Innocence Under Fire: The Dark Cost of Child Internet Stardom

  In this Internet era of competing for traffic and attracting attention, more and more minors not only come into contact with the Internet early, but also adhere to the principle of “become famous early”, and with the help of adults, they embark on the road of Internet celebrity.
  Perhaps in the eyes of many parents, their children are not “working”, but enjoying some kind of fun in life in front of the camera, which also brings a lot of income to the family, so why not do it.
  But they don’t know that in the face of money, those who can’t guard their bottom line will ultimately be unable to guard their own lives. Jin Lin, who originally just wanted to record the child’s recovery process, was coerced by such thoughts and gradually went astray on the road to live broadcasting. Little did she know that the power of the Internet is huge and ruthless, and the consequences are beyond her ability to bear. Heavy…
  Rousseau said that nature wants children to be like children before they become adults. If we disrupt this order, we will end up with premature fruits that are neither plump nor sweet and will rot quickly. Such “precocious maturity” actually means neglecting what should be a beautiful childhood life.
  Since Xinxin accidentally caught the eye and became an Internet celebrity, he would rather think that he has mastered the “traffic password” and would rather sacrifice his children’s school time to make more money. In her eyes, children’s growth is a profitable business and a tool to satisfy parents’ interests. Parents reflect their own values ​​on their children, causing their children to end their childhood fun prematurely, distorting the formation of their children’s values, and ultimately leading to mental illness such as depression.
  The situation of these children is worrying, and the new iterations of Internet celebrities can only be described as “life and death”. When fame fades, attention ceases, and a person becomes a “passed internet celebrity”, adults cannot rationally view the ups and downs of fame, let alone these minors who are not mature enough. Expired Hollywood child stars frequently have scandals related to drugs and alcoholism, because they are unable to face the pain caused by not being popular.
  What’s worse is that some of the sequelae left behind by Internet celebrities will prevent small Internet celebrities who have lost their popularity from returning to their original lives: Fan Xiaoqin, an underage Internet celebrity who once became popular because he looked exactly like Jack Ma, is no longer popular because of it. , was terminated by his agency, and after returning to his impoverished hometown, he was diagnosed as having a second-level intellectual disability and suffering from dwarfism. However, he still said “I am little Ma Yun” to everyone he met, and he was already accustomed to asking for money and rewards from onlookers.
  When underage Internet celebrities grow up, they may still face “shadows of the past.” The Internet is a “once uploaded, never forgotten” place. The comments made and the photos and videos posted by internet celebrities when they were underage may make them feel embarrassed or even ashamed years later. And those things will follow them for a lifetime. In the future, they will enter the society to find jobs, meet new friends, and have a love partner. As a result, when they search on the Internet, his name will appear…
  Parents are the protectors of their children, and children are our hope and future. Before they can’t tell right from wrong and have no ability to distinguish between the Internet, we should protect them and protect their innocence from the corruption of the “vanity fair” of Internet celebrities, instead of using children to realize their own wishes. No matter how high the income is, it can only satisfy the parents’ desires.
  The satisfaction of all desires requires a price. Inflated desires will bring material enjoyment to people, but they require ordinary peace, happiness, and warmth in exchange. A person is as rich as a country, but cannot sleep peacefully overnight; a person is extremely powerful, but cannot obtain warmth and happiness. Such a life, even if it shines and is brilliant, what’s the point?
  Wang Xiaobo once lamented: “I often go back to my childhood and think about problems with a childlike innocence, and many troublesome problems become easier to solve.” The
  older a person grows, the more precious they feel about childhood. Childhood is our foundation, lays the foundation for life, and has a profound impact on life. I hope that all children can be cured by childhood when they grow up, instead of spending their whole lives curing childhood.
  Stop using your children as a gimmick to gain attention, and stop doing harm to your children in the name of love.
  Give childhood back to children and pass on happiness.

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