The Avocado Personality: Are You Tough as a Pit or Soft as an Onion?

Do you know the MBTI personality test? This is a differentiated test based on Jungian psychology (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator).

As more and more people are tested, different personality types have been given various nicknames by netizens:

Old man, puppy, little butterfly, etc… This also makes today’s young people have greater psychological and character identity.

In fact, long before MBTI became popular on the Internet, there were already similar metaphors in traditional modern psychological research.

For example, Harvard psychologist Brian Little once proposed the “avocado” personality in his book “Breakthrough Nature”, which once made many “avocados” extremely proud. psychological identification.

“Avocado” personality

Avocado, whose scientific name is Persea americana Mill., is a fruit native to tropical areas of South America. It is rich in nutrients and has medical value.

The fruit is oval in shape with a hard core in the center.

Therefore, it is easy for us to understand that the so-called avocado personality,

Just like the shape of the avocado itself, after you spend a long time with individuals with this kind of personality,

You will find that when you keep digging deeper, what is waiting for you is an extremely hard core.

Individuals with an avocado personality are precisely because of the existence of this core.

In life, he is very willing to think and is very persistent in what he believes in.

When other groups face constant changes in the outside world, or even a precarious environment, they will have some wavering and self-doubt . Individuals with avocado personality still believe in their own ideas.

In fact, even in today’s life, many people will emphasize their “inner strength”.

He often says that he “will not be influenced by other people’s opinions” and so on, but more often than not he talks to others to prove that he seems to have a very charming personality.

People who truly have a firm core and a strong heart will not express their feelings to the outside world in such a flamboyant way.

Because people with avocado personalities, while being able to stick to their inner thoughts, are extremely self-disciplined in their daily lives, make reasonable plans for themselves based on their ambitious life goals, and then quietly contribute and become famous.

Let’s take a look at a typical example of the avocado personality.

What is the core: a writer’s life

Lin Qingxuan, a famous Taiwanese writer, has an avocado personality.

He became famous in the literary world and is well known to people because of his own style of works.

But few people may know his experience before becoming famous, especially how much hard work he put in to become a writer.

Lin Qingxuan was born in a rural family in Taiwan and lived a very poor life since he was a child.

He and his younger siblings even ate cockroaches to satisfy their hunger because they had no food to eat.

The lack of material life also led to the family’s lack of spiritual life. At a young age, Lin Qingxuan showed great interest in literature and writing. He often missed work because of reading and writing articles, and even once The firewood went out because he was fascinated by the world map.

At this time, what I often get is my father’s beatings and scoldings:

“You worthless thing, you will never even think of a place on the map in your life. ”

But even under such a difficult material life and great mental pressure, Lin Qingxuan never forgot his dream of being a writer.

He worked as a coolie at the dock and ran a small business as a street vendor. While supporting his family, he kept writing and tempering himself.

Finally when he arrived at the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt, he wrote a postcard to his father here:

“I want to prove to you that my life cannot be guaranteed by anyone, not even my father.”

Artist Huang Yongyu said:

“Life is like a 10,000-meter run. If someone criticizes you, then you have to run faster. In this way, those voices will be behind you and you will never hear them again. ”
From the perspective of social interaction psychology, various external evaluations will have a significant impact on our value judgments and even social actions.

Even for most people, when they hear sounds from the outside world, their nerves will react accordingly, resulting in lack of confidence or even doubt in their self-understanding, and then they will adjust their social actions.

If only we could learn that having a firm core like an avocado is a very important point on the road to life.

So what will the result be if there is no authenticated kernel?

The spiritual world of the “onion” group

Since there is an avocado with a hard core, there is naturally a counterpart to the onion.

The so-called onion personality refers to those people who are not mentally strong and are easily defeated by external pressure.

Just like what singer Yang Zuwei sang in the song “Onion”, when you peel off their hearts layer by layer, you will find that there is nothing in the end.

What kind of inner world does such a person have?

Xiao Wang, a girl who graduated from graduate school more than ten years ago, has such a personality.

Since the school he graduated from was not particularly top-notch and his major was not a popular one, facing the difficult employment situation, Xiao Wang could only temporarily work in sales at a well-known brand store after graduation.

Unexpectedly, such a choice will be met with all kinds of ridicule. People I know around me say that a good graduate student will be a “cabinet sister”, helping others put on and take off their shoes and pick up clothes.

Even his colleagues in a store often ask him to do this and that, causing all kinds of difficulties.

Therefore, in the face of such great external pressure, although his income was not bad at the time , Xiao Wang still chose to give up, follow the advice of his elders, go home and take the employee preparation examination, and live a nine-to-five life.

A few years later, Xiao Wang accidentally communicated with two colleagues who worked in store sales together.

I found that one person became a company executive, and another person became a well-known fashion blogger. While achieving financial freedom, he also had a relatively high social status.

This made Xiao Wang, who had been living within the grassroots system for ten years, regretful: If he had persisted a little longer, would he have been able to live the life he wanted?

Today, our society is complex, and the Internet and various media influence our thoughts and concepts all the time.

If you want to succeed, the most important thing is to have a firm core.

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