How Social Media Algorithms and Echo Chambers are Narrowing Our Vision and Dividing Society

The biggest problem in society now is that the role of the Internet was originally to open the eyes of frogs at the bottom of the well and understand the world beyond the wellhead.However, thousands of frogs at the bottom of the well know each other through the Internet, identify with each other, affirm each other, and reach a consensus after long-term communication that the world is really only as big as the wellhead.

And the emergence of “algorithms” has exacerbated this phenomenon: human beings accept everything they recommend without thinking, and the more you like what you recommend.It allows everyone to indulge in their own world, everyone can only see what they like to see, willing to see things, so people’s vision becomes more and more narrow, views become more and more extreme.

In the past, there might only be one idiot within a 10-kilometer radius, but now all the idiots had joined forces. They made their voices heard together and attacked people or things that did not match their knowledge.They were extremely strong in combat. They were not alone, but they had group courage.

This is also called an information cocoon: if you focus only on the field of your choice, if you focus only on one source of information, if you focus only on what you like, you will become like a silkworm, shackled in a cocoon of self-weaving, and thus lose the ability to see the truth.

One of the big drawbacks of social software platforms today is that you can easily block people who disagree with you and have different perspectives, leaving you with people who are just like you.Over time, you can only hear the voice of another self, and eventually form a consciousness of “I am right and everyone else is wrong.”

There is also an effect called the echo chamber effect: as more and more like-minded people gather together, there is a strong echo, and the echo produces an echo, and the sound is repeatedly superimposed, so that the person in it can only be enveloped by one opinion.

The same view in the small circle is constantly affirmed, repeated, transmitted to each other, and rejected, eventually leading to people in this circle with narrower and narrower vision, more and more extreme thoughts, and more and more serious prejudice.

What people are forced to express is never the content itself, but the urgency behind being understood.Everyone is proving themselves right, and as soon as they see facts that don’t fit their tastes, the brain immediately gathers evidence to prove that the other person is wrong, which is a basic attribute of human nature.

In the future world, cognitive prison will be stronger, society will be divided into small cells, the same people will be placed in the same cells, the walls of the cells are very solid, the people inside affirm and recognize each other, have a common sky, then use Short Video/live broadcast/games/online shopping, etc. to make them happy, and finally fold them up.

The more developed the algorithm, the more sophisticated the content push mechanism, which can accurately deliver what they want most to each cell. These people will be fed and delivered in the future, just like delivering food to pets. Most people will live as “pets” in the future.

These “pet people” were kept in captivity, served delicious, delicious, and fun, and thought about how to spend their time every day.

There are four sentences in the rabble, which are thought-provoking:
1. When people arrive in groups, their IQ is seriously reduced.The superposition of the masses is only the superposition of stupidity, and the more vulnerable an opinion is, the more likely it is to be generally agreed upon and circulated among the masses.
The pursuit of the masses has never been truth and truth, but blind obedience, bigotry and fanaticism.They prefer to turn a deaf ear to unpalatable evidence.They would rather indulge in “illusion” than see “truth” because “illusion” looks better than “truth.”
3. Exaggeration, repetition, eloquence and irrational argumentation are the only way to impress the public.
He who has mastered the art of influencing the popular imagination has mastered the art of manipulating them.

7 Signs of a Closed Mind:
1) Constantly proving yourself right.
Focus only on whether you are accepted, not on the facts themselves.
3. Don’t like to see your views challenged;
4. When the statement is made, the emotion is greater than the fact;
5. The word “I” is repeatedly emphasized;
6. Unable to see things from the perspective of others.
7, like a person like everything about him, hate a person hate everything about him.

What are the characteristics of people who are “closed minded”?
They are sensitive, suspicious, always think that the outside world is invading themselves, always on guard posture, inner inferiority, conservative thinking, there is a strong subjective consciousness.

What are the characteristics of “open-minded” people?
They are confident, humble, tolerant of the outside world, receptive at all times, capable of empathy, objective and calm, and rarely biased.

Closed minded people stand still, in order to maintain self, to lock themselves firmly;
Open-minded people are all-inclusive, iterative at any time, and synchronized with the changes in the world.
Closed-minded people, more energy in internal friction, because they are crammed in a corner, often with their own competition;
Open-minded people can focus all their energy on the outside world because they don’t have any obsessions, because they don’t need to devote energy to convincing themselves.

Consider this sentence:
If everything in your head is right, why isn’t there anything in your pocket you want?
The ability of a brain to accommodate two diametrically opposed ideas at the same time, and to function normally and in parallel, is a sign of first-rate wisdom.

03 Many people never break through their cocoons in their lifetime.

Human nature is really amazing: it is generally believed that it takes five years to do something great and become a great person.

But it doesn’t matter if you spend 40 years living in a daze, busy in circles every day, among a group of boring people.

The greatest sadness of life, due to the preconceived education, makes us prematurely form a “small cognitive closed loop”, and is tightly imprisoned in it, unable to see the larger world.

The greatest luck in life is to meet such a person or thing, so that we can clearly see the limitations of our own cognitive closed loop, break through the prison of thinking, and build a larger cognitive closed loop.

Everyone lives in their own world and lives in their own obsessions.The sweat on our foreheads now is all the water that entered our brains in those years.

If you look closely at the mistakes we’ve made, or the opportunities we’ve missed, you’ll see that they’re often the result of our own cognitive limitations, not someone else’s sabotage.Most people are:
Every day, I am exhausted, looking for gold and bread everywhere, only wanting to get small benefits in front of me, but I have never thought of breaking through my own cognitive cocoon room.His eyes lit up, but he couldn’t see the key that could open his “thinking cage”.This is the greatest tragedy of human beings, who are in a state of “obsession” all their lives.

From the moment you are born, your family, educational resources, hometown environment, and relatives and friends together form a large cognitive circle, and sadly, most people cannot get rid of this circle.

The saddest thing is that many people don’t perceive the existence of this circle and never think about getting rid of it.This is the elephant invisible in Tao Te Ching.

Everything that happens in this circle is reasonable, everything that happens outside you are insensitive, it is so strange to bind your fate.

Life is the most difficult to break through this circle, many people waste half of their lives to jump out.The process of escape is called awakening, also called enlightenment, I often say: a person’s awakening, 1% depends on others to remind, 99% depends on the society’s thousand cuts.
Once a person breaks through this circle, his mind will be completely opened. He can not only see a real world, but also see the essence at a glance, instantly grasp the key points, and easily control life.

Two final words for everyone:
If the heart has no place to rest, wherever it goes, it is wandering;
The soul cannot escape from the prison of thought, and is a prisoner wherever it goes.

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