The Prophetic Genius of Isaac Asimov and How His Science Fiction Shaped Our World

Today I would like to introduce you to a “ god-like person ” .

He is the greatest science fiction novelist in the world , and he also wrote human history in advance.

80 years ago, he could see through the current trend of human society.

Whether it is robotics, biotechnology, genetic engineering… this kind of technological progress ,

Or is it the world structure, war conflicts…this kind of historical development ,

Many aspects of human society are actually moving forward step by step along the lines of his science fiction novels .

Even so, his ambition is far from being satisfied;

He used novels to construct a 20,000-year historical trajectory for mankind!

He is Isaac Asimov.

Today’s great figures who are active in various fields all grew up reading his books.

His masterpiece “Galactic Empire” was directly sent into space by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla!

Today, I will take you to review Asimov’s “miracles”.

I would like to live in peace with this “god-like man” for the rest of my life!


Was he considered a “Soviet spy” by the United States?

Today’s world structure has already been predicted by him!

True lovers who like to watch science fiction movies must know,

Gods are often feared and guarded against by humans because they are too “divine” .

Asimov, the “god-like man”, is certainly no exception.

During the Cold War in 1960, the US FBI launched a large-scale and undercurrent secret investigation.

One of the subjects of the investigation was Asimov, “the greatest science fiction novelist in the world” at the time .

The reason turned out to be the suspicion that Asimov was a Soviet spy. This suspicion lasted for seven years.

A perfect chain of evidence was tailor-made for Asimov’s “Soviet espionage crime” :

Evidence 1: Asimov was born in the Soviet Union, and his family immigrated to the United States when he was 3 years old.

Evidence 2: In addition to being “the world’s greatest science fiction novelist” , Asimov also engaged in scientific research,

Becoming a tenured professor of biology at Boston University must be an attempt to steal U.S. biological intelligence.

Evidence 3: Among the intelligence intercepted by the United States at that time, there was a Soviet spy code-named ROBPROF.

Translated is “robot professor” .

In the entire United States and even the world, who would be more suitable for this code name than Asimov?

Evidence 4: The FBI believes that“science fiction is a Soviet conspiracy to undermine the will of Americans”,

It would cause people to imagine scenarios that are different from the status quo, which may be detrimental to the reality of the United States at the time.

In fact, as the most influential science fiction writer ,

This is one of the most important reasons why Asimov was targeted.

He wrote in his book “Inside the Atom” that the Soviet Union, not the United States, built the world’s earliest nuclear power plants .

Although it is true, it has touched the sensitive nerves of some readers and has been met with a lot of protest and rejection.

Moreover, Asimov expressed his opposition to nuclear weapons on many occasions and in his works——

At that time, the United States was not only one of the few countries possessing nuclear weapons, but also the country with the largest number of nuclear weapons.

Asimov also in his “Galactic Empire: A Drop in the Sky”,

It depicts the suffering and tragedy in the future after the earth is contaminated by nuclear energy and swept by war .

After six full reincarnations, today, 72 years later,

The world is indeed suffering from the suffering of virus attacks and the trauma of war.

After mankind received this “god-like man”‘ s instructions about the future,

Choosing to lay an unfounded charge on him instead of restraining his ambition,

Isn’t this another reminder of human arrogance?

Let’s not talk about who is the instigator behind it.

When all science fiction writers are obsessed with imagining technology and longing for the future,

Asimov was wary of mankind’s excessive pursuit of technology and the country’s excessive vigilance against competition.

With such a vision and heart, you would say that he is an ordinary person with a mortal body.

I will never believe it.


A godlike person!

He profoundly influenced human civilization

Many true lovers may be curious, why is the U.S. government so afraid that Asimov is a Soviet spy?

Because Asimov’s influence is so terrifying!

He is called a “god-like man” and a rare super genius.

With an IQ as high as 160, he is always rated as “extremely talented”.

He joined Mensa, the oldest high-IQ club in the world , and even became the vice president for a time.

He is recognized as one of the best science fiction writers and popular science writers in the world , and he is also the fastest publishing writer.

He has published 100 books in 20 years , covering everything from joke collections to history books to popular science books to science fiction novels. This also gives him strong influence and popularity among ordinary people.

And from now on, he not only influenced an era, it can be said that,

He is continuing to build and deeply influence the entire human civilization!

From human space exploration, cutting-edge economic theory, to Hollywood movies, pop culture… Asimov’s influence has penetrated into every aspect of human civilization.

As The Guardian commented: “Asimov has dominated our imagination ever since.”

Lucas read Asimov, made “Star Wars”, and dominated American pop culture for more than 40 years;

Cameron read Asimov and made “Avatar,” which dominated the U.S. box office for 12 years .

Even Marvel’s final chapter in 10 years, “Avengers: Endgame,” didn’t break its box office record!

What? Do you think that 4 of the top 10 on the box office list are “Marvel”, the upstart pop culture in the past 10 years?

Aren’t you Asimov’s disciples?

Marvel’s “Avengers 4”, “WandaVision” and “Loki” include the most popular three spiders in the same frame recently.

They all follow the concept of time in Asimov’s “The End of Eternity” .

Asimov’s influence is not limited to the cultural world.

A young man named Krugman was fascinated by Asimov when he was a teenager. He determined to become a psychohistorian who saved civilization like Asimov’s protagonist.

Although he failed to achieve this goal, he still regarded Asimov as his spiritual mentor , and therefore became an economist and won the Nobel Prize in 2008!

The same goes for Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space-X and the “Iron Man of Silicon Valley.”

It was because he read Asimov’s “Galactic Empire” series when he was a child that he developed a strong curiosity about the universe and established his current technology and business empire!

And his ultimate dream is to help humans colonize Mars!

Musk once placed a miniature version of “Galactic Empire” in a rocket that was launched into the universe to commemorate Asimov’s influence on him .

What could be a cooler science fiction story than this!

And people like Krugman and Musk, influenced by Asimov, grew from science fiction readers to people who truly changed the world.

There must be countless more!

How many scientists have been inspired by Asimov’s books, articles, or stories?

How many ordinary people have feelings for science for the same reason?

We have no way of knowing.

But in my mind, this is the greatest value of Asimov and his science fiction novels——

Expands the horizons of the entire human race!


The best series of novels in human history

If Asimov were compared to Prometheus,

He is the “god” who steals fire and spreads light into the world.

Then the fire he brought to people must be this set of “Galaxy Empire”

“Galaxy Empire” tells an extremely grand and ups and downs story.

The first thinking robot was born on earth. It helped mankind start the interstellar colonization movement and establish the Galactic Empire.

12020 after the founding of the Galactic Empire.

Hari Seldon, a young mathematician who has just turned 32, predicted that the Galactic Empire, which has existed for 12,000 years, is about to perish.

For a time, the galaxy was shaken, the empire was swaying, and all forces were immediately at war with each other. The greatest legend in the human galactic era began…

What lies behind this magnificent story?

The FBI’s argument that science fiction is a tool for subverting reality is ridiculous. But then I think about it, what is the point of science fiction?

In my opinion, the charm of science fiction is that it not only breaks through the constraints of reality and stimulates your imagination, but also, to some extent, hides the future of mankind .

Some people are afraid of science fiction and do not hesitate to label it with various crimes.

Because they are satisfied with the status quo and fear a future in which they will no longer be wealthy.

There are also people who see the future and are determined to participate in building the future of mankind.

This is also the reason why countless Internet tycoons are obsessed with science fiction——

In China, Lei Jun is a die-hard fan of “The Three-Body Problem”.

Ma Huateng, Robin Li, and Zhou Hongyi also recommended various science fiction novels on different occasions;

Abroad, Bill Gates’ favorite book is the science fiction novel “Seven Eves”.

Zuckerberg read “Baby Quantum Mechanics” to his newborn daughter.

It is also inspired by science fiction that this group of big guys with unparalleled imagination and curiosity have achieved unprecedented achievements in the most cutting-edge fields of mankind .

30 years ago, after leaving countless “futures” to mankind, Asimov left the world,

But he is like the embodiment of science fiction, watching mankind continue to move forward.

This may be why, today, swept by viruses and wars,

We still miss him so much.

But we do not expect the next Asimov to create a new future for mankind and guide a new direction.

Because he has left us with the curiosity and imagination to explore the future,

His immortality is enough.

He is an unfounded “Soviet spy” and the most influential science fiction writer in the world .

He is “the resource of the country and the miracle of nature” and a prophet who participated in the construction of human civilization .

He is a “god-like man”,

He is Isaac Asimov.

If you want to try science fiction today, then I recommend you read his “Galactic Empire” first.

It has an extremely magnificent imagination and an unstoppable pleasure of reading.

It is a true classic book and a must-read for science fiction.

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