Chapter 23 The wisdom of fighting | Outsmarting the Beast: A Desperate Fight for Survival

  Lumian’s spirit was completely concentrated.

  When things were about to happen, he was not as scared as before. Although his body was still a little trembling, at least he didn’t feel like he was about to collapse.

  ”I should have died five years ago. Thanks to Aurore, I am alive now. I have been making money for five years. What else is there to be afraid of?” Lumian gritted his teeth and cheered himself up in his mind. .

  The next second, he saw that the already dim light on the floating soil on the surface of the first trap became even dimmer.

  A figure came next to it, blocking the light that penetrated the dense fog high in the sky.

  That figure was a half-human, half-beast monster carrying a shotgun. Its scarlet eyes glanced at the ground, and its forward “knees” bent.

  After just one breath, it, wearing a dark jacket and muddy trousers, took off the shotgun, jumped up, and jumped directly over the trap while controlling the height, landing on the solid but cracked ground. .

  Almost at the same time, it turned its head with greasy black hair and looked at the place where some slight movement came from.

  Then, it saw a look of panic, got up in a hurry, and tried to hide behind Lumian behind the wall.

  With a low roar, the monster jumped high again and pounced on the target.

  The position it locked was a little outside of Lumian’s original position, so as to prevent the opponent from turning around and giving him a fatal blow while his footing was not stable.

  And Lumian disappeared beside the wall like he was jumping and crawling.

  As soon as the monster landed, the soil beneath its feet fell as if it couldn’t bear the weight.

  It had no way to borrow any force, so it followed the soil and rope net and fell to the bottom of the sudden pit.


  The sound of heavy objects falling to the ground echoed, mixed with a sound that sounded like a rat screaming.

  Lumian, who had ducked behind the wall, saw this scene and felt an uncontrollable surge of intense joy in his heart.

  The first step was successful!

  This made most of his remaining fear disappear immediately. He picked up the steel fork beside him and ran towards the trap.

  The tenacious vitality of the skinless monster left a strong impression on him, and the current target also had a shotgun, so he did not let his body appear above the pit, but stopped at a distance. , stabbing randomly inside with a steel fork.

  Suddenly, the steel fork was heavy and stopped there.

  Immediately afterwards, powerful force was transmitted to Lumian through the steel fork, and he was forcibly pulled into the trap.

  Lumian was caught off guard and was pulled forward a step.

  He ignored the situation at the bottom of the pit, threw away the steel fork, turned around, and threw himself towards the side of the uncollapsed wall.


  There was a heavy blow on his back, as if he had been hit hard by a giant hammer.

  Lumian’s throat felt sweet, and he felt a distinct smell of rust coming up.

  With a splash, he fell to the ground and lost his balance. He rolled several times before regaining control of his body and getting up.

  Almost at the same time, he saw the half-man, half-beast monster jumping out of the pit.

  It held the single-barreled shotgun in its hand, and its jacket was torn on the chest and abdomen, revealing several hideous wounds that penetrated the body. Dark red blood mixed with light yellow liquid was constantly flowing out, and various internal organs were vaguely visible inside.

  It was obvious that the monster was indeed seriously injured by Lumian’s trap, but it was not to the extent that it completely lost its ability to fight.

  When it fell to the bottom of the pit, it should have adjusted its body posture in time to avoid key positions such as its head and chest, and its legs and arms were not seriously injured. Otherwise, it would probably not be able to escape the trap now.

  As soon as Lumian saw the other party’s appearance, he immediately ran into the ruins of the house beside him without hesitation.

  This was not a spur-of-the-moment idea on his part, but something he had planned in advance.

  After all, he is not sure whether the trap can trap the monster, and if it can, can it directly lose its fighting ability.

  If it doesn’t work and the opponent is only seriously injured, Lumian is going to play a game of “hide and seek” with it.

  In other words, use the environment to deal with the target, delaying it as long as possible until it can no longer suppress the injury, and both strength and reaction are significantly reduced.

  Then, the opportunity will come.


  There was another gunshot, and there were more lead pieces where Lumian was standing, and a little bit of soil splashed up.

  Lumian huddled behind a half-collapsed wall without stopping, and crawled on his hands and knees through the gap in the ruins to the other side.

  Before he could stand up, he heard the sound of wind blowing in the air.

  The monster jumped over.

  Lumian immediately turned around and crawled back along the gap behind the half-collapsed wall.

  In this way, he took advantage of the special conditions of the many collapsed buildings here, sometimes hiding, sometimes going around, not directly confronting the monster, but just avoiding the corresponding attacks.

  ”Hide and seek” is Lumian’s strength.

  Many times before, he had relied on this skill to escape being beaten on the spot after playing a prank.

  Between chasing, escaping, attacking, and hiding, time passed quickly. Lumian himself was gradually out of breath, and the monster’s running speed, jumping height, strength, and reaction were all obviously weakened.

  ”Wait a minute, wait a minute, I still can’t beat it now…” Lumian hid back to his previous position, leaning against the half-collapsed wall, and forcibly controlled the urge to fight back immediately.

  Pong! Another pain hit his back, and he flew forward.

  The half-collapsed wall he was leaning on had rocks flying everywhere and it collapsed completely. This time, the monster no longer chose to go around and catch up, but turned sideways and hit the obstacles blocking it hard.

  When it exerted all its strength, the already crumbling, half-collapsed wall was naturally unable to withstand it.

  However, the monster also shed more blood, and the ground turned dark red.

  Although Lumian did not expect to be “knocked” away like this, his injuries were not serious. He reacted quickly enough, rolled over, and hid behind a pile of house remains made of stones.


  The shotgun bullets that followed were one step slower.

  ——After the monster knocked down the wall, it took a lot longer to adjust its posture than before.

  It touched the cloth bag hanging on its waist and saw that there were no more bullets. It simply threw away the shotgun and rushed towards Lumian.

  Lumian had already moved his position and continued playing hide and seek.

  Of course, he didn’t dare to keep playing like this until the opponent’s injury occurred and he fell down. First, he was worried that the monster would run away if the condition became serious enough. Second, he was afraid that the time would drag on too long and other monsters would follow the sound. Come.

  After circling a few more times, Lumian keenly discovered that the monster’s movements seemed a little difficult.


  He thought and pretended to run away to the side of a collapsed building.

  Then, he stood there, pulled out the other ax from behind, and adjusted his breathing.

  In the blink of an eye, the monster turned around and appeared in front of Lumian.

  Lumian made a prompt decision, and before the other party could clearly see the situation here, he raised his ax and faced him without hesitation.

  He took a step, turned his body sideways, lowered his shoulders, and planned to use the “lean” method taught by his sister to knock the monster away, and then slash at its neck with an axe.


  Lumian got between the monster’s arms and leaned heavily on its chest.

  But this reaction was beyond Lumian’s expectation. The opponent was like a thick wall that could not be hit no matter what!

  ”This…” Lumian felt nervous, rebounded, and was about to pounce on the ground, forcing himself out of the opponent’s attack range.

  At this moment, the monster stretched out a hand as fast as lightning and pinched his neck.

  It doesn’t look like it’s having difficulty moving!

  ”Oops, I was cheated!” Lumian’s neck hurt, and he was lifted up by the monster and hung in the air.

  A creaking sound followed, and his head quickly became dizzy.

  The ax swung out in a hurry not only failed to hit the target, but was knocked aside.

  Lumian finally realized that he had been fooled by the monster.

  The monster was indeed on the verge of death, but it still had the strength to fight, so it pretended to be weak to induce him to attack and no longer hide. However, he underestimated its fighting intelligence and did not expect this at all. It ended up in this dying state. struggling situation.

  The monster was really close to its limit and failed to directly crush Lumian’s neck, but this did not affect the overall situation, it just took more time.

  In the pain of his neck almost breaking and being unable to breathe, Lumian’s head began to feel numb and almost blank.


  On the verge of death, Lumian suddenly thought of the woman’s words:

  she allowed herself to take advantage of her specialness in this dream.

  The special thing… With his mind close to a blank state without distracting thoughts, Lumian quickly began to meditate.

  The red sun instantly stood out in his mind.

  Unlike before, which used meditation to calm down his emotions and let the sun disappear as soon as it was completely formed, he tried his best to keep this sun existing.

  Soon, the sound that seemed to come from an infinite height and seemed to be ringing in his ears penetrated Lumian’s head.

  Severe pain followed, along with the terrifying feeling that his heart was about to beat out of his chest. This made Lumian forget that his neck was still being pinched by the monster, that his bones were about to break, that he could no longer keep up with his breathing, and that his brain began to lack oxygen.

  With a thud, he fell to the ground.

  The meditation was interrupted, and the indescribably weird sound disappeared.

  But Lumian was still in so much pain that he couldn’t check his body’s condition or confirm his surroundings.

  After an unknown amount of time, he finally recovered from the near-death feeling.

  Lumian ignored checking his neck, put his hands on the ground, raised his head, and looked forward.

  The half-man, half-beast monster was squatting not far away, with its arms stretched forward and its head lowered.

  At this time, several penetrating wounds between its chest and abdomen were still dripping with blood mixed with light yellow liquid, and its body could not stop shaking violently.

  What happened to it? Are you frightened by the “specialness” I showed you? While regaining his thoughts, Lumian picked up the ax that fell next to him and stepped closer.

  He didn’t give the monster a chance to slow down. He held the ax with both hands and slashed at the opponent’s back of the neck.

  With a pop, the ax sank deep into the muscle and was blocked by the bone.

  Lumian worked hard, drew out his sharp ax, and continued to chop.

  One, two, three times, the monster’s head fell to the ground with splashing liquid, and Gulu rolled aside.

  Its body held on for another second before collapsing.

  During the whole process, it didn’t make any resistance and was always trembling.

  The next second, Lumian arched his body forward, and his hands naturally drooped, letting the blood on the ax continue to slip.

  Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, he could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

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