Chapter 22 Arrangement | Lumian’s Trap: Using His Wits to Outsmart a Deadly Shotgun-Wielding Monster

  In the faint gray fog, Lumian woke up.

  He immediately got out of bed, went straight to the window, and looked outside.

  The mountain peak composed of brown-red stones and red-brown soil stood quietly in the wilderness as usual.

  Although it is only twenty or thirty meters high, it gives people the feeling of being inserted into the clouds and connected to the sky, so much so that Lumian subconsciously used the word “mountain” to describe it.

  At its feet, collapsed buildings in various states formed a ring in the wilderness, layer by layer outward.

  ”Judging from the physical structure of the monster carrying a shotgun, it must be good at running and jumping. It also has a certain IQ and can use a relatively complex weapon like a shotgun… ”

  It has a very strong tracking ability…

  ”Not sure about it. Does he have some supernatural abilities like Aurore…


  Various details about the target emerged in Lumian’s mind.

  He initially judged that if he really wanted to confront the monster with a shotgun on his back, he would have to fight it head-on. The probability of being beaten to death is as high as 90%. If he tries to take advantage of his special abilities, he will die faster, because once he enters meditation, he can bring himself to a near-death state, and the other party only needs a simple blow. Complete the harvest.

  In addition to being unable to confront head-on, sneak attacks and assassinations are not within the scope of Lumian’s consideration – this is due to the tracking ability shown by the opponent. He may not be able to truly hide his figure, so he will not be able to carry out sneak attacks. , Secondly, he has no long-range weapons. Even if you just give him a revolver, he will not be in such a dilemma now. In the past

  two days, Lumian has repeatedly thought about how to deal with that monster, and finally he can only think of one way:

  use a trap!

  He once went deep into the mountains with the hunters in the village, learned how to set some simple traps, and later became proficient in a few pranks.

  Lumian originally wanted to use the oil at home, for example, put them in an uncovered bucket. Put it in a big bucket, place it in a hidden high place, and tie it with a rope. When the target comes over, immediately pull the rope to tip the big bucket, splashing the opponent with oil, and then take the opportunity to throw a lit torch over.

  You can consider this. Next, he gave up the idea.

  On the premise that the monster showed strong tracking ability, its sense of smell must be fully overestimated!

  The smell of oil is quite obvious.

  And if it is covered with other strong smells, Lumian was not sure whether the opponent would change his strategy and whether he would be able to tell even the slightest thing wrong like a wild dog.

  In the end, he chose to dig a deep pit and bury a sharp stake.

  This also had certain problems: showing it with that monster With its tracking ability, it has a high probability of detecting anomalies in advance and seeing through traps.

  Lumian’s response is to find ways to lower its defensiveness and take advantage of misunderstandings in its thinking.

  To put it simply, he can only place his hope on his IQ. It can suppress the opponent and take advantage of the greatest advantage of being a human being when the weapons are not as good as the target.

  ”At least from last time, it has a certain IQ but not too high…” Lumian was relieved in his heart. He said it to himself.

  Of course, he would not despise the monster because of this. He planned to put the opponent’s IQ at the level of a normal person. The

  target character was Pence Benet.

  ”No, that guy is too stupid. If not He had so many goons, I had already made him kneel down and call daddy. Lumian thought for a moment and cautiously raised his expectations for the monster, “Well, treat it like a priest who has never read a book.” ”

  He looked out the window again, his eyes resting on the wilderness between his home and the ruins.

  This place is closer to the “safe zone” and is the safest for him, but it lacks cover and has a clear view, which is really difficult. Suitable for “ambush”.

  ”It’s okay to dig a trap. If you can use yourself as bait, the other party will be able to see you from a distance and shoot you directly. They won’t come over at all…” Lumian muttered a few words and decided to risk entering. Ruins, find a suitable place to set up a trap there.

  The already drafted plan quickly took shape in his mind, and there was only one last point left to confirm:

  digging deep pits and burying sharp piles would take a lot of time, and Lumian could not order it. The other party, let him wait until he has finished it.

  After thinking about it, Lumian opened his arms, made a “hugging the sun” posture, and prayed more devoutly than ever before:

  ”My God, my Father, Please protect me and help me deal with that monster.

  ”Praise the sun!”

  Most things in the world cannot be 100% sure. Lumian no longer hesitated, carrying the steel fork and axe, leaving the bedroom and entering the study.

  Considering the target’s weapons, he decided to change his “protective gear.”

  Lumian took off his cotton-padded clothes and tied the hard-covered books to his chest and back with ropes.

  This is homemade “paper nails”!

  Vaguely, he remembered that his sister once said that he might suffer some internal injuries, but he couldn’t care about that much now.

  Lumian moved his body to make sure that the current number of books would not affect his battle too much.

  He put on the leather jacket again, went all the way down to the ground floor, and rummaged for materials that might be needed to set up a trap: before long, he had a shovel in his hand and a bundle of rope around his waist – this was Used for climbing, and secondly, used to make rope nets instead of branches.

  After completing preparations, Lumian took a deep breath and opened the door with his right hand holding an iron ax.

  A faint gray mist filled the wilderness, and he walked step by step towards the mountain peaks that seemed to be stained with blood.

  In the deathly silence, Lumian reached the edge of the ruins.

  He first walked sideways for a while, throwing the shovel, steel fork, rope and other items into a dark corner of a collapsed building, and then returned to the place where he entered the ruins with only the ax.

  He started exploring without any abnormality, and slowly sneaked into the depths of the ruins just like last time.

  When he arrived at the place where he was scared away by the three-faced monster, he stayed for nearly a minute before turning back.

  Halfway there, he started to take a detour toward the collapsed house where the shovels and steel forks were stored.

  As he approached his destination, Lumian began to observe the terrain, looking for a suitable place to set a trap.

  ”There is a relatively wide and short crack here. With a little modification, it can be a good trap, and it can also save me a lot of time. But there is another one. It may take a long time. I can only hope that the monster will not follow it so quickly…”

  Lumian took the shovel and other items, returned to the chosen position, and quickly set up a trap.

  After the crack itself was initially repaired, he used an ax to cut and sharpen sections of wood, and placed them at the bottom of the trap. Then, he wove a rope net, spread it on top of the trap, and then covered it with a layer of floating soil to keep it as close as possible to the surrounding area. consistent.

  After completing this matter, he pretended that he was a monster and was following himself to the trap.

  ”If it could detect this trap, it would definitely choose to bypass it, or even jump directly over it. It would probably end up at this location…

  ”What I need is that it can see me as soon as it gets here. It couldn’t see me before, so I can only hide here…” Lumian measured the distance with his feet, discerned the direction with his eyes, and slowly came to a wall. Next to a relatively intact wall.

  He squatted there and checked his sight.

  Then he started digging a second trap.

  This is an arrangement for “normal humans”:

  when a person is tracking a target and discovers that the other party has set a trap for him, and he easily detects it and finds the enemy ambushing next to him, he will probably be very proud and eager. Ignoring the possibility of a second trap, it rushed towards its prey.

  Ordinary IQs are prone to such misunderstandings or blind spots.

  Lumian only hoped that the monster could not reach the average human IQ, otherwise he would have no choice but to turn around and run away. There would be a high probability that he would be caught up and die somewhere in the wilderness, and there would be a small probability of escaping back to his home and hiding in the “safe zone”.

  The abnormality in Kordu Village forced him to risk his life.

  Time passed by, and Lumian finally made the second trap, but the monster carrying a shotgun had not yet appeared.

  The same goes for other monsters.

  He finally felt at ease. After hiding the shovel and other items, he stood up straight and opened his arms.

  ”Praise the sun!” This time, he was more sincere.

  Lumian immediately shrank to the wall, half-crouched on the ground, staring at the first trap.

  He couldn’t see this side from where he just came because there was a completely collapsed building blocking his view.

  He waited patiently.

  Thump, thump, thump… Lumian could clearly feel his heartbeat speeding up.

  For him, this was an unprecedented experience.

  When he was wandering, he also faced “enemies” who were older and stronger than him, but they did not aim to kill each other, but mainly to snatch food, money and a suitable place to sleep. Even if someone does die during this process, it is an accident.

  And now, the enemy he is about to face is a monster who will not abide by human laws and morals, and is far stronger than him, and may even have a few extraordinary abilities. Once the plan goes wrong, his end can be imagined.

  Thump, thump, thump… Lumian was inevitably very nervous.

  No one doesn’t want to live a good life, and he is no exception.

  Inhale, exhale…inhale, exhale…

  Lumian took a deep breath to adjust his tense spirit.

  And this doesn’t seem to have a very good effect.

  For a moment, he hoped that the monster would come soon, but was also afraid that it would actually come.

  The former is because it can end things quickly. In this way, no matter whether the outcome is good or bad, at least Lumian does not have to be as nervous as he is now and is about to collapse. The latter is simply a fear.

  Seeing that his condition would get worse if this continued, he told himself “This is so as not to drag Aurore down” while trying to meditate.

  The red sun was more difficult to outline than before, but with Lumian’s efforts, it finally emerged.

  This also made Lumian calm down a lot, but his body was still shaking a little.

  At this moment, he heard slight movement.

  It was as if there was a meadow somewhere beyond his sight, and some shepherd was approaching softly.

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