5 Low-Cost Hobbies to Promote Personal Growth in 2024 Without Breaking the Bank

I was chatting with my cousin recently, and I unexpectedly discovered that today ’s children pay more attention to “promoting themselves” than we do.

From head to toe, from hair to nails, every place is exquisite.

My cousin and I lamented that the cost of “getting better” had already dented her wallet.

But in fact, we have many low-cost hobbies that can also make us better.

The matter of “promoting oneself” should not be limited to appearance, but also pay attention to the cultivation of the spiritual world.

So today I’m going to give you some tips, so that we can prosper together in the upcoming 2024~

1. Read physical books

I would like to ask you little darlings, how many of you still maintain the habit of reading to this day?

And with the rise of digital media, physical books seem to be gradually being marginalized.

Even if people want to read, they will choose lighter e-books.

But in fact, reading physical books can provide you with fun that e-books do not have.

The thick weight, flexible texture, and faint scent of printing ink are irreplaceable for digital reading.

Of course, book binding and translation are also part of what makes me addicted to paper books.

Recently I am reading the book “How to Slay a Dragon” , which talks about how to slay a dragon when you become the “unchosen one” in the Middle Ages.

It sounds very unrealistic, but it is precisely because of this “magic” that is different from reality that I have the honor to experience the life of “slaying dragons”.

What to read and how to read is a matter of freedom.

Let’s put down the fragmented videos from now on, start reading again, and enjoy the freedom of the soul.

2. Practice yoga

One day in the first half of the year, I was lying on the sofa scrolling through Douyin and received a notification from a yoga studio.

If I were a cat, I would be the first one to die because my curiosity is always too strong.

But thanks to this curiosity, I tried yoga for the first time.

Unlike weight-lifting and running in the gym, yoga is gentle and requires concentration of body and mind throughout the process.

After a session of yoga, I was so exhausted that I was sweating profusely, but my tense nerves were also relaxed, and my body became softer and stronger.

And yoga doesn’t require expensive equipment, just a yoga mat and some simple online tutorials.

I practice yoga for half an hour every day in a small corner of my home, and it has become an integral part of my daily life.

3. Learn to cook

Since moving, I have started trying to cook, and even learned to make some desserts on my days off, because I really don’t want to see the new oven gathering dust.

Who would have thought that people who used to buy coupons on food delivery platforms would now spend a month buying 6 coupons?

The process of cooking requires full concentration, which makes me temporarily forget about the worries in life.

And every time a delicious dish is finished, the feeling of accomplishment is beyond words.

Learning to enjoy cooking has also brought me another benefit, that is, it has allowed me to discover more good-looking movies and TV shows.

I also took out the good works that I had kept at the bottom of the box because I was not interested in them.

This feeling is like the surprise when you open a childhood collection box and find that ordinary glass turns into diamonds.

4. Try painting

Drawing is another joy I’ve discovered since I’m away from my phone.

Recently, I have been working on pastels with pens. I like the moment when the pen dipped in water covers the line drawing, I like the smell of catfish ink, and I like the marks that change due to moisture.

When I devote myself to creating, time seems to no longer matter.

I feel so satisfied every time I complete a painting or craft project.

Away from the crazy messages and fragmented videos on my phone, I feel like my life has been painted with a few strokes of a brush, making it more interesting.

Painting doesn’t require much investment, a few basic materials are enough to get started.

With a pen and paper, you can complete a simple line drawing.

Rather than thinking about what needs to be prepared, perhaps the determination to do it is more important.

5. Feel the outside world

I still remember a movie I watched in high school called “The Bucket List . ”

It tells the story of two men who learned that they would not live long and used their last moments to complete their bucket lists.

In this last period of time, they went to experience the world to their heart’s content, embraced the world, and finally went to death happily.

It was also this movie that made me set up a travel fund for myself.

I regularly save a little money and use that money to travel remotely twice a year.

Of course, if I want to choose lower-cost outdoor activities, I will choose to explore nearby parks, attractions or cities, and try to create conditions for contact with the outside world.

No longer choose to close yourself off or spend all your time on games.

Because I know that there is still so much fun in this world waiting for me to explore.

Write at the end:

These low-cost activities not only help us escape from the fast pace of daily life, but also allow us to enjoy every simple and beautiful moment of life.

So now, why not pick a hobby you want to start right away and work with me towards a better you~

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