4 Ways to Renew Yourself and Embrace 2024 with Optimism After a Tiring Year

The years are countless, and one year passes by in a hurry.

Before you know it, 2023 has become a thing of the past, and 2024 is here as scheduled.

After a whole year of hard work, life seems peaceful, but we are also tired, crying, anxious, and confused.

Working all day long for scraps of silver, running around for the livelihood of the whole family, searching for the life you want…

We are not afraid of suffering, but we are afraid that after suffering, we will not be able to do what we want to do, and we will not get what we want.

That kind of regret and unwillingness, loss and frustration, always weigh heavily on my heart.

However, no matter what we have experienced, the sun still rises and no one can go back.

Rather than being entangled in the past, it is better to turn over the past.

Clear the past and meet your new self.

Last year, there was a popular post on the Internet that described everyone’s daily status in this way.

“The elders are very energetic when they practice Tai Chi, but we sleep under the quilt for a long time and don’t know what to do when we get up;

The elders are full of energy and energy, but we are exhausted without doing anything;

The elders had no trouble climbing the tenth floor, but we were already out of breath after climbing the first floor. ”

While everyone was joking about being “not as good as the old and not as good as the young”, they felt helpless due to physical and mental exhaustion.

I don’t know if you feel this way too.

As I get older, I feel more and more tired of living.

There are endless classes to attend every day, endless exercises to learn, and endless things to deal with.

After finally getting off work, I had to embark on a commute that was even longer than the experience.

Finally home, I have to do housework again, look after the children, take care of my elderly parents…

Every day when I open my eyes, I am busy non-stop as if being driven by a gun. But in the dead of night, trivial matters are flying in my mind like snowflakes.

You originally wanted to find someone to complain to, but look at the people around you, who is living an easy life?

Xiao Zhao, who works as a nurse in a hospital, has to stick to his post even when he is sick. He feels aggrieved and has to appease his family members;

Xiao Zhang in the office building spent several all-nighters working on a plan, which was rejected by Party A with one vote and had to continue working overtime;

The young man who delivered the food was racing against time in the wind and rain, for fear that customers would give bad reviews and the platform would deduct points;

The father working at the construction site, his waist bent under the weight of bags of cement, was still thinking about his children’s tuition and food rations.

Those who work in sales smile every day, those who work in education are anxious about the future, and those who work in IT feel the turbulence of the industry;

The vegetable market at two o’clock in the morning, the labor market at three o’clock, and the breakfast stalls at five o’clock are always bustling.

Don’t blame everyone for complaining about suffering and tiredness. Ordinary people who are busy working for a living are not going to bite the bullet and move forward.

We can’t tell where the time went. We only know how much money we made throughout the year and how much hardship we protected our family from.

It wasn’t until we looked back at the old years that we suddenly realized that we, humble and insignificant, could persist in going so far.

Someone online asked: Was there a moment when you felt particularly wronged?

Some people say that after working hard for a year and not making any money, they are still being criticized for not working hard;

Some people say that customers who have been maintained for a year are poached by competitors at the end of the year;

Some people say that after three years of preparing for the exam, you will not be able to get to the beach, and you will not be able to hold your head up anywhere;

Others say that if you save money to send your children to school, the children will be ungrateful, and they will try their best to please their parents, and their elders will not appreciate it.

Many times, what makes people collapse is not the hardship of life, but the failure to get what they want and the unsatisfactory expectations.

A relationship that has lasted for many years has come to an end; a year of hard work has gone to waste; a year of savings has been accidentally wiped out…

It turns out that life is not only tiring, but also facing unexpected losses and the pain of not being understood.

If people hold on to these things tightly, they will become physically tired and mentally tired. They will not be able to live well in the present and will not be able to move toward the future.

You will be brooding over the miss, unwilling to regret, and trapped in the past that cannot be repeated by too many unsatisfactory experiences.

People are most afraid of facing the past and turning their backs to the future. They are most afraid of being unable to let go of something they can hold on to, and using yesterday’s pain to embarrass themselves today.

Time is the most afraid of looking back. When I look back, what I see is mostly the chaotic and blurred past.

In fact, some things have passed and there is no need to mention them again. Some people have gone far and there is no need to chase them.

Time has taken away everything, so why are you still chasing after it and torturing yourself over and over again?

Don’t worry about food or sleep for people who don’t deserve it, and don’t let worries get in the way.

Looking forward to a new day and seizing every moment, you will find that life, except life and death, is all trivial.

Turn over what should be turned over, forget what should be forgotten, let the past become the past, and the new year will be the new year.

In 2023, you have accumulated a lot of regrets, but don’t be afraid, all regrets are another kind of fulfillment.

You can’t rewind time, you just need to tell yourself: move forward bravely, and the pain will go back.

Allow everything to happen and accept all arrangements.

In the past year, we have experienced everything. In the new year, we should relax our minds and look at things in an open mind.

do you know?

The human body can renew 80% of its tissues in about 6 months. Stomach cells are renewed every 7 days, taste buds are renewed every 10 days, and skin is renewed every 28 days…

The reason why the human body is so amazing is to keep us alive to meet the challenges of survival.

In the new year, we must both accept what cannot be changed and change what can be changed.

① Change image

In the past year, no matter how many late nights you stayed up, how many takeaways you ate, how many pounds you gained, or how many years your skin aged.

In the new year, it’s time to reshape your body and update your image.

Keep a regular schedule, eat healthy, exercise for half an hour every day, and meditate for a few minutes before going to bed.

The body is disease-free, the mind is clear, and the heart is calm. People naturally look good and are energetic.

Get a new haircut, buy a new outfit, and go out in a decent manner, and you are bound to be filled with good luck.

② Harmonize your mentality

Think about this past year, you may have had your moments of breakdown.

Being invaded by various viruses, suffering from influenza again and again, taking a little old man to the hospital, on the verge of going crazy every minute;

After finally making it to the weekend, a phone call from the boss disrupted the situation again, making people cry without tears during the depressing overtime work;

Expenses are getting bigger and bigger, schools are urging you to pay fees, and banks are urging you to repay, but wages are falling instead of rising, which makes people stamp their feet in anxiety;

Not to mention trivial worries and troubles in interpersonal relationships…it is too easy for people to lose control of their emotions.

But what’s the use of crying in anger and frustration?

It’s better to calm down, calm down, stabilize your mind, and then take on each challenge.

In the new year, don’t be anxious when things happen, don’t panic when dealing with things, and let yourself transform into a stronger person.

③ Update cognition

Some people say that as long as we are alive, we have become mice spinning in circles.

Unwilling to think, rejecting new knowledge, clinging to the experience of others, and being imprisoned in a cognitive cocoon.

But the more numb you live, the easier it is to fall into the trap of poverty and busyness and become a slave of life.

If you want to improve your life, you must have a growth mindset.

If you are already comfortable at work, branch out into a new field and learn a new technique;

If you are already comfortable in life, you might as well change your lifestyle and give yourself a little challenge.

Only by looking outward at the changes in the world and evolving our survival capabilities inward can we dance with the uncertain times.

④ Purify the magnetic field

Humans are environmental animals, living in a social jungle where fish and dragons are mixed.

Some people complain to you, making you angry; some people challenge you, making you restless; and some people bother you at any time, making you restless…

Unknowingly, our lives are in chaos, the magnetic field is chaotic, and our energy is greatly depleted.

In the new year, the top priority is to purify the environment, increase energy, and revitalize the magnetic field.

Learn to renounce and stay away from all the people and things that disturb you and consume you.

Read good books, make good friends, recuperate, cultivate your inner self, and replenish your spirit.

Make yourself better first, and then everything around you will become more orderly because of you.

The old year is gone. No matter what you have experienced , let yourself stop and take a rest.

Take a long nap, eat a delicious lunch, get rid of your tiredness, and treat yourself well.

Do what you like, meet the people you like, and live the life you like.

There are no obstacles in life that are difficult to overcome, and there will still be surprises in the future.

Give yourself a new start, re-plan the days ahead, be more relaxed, cheerful, and allow yourself to take your time.

In the new year, everything is renewed. May you meet a new you.

Open your mind and take big steps forward.

Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year, all the best, and a promising future.

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