Overcoming Anxiety: 3 Proven Strategies to Tackle Unfounded Worries and Foster Positive Decision-Making

   In fact, many people’s anxiety comes from “catastrophizing” what is going to happen, repeatedly thinking about every possible worst-case scenario, and imagining small things as terrifying. This is what we often call unfounded worries. For people who are prone to anxiety due to random thoughts, you may wish to improve in the following aspects.
   Make decisions in the morning. Most people cry late at night because night is the time when anxiety is most likely to occur. Late at night, the activity in the rational areas of our brains decreases, and the activity in the emotional areas increases. We become more negative and emotional, and are more inclined to use our emotional brains to describe the future. In addition, the sleepiness caused by lack of sleep can make people more sensitive to threats and more inclined to think about things pessimistically. So when you’re lying in bed worrying about something, remind yourself that this kind of thinking is not rational. You should wait until you wake up and make decisions in the morning, when your mood is most positive and rational, and the decisions and arrangements you make are more realistic.
   Execution replaces overthinking. Difficulties encountered in life are also opportunities for growth. When facing difficulties, correct your attitude, take them seriously, and face them head on. Don’t set too many limits. Thinking too much will only make you timid. Experiments have shown that half of worries disappear when a clear and concrete decision is made, and 40% disappear when action is taken. Make arrangements and execute them one by one. Don’t overthink the consequences and difficulties.
   Imagine a happy ending. Replace negative thinking with positive visualization. Imagine the physical and mental comfort you feel after completing a task, the recognition of your colleagues when you achieve results, the sense of satisfaction after overcoming difficulties and victory, and then think of a few more beautiful pictures of success and victory to encourage yourself.

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