Chapter 21 Countermeasures | Shadows Under the Red Moon: A Mysterious Village, a Hidden Threat

  Looking at the restored “letter for help”, Lumian fell into silence for a long time.

  Although this does not necessarily mean that it is the content of the letter. After all, as long as you don’t care about grammar, those words can make other sentences, such as “People around us need help as soon as possible, we are getting weirder”, etc., but still He felt an indescribable heaviness, as if something was weighing on his heart.

  In the past, he might have thought that the sender was playing a prank, but now, there were really more and more abnormal things happening in Kordu Village, and this was only the part he discovered.

  ”You can’t pretend that you haven’t seen anything, and you can’t pretend that nothing happened…

  ” My sister said that a sane person must know how to avoid danger, and cannot stand under the wall after finding that it is about to collapse…”

  Lumian After coming back to his senses, he quickly made a decision:

  he must leave Kordu Village as soon as possible and be with his sister!

  As for the abnormalities here, there will naturally be official people to deal with them, and the villagers here will definitely be protected by them. Lumian himself He neither has the obligation to shoulder this responsibility nor the corresponding ability.

  ”In addition, we must speed up the exploration of the dream ruins and strive to obtain extraordinary power in a short time to deal with accidents that may occur in the process of leaving here…” Lumian’s mind became clearer and clearer, and his heart was full of urgency. What

  he was most afraid of was that the abnormality would break out before he and his sister could leave Kordu Village. In that case, he must at least not drag his sister down, and The corresponding premise is that he needs to become much stronger than he is now.

  Thinking of this, Lumian put his little blue book back to its original place, took the paper with the words and sentences written on it, and walked down the stairs quickly .

  He deliberately walked around to the stove and threw the piece of paper into the fire.

  After leaving the door, Lumian went straight to the old tavern.

  The door of the tavern was closed tightly. The owner and bartender Maurice Benet should have gone to attend Naluo. Ka’s funeral.

  However, as a part-time hotel, it is impossible to lock all the doors during the day, denying guests the opportunity to enter and exit.

  Lumian went around to the path and opened the back door of the tavern.

  He came to the stairs He glanced at the hall, but didn’t see a single figure.

  Lumian climbed up to the second floor and stopped outside the mysterious woman’s room.

  He saw that there was no “resting, please do not disturb” hanging on the door handle. , Lumian took in a breath and exhaled it slowly, then raised his fingers and knocked gently on the wooden door.

  Boom, boom, boom…

  He knocked three times in a row, but no movement came from inside.

  Boom, boom, Boom… Lumian knocked harder, but there was still no response.

  He knocked a few more times, and the room fell silent.

  ”Not there?” Lumian frowned, “Were you there to watch Naroka’s funeral?” ”

  He no longer wasted time, went down to the second floor, left the tavern, and went straight to the cemetery next to the church.

  On the way, he passed by Naroka’s house.

  At this time, the crowd outside the door to bid farewell to the body had all dispersed. , all went to the cemetery to wait.

  Lumian glanced from a distance and happened to see the priest’s brother Pence Benet coming out of the house.

  ”This…” He was surprised and subconsciously moved towards the building next to him. , shrank behind the shelter.

  When a funeral is held, isn’t it allowed to enter the house, lest it affect the constellations and take away good luck?

  Pence Benet stopped at the door of Naroka’s house and met the old lady’s youngest son, named Al The middle-aged man No. Andre exchanged a few words in a low voice.

  After Pence Benet left, Arno locked the door and headed towards the cemetery.

  ”Naroka’s death is indeed a bit strange…” Lu Mian frowned and muttered silently.

  He now felt that Naroka’s death was not necessarily caused by the owl, but more likely related to the secret weirdness of the priest’s group.

  The owl might just be following its own path. mission, to take away the souls of the dead in Kordu Village, and then stopped to observe Lumian for a while.

  Of course, Lumian also had a more horrifying guess:

  the priest’s group might have something to do with the owl. There is some kind of connection!

  The original source of their weirdness and the things they did secretly may be the legacy of the original wizard.

  ”Before leaving Kordu Village, you can find an opportunity to tell Ryan and Liya about my guesses. I hope they can find out the truth as soon as possible and solve the problem quickly. ” Lumian withdrew his gaze and murmured thoughtfully in his heart as he walked towards the church of “Eternal Blazing Sun”.

  Throughout the funeral, Lumian seemed silent and serious, but in fact he was constantly observing every villager. He hoped to find something unusual in their expressions.

  Unfortunately, he gained nothing.

  However, he also had a certain illusion:

  some people in the village might be wearing some kind of mask…

  and the mysterious man who gave him the Tarot cards The lady did not appear in the cemetery.


  Near evening, inside the two-story building that was half-built into the ground.

  ”Where is the paper you wrote? “Aurore glanced at her brother who was walking in front of her and said casually, “Show me. Lumian said with a serious expression: ”

  I have something to tell you.”

  Aurore’s eyes swept across his face: ”

  Did a wild animal in the village take away your paper again?” ”

  ”no. Lumian said in a deep voice, “I found out something from those foreigners. ”

  Aurore suppressed her smile and nodded to continue.

  Lumian started with Ryan and others chasing a letter for help, and talked about the abnormality of the little blue book at home, his suspicion of Mrs. Pualis, and his borrowed money. He came to Raymond’s little blue book and initially reconstructed the content of the request letter.

  Finally, he suggested:

  ”Let’s leave the village as soon as possible, arrive in Liège, no, Bigor, and stay for a while. ”

  Aurore did not answer immediately, and pondered for more than ten seconds before saying:

  ”This is indeed the best choice at the moment.

  ”But there is a question. While the officials are investigating, if we suddenly leave Kordu in a hurry, will it arouse their suspicion and be intercepted by them for investigation?

  ”If I am not an extraordinary person, this will not happen. It’s nothing, but I am a wild Beyonder that is not officially recognized and will be captured and purified by the Inquisition. ”

  After all, Lumian was inexperienced and had ignored this issue before. He didn’t know what to say for a while.

  He said after a while:

  ”Force your way out and then hide in another city or other country?

  ”Do you think too highly of me? ” “Aurore laughed dumbly, “According to my observation, those three foreigners should be quite powerful. If there was only one, I might be able to handle it, but there are three of them. Moreover, how do you know there is no ambush outside the village? A large force, just waiting for the suspect to be frightened, show up on his own initiative, and run away? ”

  Lumian was speechless.

  He had to admit that compared to his sister, he was still too young and immature, and his thinking was not thorough enough at critical moments.

  ”You are still too reckless.” Aurore commented, “But it’s normal. How can young people not have some spirit?”

  She paused and then said:

  ”Tomorrow morning, you go to the administrator and help me give it to you. “Novel Weekly” sent a telegram asking when the previously mentioned writer’s salon would be held.”

  Aurore is a columnist for “Novel Weekly” and is quite popular among readers.

  ——The administrator and the priest of Kordu Village each have a telegraph and are responsible for making emergency contacts with the outside world. It is not impossible for the villagers to use it in daily life, but they have to pay enough ferkin.

  Seeing Lumian’s puzzled expression, Aurore smiled and explained simply:

  ”Novel Weekly has always wanted to invite me to do some activities in Trier, but I have refused, including the recent writers salon.

  ” Since I took the initiative to ask about this matter, they would definitely invite me warmly and even reimburse the cost of the round-trip steam train ticket.

  ”In this way, our departure is a normal thing. Even if we are secretly observed, we will not be treated as suspects.

  ”At that time, I will have a way to hide it from them for a short time. As long as the two of us If it is really not contaminated by abnormal events, there is a high probability of leaving Kordu smoothly. ”

  ”good. ” Lumian couldn’t help but breathed a sigh of relief.

  A few seconds later, he asked curiously:

  ”Aurore, uh, sister, extraordinary is the name for people with extraordinary power? ”

  ”right. “Aurore didn’t say much.

  She turned to smile and said:

  ”You are actually willing to abandon your friends and escape from Kordu directly.

  ”What does it have to do with me whether others live or die? ” Lumian said “ha”.

  The most important thing at the moment is to ensure the safety of her sister!

  Aurore “tsk tsk” laughed:

  ”Come on, come on, say what you just said again, I love you.”

  ”How many times have you said similar things before? But each time you either offered help quietly or pretended to remind them unintentionally.”

  ”Those are small things.” Lumian defended.

  The current abnormality will threaten my sister.

  ”Okay, okay.” Aurore looked like she was not arguing with the children. “It’s time to prepare dinner. It’s your turn today.”

  Lumian said “hmm” and walked towards the stove.


  A dark night when the red moon is covered by clouds.

  Lumian finished washing and lay down on the bed.

  Obvious worry gradually appeared on his face.

  Aurore’s response was not bad, but Lumian was worried that while waiting for a call back from “Novel Weekly”, abnormalities in the village would break out.

  For this reason, he is extremely eager to improve his strength, and obtaining extraordinary power in the ruins of the dream is currently the easiest way for him to reach.

  To his pity, he couldn’t find the lady all day today and couldn’t get corresponding advice. He had to try it himself first.

  To him, the situation has reached this point, as if the arrow has been placed on the bow, the string has been stretched, and it must be fired.

  Without hesitation, Lumian gathered his thoughts and slowly fell into sleep.

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