Beyond Explanation: Unveiling the Dazzling Mystery of Love

  Love, like most beautiful and moving things in the world, does not need explanation or analysis, it just needs to be experienced.
  In “Friends”, Joey’s father asked him: “Joe, have you ever been in love?”
  Joey answered honestly: “I don’t know, maybe.”
  His father then nodded: “Then you haven’t been in love.”
  Love That’s it: if you’re not sure whether you have it, you’ve never had it; if you’ve really experienced it, you won’t doubt it.
  Everyone knows the truth, but when it comes to love, it doesn’t make sense.
  When a person encounters love, it is like a person who is used to swimming in a swimming pool and sees the sea for the first time. He will feel dazzled and frighteningly beautiful. He will feel that all his previous experiences and beliefs have been washed away and overthrown. He will think of things like “fate”. words. Even knowing that there may be countless twists and turns in getting involved, I still walked through it involuntarily, full of joy, and without hesitation.
  Some people who have opinions about love will think that love is illusory and fleeting – but aren’t most things in the world fleeting?
  Love may not be mellow and flawless, but it is definitely not pure, and it cannot withstand analysis. Once analyzed, it is easy to find that it is mixed with vanity, lust, possessiveness, dependence, etc. Love is a thing that contains elements of hallucination and autosuggestion and cannot withstand analysis. But in fact, there is no need to analyze.
  Most of the so-called beautiful and happy things cannot withstand dissection and analysis.
  Love, like music and sunshine, is not a means, but the meaning itself.
  For example, the purposeless and unprovoked happiness you feel when basking in the sun or listening to music is also found in love.
  Moreover, good love is like this: when you are in love, you will feel that this is a “bottom”. With this foundation, my heart will be at ease.
  In love, people feel that everything else is the icing on the cake. It’s good if you have it; if you don’t, it’s not that you can’t live with it.
  Therefore, love does not solve specific problems. However, being in love or other hobbies that make you happy and make you devoted may make you feel that nothing “has to be like this”. Those of you who are in love, or have a particularly wonderful hobby, will definitely understand what I am saying.
  Many beautiful things in the world are complicated illusions. But there are always one or two things in the world. Once you get them, you will feel: Alas, in fact, things in this world are not a big deal, as long as you have this. If there are other things, there will be; if there is not, it is just fine as it is now.
  Nothing in this world can withstand being broken down into pieces, and nothing can stay the same. “Forever” is often just a good wish. Most things don’t make sense when you think about them in isolation, or when you wish they would last indefinitely.
  But beautiful things are beautiful. The feelings I have experienced are the most real.
  Love has no fixed form, love cannot withstand analysis, and love will make people remember those unique experiences.

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