.” The fun in my spare time is to go to the arcade to play slot machines and bet on horse racing.
  One day, he lost money in the game arcade. When he passed a park on his way home, he sat on a park bench and took a nap. At this time, the wind and clouds suddenly changed. In an instant, the sky was filled with a thick layer of black clouds, and thunder exploded one after another. The man rubbed his sleepy eyes and was about to stand up when he saw a man in a hooded cloak looking down at him, holding a long cane in his hand. It was so unrealistic that the man thought he was still in a dream.
  ”What’s going on? Who are you?” The man asked, as if to confirm whether it was reality.
  ”I am a magician. I only appear for people who have no dreams or hopes. As long as you make a wish, I can fulfill you.” “Are you
  practicing your acting skills for a certain performance?”
  The man ignored it. The man continued: “If you don’t believe it, you can try making a wish first.” ”
  Ah, it’s interesting. Then, take out one million in cash and see.” The man seemed to smile confidently.
  ”This is such an easy thing.” As he spoke, the magician snapped his fingers. Then, a lot of banknotes fell on the man’s head.
  The man picked up a note and looked at it carefully. Yes, it’s really 10,000 yen. Although I didn’t count the number of pictures, I guess there are a hundred. He took a deep breath and looked at the magician carefully again.
  ”Are you really a magician? If there is such a thing, please don’t let me wake up from this sweet dream.”
  Hearing the man muttering in a low voice, the magician chuckled.
  ”So, you can fulfill my wish, right? What wish do you want?”
  The man hesitated, and finally decided on the ability to win when gambling – as long as you have this ability, you can make money. With money, you can do anything. So, the man said: “Okay, I want the ability to predict.”
  ”I have heard your wish.” After the magician finished speaking, he disappeared.
  The dark clouds in the sky suddenly dispersed, and the sun showed its head. The banknotes were still scattered around the man’s feet, but he didn’t even bother to pick them up. As long as you have the ability to predict, you can have as much money as you want. The man kicked the money away and laughed to himself.
  Early the next morning, the man went to the racecourse.
  He immediately bought several horse racing newspapers, checked off the data columns, and made predictions for each race. Incredibly, he could predict the outcome of every game while reading the newspaper. The order in which each horse reached the finish line appeared very clearly in his mind – in the first race, although horse No. 3 left the other horses far behind at the beginning, it still lost to No. 5 by a narrow margin; In the second race, horse No. 1 was in the lead; in the third race, near the finish line, horse No. 6 emerged from the melee and won the race by a horse’s neck… He could see it all!
  His hand holding the newspaper was shaking. However, it’s hard to say whether this is truly a precognitive ability. So, the man tried to buy a horse racing ticket for the first race and wanted to see the result.
  As a result, the game went exactly as the man expected. The man cheered for joy, not because he was happy because he won the game, but because he really had the ability to predict. So, he bought horse racing tickets as he expected, and he really won all of them.
  In the last race of the day, the man predicted a big upset ticket with high odds. “If you win this one, you can get a lot of money…”
  As a result, this game was also bought by a man. On that day alone, the man got tens of millions of yen. “It’s like a dream. I never have to work again.”
  After that, the man won consecutively in gambling or the stock market and made a lot of money. He used the money he earned to buy high-end apartments and luxury cars, and lived a luxurious and leisurely life. The man changed his ordinary appearance, and his life was extremely happy.
  One day, the magician asked his apprentice: “Speaking of which, how is that man? He was the one I met in the park that day.”
  The apprentice replied: “Do you want to see his current condition?” Then, I saw the image of the man reflected in a huge crystal ball. The man was lying on the hospital bed and fell asleep with a smile.
  ”When he was found, he seemed to be still sleeping in the park and never woke up, so he was sent to the hospital. He could really sleep, and the look on his face seemed to be very happy.” The
  magician looked at the crystal ball and said: ” Of course, because it is a sweet dream…”
  The apprentice looked at the magician in surprise and said, “As expected, Master, you still like to tease people so much.”
  ”Hey… it wouldn’t be good if this spread. I just realized it. The man’s original wish – ‘If this is a dream, please don’t let me wake up from the dream’ – is all.” The magician and his apprentice looked at each other and smiled.

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