How to Gain Confidence and Stay Motivated When Life Gets Tough Through Self-Control and Dreaming Big

When life is at a trough, there are usually two choices. One is to survive from a desperate situation. No matter what, you will definitely be better than before, and the other is to break the pot and break it. It depends on how you choose?

Some people are hopeless and will be described as a pile of mud, unable to hold themselves up against the wall. In fact, this is not the case. Everyone will have a sense of frustration. It depends on whether you are strong, confident, and have the courage to break through the siege.

When you feel like there is nothing you can do, we can choose what we can do, pay attention to our physical and mental health, and develop positive self-habits. This includes having good sleep, eating and exercise habits, as well as some methods of relaxing and reducing stress.

The mentality is like the CPU on a computer, it dominates the entire running speed and carrying capacity. It also keeps our command center brain in a fairly stable state. In this way, mistakes can be reduced to zero when making important decisions.

There is a saying in “The Way of Heaven”, if you are at a trough and only feel depressed and stuck in your previous success, no one can help you. But if you can realize your own value and work hard to improve yourself, you can regain success and confidence.

In fact, you can just imagine that when there is no one behind you, it all depends on you, and your destiny is in your hands. Unless you push yourself, you won’t know that you are good.

A person’s mentality has the power to turn things around. It is conceivable that a good temperament is really the stuff of great things. Napoleon said that a man who can control his emotions is greater than a general who takes a city.

Mentality is like a steering wheel, steering the way forward in your future life.

1. Self-control determines the direction of life

Self-control is the ability to restrain one’s impulses. When a person wants to lose his temper, someone will advise him, “If you don’t have the ability to clean up the mess, don’t indulge your fickle emotions.”

It’s often seen at work that when you mess up, you’re bound to get blamed. Some people think this is cowardly and are unwilling to accept it, so they throw away their things and leave.

Yes, everyone can be angry, it is instinct, and being able to swallow this resentment is called ability. Life is so long. If you knock yourself down and go home whenever something doesn’t go your way, then when will you grow up?

Everyone wants everything to go well, but when you see other people’s life of making everything possible, it is the result of how much hardship they endured to build their country. There will never be casual success in this world, and don’t expect to get a windfall and win the first prize by buying a lottery ticket. I even thought about Cinderella and the Prince. These are all fairy tales, but they are impossible in reality.

Only when you can control yourself can you choose your own life. If you can’t even decide what you want to do, then there’s no point talking about the future.

If you still have a good character, it will undoubtedly be even more powerful and add strength to your efforts.

2. A person must have a dream at any time

If a person wants to achieve something, he must have a certain amount of motivation, and motivation comes from your dreams. Therefore, people must have their own dreams, because what determines a person’s future is not his current position, but his dreams. Dreams are the goal and direction of his efforts.

There is a folk proverb that people without dreams are no different from salted fish. In life, you have to look forward, instead of holding on to the glory of the past and not making progress, and in the end still doing nothing.

Everyone must set a goal in life and know where they are going, what they are going to do, and who they are going to be. Just like a ship seeing a lighthouse, only in this way can it find its direction in the vast sea and reach the other shore.

Only when you have a dream can you set sail, see hope, and realize the life you want.

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