Chapter 24 Harvest | Dreams of Fury: Unearthing Extraordinary Power in a Crumbling Wasteland

  Lumian did not dare to let himself slow down for too long, fearing that another monster would come over. After taking a short rest, he endured the pain in his neck and back, as well as some discomfort inside his body, and squatted next to the monster’s corpse.

  He still held the ax in his right hand, worried that the prey was not completely dead, and might jump up suddenly like the skinless monster before.

  Using only his left hand, he groped the monster’s body and found three 5-cope copper coins called “Rick” and an empty cloth bag.

  ”That’s it?” Lumian was disappointed not with the small amount of money he found, but with the fact that he didn’t find anything involving extraordinary power.

  If it weren’t for the latter, he would have fought to the death with this monster in his spare time?

  If he hadn’t been special in the dream, he would have become the other person’s food.

  Lumian stood up and looked at the shotgun monster’s head rolled to the side, praying that what he wanted was there.

  At this moment, he saw a little bit of crimson light emitting from the surface of the monster’s body, which was full of penetrating wounds.

  They are like fireflies, flying slowly and unstoppably towards the same place.

  Lumian’s eyes widened when he saw it, and joy gradually filled his heart:

  This phenomenon is definitely closely related to extraordinary power!

  Not long after, a sticky crimson appeared on the monster’s chest, and there were no other spots of light around it.

  Lumian carefully bent his back and reached out to grab the thing.

  The thing was very slippery. He dropped it twice before he managed to pick it up. He weighed it in his palm: it

  was very light, had a certain texture and elasticity, and the surface was very smooth…

  ”What on earth is this?” Lumian realized again. I am truly illiterate in mysticism.

  In silent whispers, he vaguely smelled the smell of blood coming from this strange crimson thing, and he quickly became impetuous, with an indescribable hostility growing in his body.

  For a moment, Lumian wanted to pick up the ax and chop the monster’s body a few more times to vent his inner violence.

  Fortunately, Aurore has always emphasized that pursuing extraordinary power is a very dangerous thing. He took precautions against this and was always monitoring his own situation. He did not let down his vigilance because of joy and discovered something was wrong in advance.

  ”Will it affect my mental state?” Lumian threw the crimson ball into the cloth bag found on the monster.

  As soon as the two sides lost direct contact, he immediately regained the calmness of the deadly battle and a little excitement that had not completely subsided.

  There was still a slight tremor in his body.

  ”Sure enough!” Lumian whispered happily after returning to normal.

  He then tied the bag tightly and hung it on his belt buckle.

  After thinking about it, Lumian took off the bag again and stuffed it into the inner pocket of his leather jacket.

  This makes it less likely to be lost and makes him feel more secure!

  As the clothes were untied, a book behind Lumian lost its support and fell down.

  Its surface was pitted and in general tatters.

  This is an exercise book written by Aurore for Lumian, called “High School Unified Entrance Examination Simulation Training Set”. It has a soft cover and a large format, which can be used for outer protection and filling in gaps.

  Today, it blocked a shotgun blast for Lumian at a critical moment.

  Of course, this is not the merit of its book.

  Lumian picked up the exercise book, walked back to the monster’s body, smiled at the dead prey and said,

  ”See, knowledge is indeed equal to power!”

  After saying this, he planned to throw the exercise book to the Looking at the face of the monster, one can imagine that my sister spent a lot of effort writing it, but she is reluctant to part with it.

  He inserted the exercise book into the belt at the back of his waist with his backhand, leaned down, dragged the monster’s body to the trap, and threw it in. Then, he kicked the monster’s fallen head off.

  After simply clearing the battlefield, Lumian endured the pain and discomfort, clipped the axe, picked up the shotgun with no bullets, his own steel fork and shovel, and retreated towards the wilderness.

  As he walked, he paid attention to what was behind him, not daring to be careless in the slightest.

  Finally, he walked through the wilderness, returned to his home, went up to the second floor, and entered his bedroom.

  It wasn’t until this moment that Lumian truly relaxed, and body pain, obvious discomfort, and intense exhaustion broke out at the same time.

  He sat on the edge of the bed and waited for a while before regaining some mobility. However, he did not rush to sleep and leave. Instead, he took off his clothes, put away his books, and walked to the full-length mirror attached to the wardrobe to check his injuries.

  His neck was swollen, and there were five bloody fingerprints among the black and blue. There were obvious bruises on his back. As for the minor scrapes and bruises, it was difficult to count them at the moment.

  ”I even have some internal injuries like what Aurore said. I don’t know if I will be able to recover immediately next time I come in?” Lumian couldn’t help but recall the previous battle and made an evaluation of his performance, ” Failed, but not far behind.”

  In fact, in the first half of the battle, he could give himself a high score, because he not only made full use of the monster’s weak point of not having a very high IQ and successfully guided it into the second trap, but also Strictly following the plan beforehand, he perfectly dealt with the target for a long time, dragging it to a state where the injury was about to break out completely. The only shortcoming was that he lacked enough experience and chose to use a steel fork to stab the monster at the bottom of the pit instead of Find some heavy stones and throw them in directly. In the second half of the battle, his joy at being close to victory, his lack of combat experience, and his contempt for the monster’s intelligence led him to be fooled by the monster and almost be killed.

  Such a performance was definitely unsatisfactory. Fortunately, his previous success pushed the monster to its limit and failed to kill him quickly, giving him the opportunity to complete his meditation and summon the “special”.

  Frankly speaking, before this, Lumian had no idea that the “special” would have such a great effect, causing the monster to fall into an inextricable fear, unable to escape even when being attacked.

  He was originally worried that the near-death state caused by summoning “Special” would allow the enemy to easily kill him.

  ”It’s really special and very strong…” While sighing, Lumian suddenly had an idea.

  The reason why those monsters in the ruins did not enter his home and turned it into a “safe zone” was because there were more terrifying things in the house, such as the owner of the mysterious voice he heard when he summoned “Special”!

  Hiss, Lumian couldn’t help but take a breath when he thought of this.

  His subconscious reaction was to quickly search every corner of the house to find the terrifying thing, but he quickly gave up the idea.

  For those who can’t even defeat the shotgun monster, it’s better not to provoke the terrifying thing that scares the shotgun monster so much that it doesn’t dare to resist!

  Now that your home is peaceful, don’t lift the fig leaf and try to maintain the current “safe house” status.

  It’s a day to live like this.

  As for future dangers, we will face them later.

  ”No, not in the future, but after I become an Extraordinary and become powerful to a certain extent.” Lumian turned his attention to the bag held in his left hand.

  ——Even if he checked his injuries in front of the mirror with his upper body naked, he didn’t want to let the source of extraordinary power he finally obtained escape his control.

  ”How to use this thing?” Lumian opened the bag and looked at the crimson mass.

  It lay quietly at the bottom of the bag. Its shape was not too fixed, but it was obviously lifeless.

  Lumian, who lacked knowledge of mysticism, didn’t know whether to eat it directly, perform a ritual, fuse the crimson ball with himself, or sacrifice it to a hidden existence.

  The latter two methods were only figured out after he read the magazine “Veil of Secrets”. Before, he could only hold back one word:


  Lumian was not in a hurry to make a decision, and planned to find his boss first. Consult the mysterious woman in the tavern.

  He felt that the other party should be able to teach him how to use the crimson ball to obtain extraordinary power.

  Although he didn’t know why the other party was willing to do this, he just had such an intuition.

  If that doesn’t work, he can still talk to his sister.

  Putting on his clothes unhurriedly, Lumian stuffed the crimson ball and all the money he had obtained into his inner pocket.

  After doing all this, he lay down on the bed.

  Strong fatigue came over him, overcoming the pain in his neck and back and the discomfort in his body, making him fall asleep quickly.


  When Lumian woke up, the sunlight outside had passed through the curtains and illuminated the entire room.

  He sat up slowly, feeling sore all over his body, as if he had been beaten hard in a dream.

  He was indeed beaten severely… The injuries in the dream really reflected reality, but they were significantly weakened… Lumian tried some movements, but other than the soreness of his muscles, he felt no other effects.

  This put him at ease.

  Then he dug into every pocket on his body.

  ”No…no!” Lumian failed to take out the crimson ball.

  This made him look solemn and frown, not knowing what to do.

  As an item involving extraordinary power, the crimson mass did not follow him to reality, which was a bit different from what the mysterious woman in the old tavern said!

  Lumian calmed down, quickly changed his clothes, and left the room.

  The bathroom door was open, and Aurore was facing the mirror, brushing her teeth carefully.

  ”Morning.” Lumian greeted.

  ”It’s not early, you’re too late…” Aurore said vaguely.

  Gurgling, as her blond hair tied into a ponytail swayed, she spat out the mouthwash in her mouth.

  Then, she turned her head and looked at Lumian:

  ”What bad things did you do sneaking out last night?”

  ”The owl is outside, how can I dare to go out?” Lumian was very calm.

  ”That’s the case.” Aurore did not continue the topic and said instead, “Remember to take 5 ferkin to the administrator to send a telegram later.”

  Lumian nodded.

  This was the key to him and Aurore escaping from Kordu Village, and he didn’t dare to forget it for a moment.

  After breakfast, Lumian went straight to the village square, where the administrator’s office was located in a two-story building.

  When he arrived, Administrator Beost was still at home, but other staff had already started their day’s work.

  After paying the fee and taking the telegram, Lumian turned around and headed to the old tavern.

  Although the mysterious woman probably didn’t get up at this time, he was willing to wait.

  He has been waiting for a long time to pursue extraordinary power, and he doesn’t mind waiting a little longer.

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