Dare to Be Immortal: Embracing Adventure Even if Life Goes On

  Su He is a girl I met at a party. That day, our mutual friend celebrated his birthday at the KTV, and the young people quickly got together and sat around the bright and clean marble table in the box to play games.
  At that time, most of us were still ignorant children in the ivory tower. The biggest things every day were eating and going to class. After completing the final exam, we felt invincible. So when Su He said that she was several years older than us and already working, almost everyone just nodded in confusion.
  At that time, none of us knew what “work” meant, and we didn’t think she was that mature because she was a few years older. I can’t guarantee that for others, I just remember that all I can think about is how to divide the cake later.
  As for what industry Su He said he was engaged in at that time, I can no longer remember clearly. I only remember that it was not the kind of single-plank bridge that thousands of troops were rushing to cross.
  Later, when I was about to graduate, I realized how dangerous the recruitment market was and how opportunities didn’t just come. My parents, like all parents, hope that I can find a stable job, not have to travel around, not be tired, have a normal work and rest schedule, and have a guaranteed income despite droughts and floods.
  I know very well that I am not a person who can stay in one corner for a long time. Whenever my life is dull, I always have to make some noise. But as a rookie who just stepped out of society, I didn’t dare to disobey my parents internally, and externally I didn’t have the confidence and courage to risk my life. There is no need to elaborate on how depressing that period was.

  I think of Su He. She seems to be one of the few people we know who works alone. I almost couldn’t wait to send her a message to ask her about her thoughts on employment. After that party, we exchanged contact information politely, but we never contacted her for a long time.
  Just when I felt uneasy about my hasty interruption, she quickly responded to the message with a kind and friendly tone, which dispelled my worries.
  I told her my problem frankly and said that it was precisely because I knew that she did not follow the conventional route established by her parents that I had the courage to ask her for advice on how to weigh things.
  I thought she would tell me directly which option is the most appropriate answer like others, or give me various suggestions as someone who has experienced it.
  Unexpectedly, after Su He read my message, he only asked me one question: Have you ever thought about immortality?
  ”What?” I was confused and couldn’t even figure out the connection between the two.
  ”You can think about it carefully. What would you do if you could live forever?” she asked me.
  I looked at this question and fell into deep thought. Until she had to put down her phone temporarily because she was busy with other things, I couldn’t give an answer.

  However, the two of us soon met. It was an invitation from our mutual friend to have dinner together and then go shopping in a nearby shopping mall with the warm breeze blowing.
  Su He deliberately stood shoulder to shoulder with me, and we were a few steps behind, following the team.
  ”How’s it going? Have you figured out the answer?” she asked me expectantly.
  ”To be honest, there is no very systematic answer.” I was a little embarrassed.
  This seemed to be what she expected, and she nodded to me: “It doesn’t matter, you can talk about it whatever you want.”
  So I told her my idea of ​​traveling around the world: I want to climb to the top of the mountains, go See the most beautiful snowfields on earth and chase the rising and setting of the sun again and again. Since time means nothing to me, everything can be postponed or repeated indefinitely.
  ”So I’m going to do whatever I want to do.” I said.
  After listening, she asked me very directly: “Among the things you want to do, is there a job that you are planning to do now?” ”
  Of course not.” I answered without hesitation, “Those I mentioned are dreams, but Work just to live.”
  ”You see, this is the paradox.” She shrugged, “When your life is endless, you can’t wait to do what you want to do, why should you choose not to do it in the limited time? Where are the ones you like?”
  ”Because you only live once.” I had already prepared the answer to this question. “If I really live forever, then everything can be postponed indefinitely. I can go to college when I am 50 years old. I didn’t start my first formal job until I was 70, and everything can be started over at any time.”
  “You just like the sense of security of having a way out at any time.” She pointed out my problem unceremoniously.
  ”Actually, it doesn’t matter what path you choose. What matters is whether you dare to make a firm choice.” She said.
  My friend was waiting for us in front. We sped up our pace, and she also sped up her speech: “Only when you are sure that you have the option of ‘starting over again’ after failure, you will take those unusual paths. This It’s cowardice that everyone has. But in fact, when we really do what we want to do, we will understand that it doesn’t matter whether we can start over, because when you stand at the end, you will find that there is only one way.”
  Su He patted me on the shoulder: “You just lack the courage to make a choice.”
  So I immediately humbly asked for advice. If the options have their own pros and cons, how can I be sure to choose the one that suits me best?
  ”Do you want to know what I did back then?” She blinked.
  I nodded eagerly.
  ”You must first know that people who are sensible enough will not go astray no matter which direction they take.” She answered seriously, “So my suggestion is to be as brave as if you live forever, and fight as if you only live once.”

  In fact, I wrote so many words just to paraphrase what she said.
  I have heard too many words about hard work and courage. Their logic is too similar, which makes people feel cliché.
  Su He’s words gave me a sense of clarity amid the layers of worries.

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