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Exploring Life’s Essence, Human Cognition, and the Quantum World

1. The essence of life and the limits of life

1. Let’s first look at where people come from?

The entire birth process of a human is like this: a sperm keeps swimming around on the surface of the egg, looking for an entrance. After finding a suitable site, it will secrete some enzymes and then drill in.

After the sperm comes in, it is degraded, and then the nucleus of the sperm combines with the nucleus of the egg to form a diploid. The fertilized egg begins to develop and gradually divides into 2 cells, then 4 cells, 8 cells, and 16 cells. The fertilized egg is still wandering outside the uterus and has not yet implanted in the bed. It continues to divide, forming 64 cells and 128 cells. At this time, it is about to find a place to implant. After implantation, development continues.

You may or may not know that in just four weeks, the fetus begins to have a heartbeat. Slowly, the neural tube is formed, the spine is formed, the limbs begin to develop, and through cell apoptosis, fingers begin to form. By four or five months, the fetus begins to kick around in the mother’s belly.

Before birth, the fetal brain develops very quickly, and various nerve synapses are formed rapidly. However, don’t forget that such a living life comes from a fertilized egg.

After the beginning of life, the journey of life is very long, and there are many troubles in it. I remember reading a limerick that said:

Make your debut at the age of 0, thrive at the age of 10, hesitate for love at the age of 20, fight hard at the age of 30, basically have your orientation at the age of 40, look back at the age of 50, retire and return to your hometown at the age of 60, play mahjong at the age of 70, and enjoy the sunshine at the age of 80 The sun, lying on the bed at 90 years old, hangs on the wall at 100 years old.

We use our five senses, namely sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch, to understand the world. Is this process objective? It is definitely not objective. After our five senses experience the world, all the information is concentrated in the brain. However, we do not know how the brain works, so we cannot be called objective in this regard.

What exactly are we humans? Think about it carefully, how do people process information? Let’s first define information, that is, matter.

2. We have three levels of matter

The first matter is macroscopic. It is something that we can perceive and see intuitively. For example, people are a substance, houses are also a substance, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are both substances.

The second level is micro. Including things that cannot be seen with the eyes, also called microscopic things. We can sense and measure them with the help of instruments, and intuitively believe that they exist, such as atoms, molecules, proteins, or distant planets 10 billion light-years away.

The third level is ultra-microscopic matter. Regarding this category, we can only speculate theoretically and verify it experimentally, but we never know what it is, including quantum and photons. Although we know that particles can have spin, energy levels, and energy, it is really difficult for us to understand intuitively. This is the ultramicroscopic world.

But despite this, we still have to think about it. In this world, the ultra-micro world determines the micro world, and the micro world determines the macro world.

What are we humans? Human beings are individuals in the macroscopic world, so our essence must be determined by the microscopic world and then by the ultramicroscopic world. I have no doubt that I am a Schrödinger equation, a life form, and an energy form, but I don’t know how to solve this equation or how thinking is generated, that’s all. I believe, and you should believe too, that each of us is not just a bunch of atoms, but a bunch of particles.

So, we are really just a bunch of atoms made of particles, simple as that. How many atoms do we have? There are about 6×10^27 atoms, forming about 60 different elements, but the real number of elements is only 11. Atoms form molecules through covalent bonds, and the molecules come together to form molecular aggregates, which then form small organelles, cells, tissues, organs, and finally a whole.

But you will feel that no matter how much you do research, you cannot explain human consciousness, which is beyond what we can say and what we can perceive. I think that to explain consciousness, we must go beyond the first two levels and examine it at the level of quantum mechanics. I think this is the case.

3. Is quantum entanglement an evolvable phenomenon?

I want to talk about quantum entanglement in a simple way. In 1935, when Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen wrote the famous EPR paradox, quantum entanglement was proposed. In fact, the term “quantum entanglement” was not proposed by Einstein, but by Schrödinger, which seemed incredible at the time.

Quantum entanglement means that no matter how far apart two entangled quanta are, they are not independent events. When you measure one quantum, the state of another quantum that is far away can be known and can be measured in a related way. It is incredible. But since such a simple phenomenon exists in the objective world, I believe it will be everywhere, including in our human body.

Matthew Fisher, a well-known theoretical and experimental physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), firmly believes? Human consciousness, memory and thinking are quantum entangled and must be explained by quantum theory. How to prove it?

He said that I must prove it physically and look for the entity of quantum entanglement. Many scientists have been searching for a long time and found that microtubules in nerve cells can form quantum entanglement. However, the time scale of microtubules is 10^(-20) seconds to 10^(-13) seconds, which is far smaller than human memory and The time of formation of consciousness. But he found it through theoretical practice and simulation, and he is conducting experimental verification.

2. The limits of life science cognition

For example, when phosphorus and calcium are put together, which is calcium phosphate, when calcium phosphate exists in the form of a Posner molecule or cluster, its quantum entanglement time can be as long as 105 seconds!

It can increase the duration of such an extremely fragile quantum entanglement phenomenon that is extremely sensitive to sound, light, electricity, and heat by 15 orders of magnitude. Then if it is increased by another 5 orders of magnitude, it can reach the level of years, measured in years. to preserve the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.

Then by analogy, do you think that one day we humans will discover that quantum entanglement is also an evolvable phenomenon, and it can be preserved for one hundred, one thousand, or ten thousand years? In other words, quantum entanglement has existed since ancient times and has been preserved during evolution. I want to ask you four questions.

1. First question, do you believe in a sixth sense? Many people will say they don’t believe it.

2. The second question is, is it possible for two people to communicate in an unknown way? You would say maybe, but not definitely say no as in the first question.

3. The third question is, does quantum entanglement exist in the human cognitive world? Exists in the brain? I believe that after listening to my lecture, you will feel that it is very possible.

4. The fourth question is, does quantum entanglement apply to matter on earth? You will definitely say that it must be applicable, because we have proven it.

To put it simply, these four questions are exactly the same. Working backwards means there must be a sixth sense, but we cannot feel it, so it is called the “sixth sense.”

So what exactly are we humans? We just come from one cell, which is a fertilized egg. All fertilized eggs 3.5 billion years ago came from the same cell, the same mass of matter, a system in complex quantum entanglement, it’s that simple.

Actually I don’t know what it is, but I believe it. With every breath I take, 10^22 oxygen atoms enter my body and enter a covalent structure. This breath contains at least 10^4 oxygen atoms. No one in a very remote corner of the world has breathed it at least once. This can be done in a month, and in a lifetime Been doing this.

When two people are in the same room, 63 grams of oxygen can be exchanged in each other’s lungs a day.

With the development of science to this day, we see the world exactly like a blind man touching an elephant. The world we see is tangible, and we think it is an objective world. In fact, the mass of matter we know only accounts for 4% of the universe. The remaining 96% of matter exists in a form that we don’t know at all. We call it dark matter and dark energy.

So is it science for a blind man to understand the world like an elephant? It must be science. What everyone touches is real, and it exists objectively. It is all visible and tangible, and the same is true for us now. It’s just that we don’t know whether we are touching the elephant’s back, tail, or ears.

I think the limit of human cognition is that we are a bunch of atoms and we are in the macroscopic world, but we want to see the ultramicroscopic world across the two worlds. That is the most wonderful, extremely wonderful world.

3. There are still many things in the world that we don’t know

As the quantum satellite is launched into the sky, let’s popularize science about quantum things: What has been discovered at the forefront of contemporary science and technology? It actually subverts the human worldview!

Our world is in chaos because of the latest science!

1. Three scientific achievements that disrupted the world

01. Dark matter

How was dark matter discovered?

The shape of the universe we originally knew was that planets attract each other through gravity. You revolve around me, I revolve around him, and the planets are busy and orderly.

But later, scientists discovered by calculating the gravitational force between planets that the gravitational force of the planet itself is far from enough to maintain complete galaxies. If galaxies and planets were only supported by the gravitation of the existing mass, the universe would be a piece of loose sand. The universe can maintain its current order only because there is other matter. As for this kind of matter, we have not seen or found it so far, so it is called dark matter.

How much dark matter is there?

Scientists have calculated that in order to maintain the current operating order of the universe, the mass of dark matter must be five times that of the matter we see now.

Has dark matter been observed?

There is currently no real detection of dark matter. It’s just that the light is deflected when it passes through a certain area, and there is no matter in that area that we can see, and there is no black hole.

Are black holes dark matter?

no. A black hole just cannot emit light, it emits other rays, and it is still regular matter.

02. Dark energy

How was dark energy discovered?

Scientists have observed that our current universe is not only expanding, but also accelerating. If it expands at a constant speed, it is understandable. But accelerating expansion requires the addition of new energy. What is this energy? Scientists can’t figure it out either, so they name it dark energy.

How much dark energy is there?

Scientists have calculated through the mass-energy conversion equation E=MC2 that to maintain the current expansion rate of the universe, dark energy should be more than double the sum of existing matter and dark matter.

Has dark energy been found?

So far, not yet.

03. Quantum entanglement

Modern science has discovered that when the study of matter reaches the microscopic levels of molecules, atoms, and quantum, there are great surprises. Revolutionary materials such as superconductors, nanometers, and graphene have emerged, and miracles of curing cancer at the molecular level have emerged. And the most amazing thing is quantum entanglement.

What is quantum entanglement?

Scientific experiments have found that two quanta that have no relationship will appear completely correlated and have the same behavior at different locations. For example, two quanta that are very far apart (not at the quantum level, but kilometers, light years or even further) do not have any conventional connection between them. One has a state change, and the other has the same state change at almost the same time. , and it’s not a coincidence.

Has quantum entanglement been observed?

Quantum entanglement was proposed theoretically and verified experimentally. Scientists have achieved entangled states of 6-8 ions. Chinese scientists have achieved the splitting and sending of quantum entangled states at the 13-kilometer level.

2. A world in chaos

01. The confusing world of philosophy

We originally thought that the world was material, without gods or special powers, and that consciousness was another existence that was opposed to matter.

Now we find that the matter we know is only 5% of the universe. Two quanta without any connection can be entangled like gods. If we put consciousness into molecules and quantum states and analyze it, consciousness is actually a kind of substance.

Since there are still 95% substances in the universe that we don’t know about, then souls and ghosts can exist. Since quantum can be entangled, a sixth sense and special powers can also exist. At the same time, who can guarantee that among these unknown substances, there are some substances or creatures that can completely and completely affect our various states through quantum entanglement? Therefore, God can also exist.

02. The collapsed physical world

All our current physical theories are based on the fact that the speed of light cannot be exceeded. According to measurements, the propagation speed of quantum entanglement is at least 4 times the speed of light.

03. Collapse of inner world

With the development of science and technology today, the world we see is only 5% of the entire world. Compared with 1,000 years ago when Western society did not know that there was air, electric fields, magnetic fields, or elements, and thought that the sky was round and the earth was round, our unknown world is much more unimaginable.

The world is so unknown and humans are so ignorant. Is there anything else that we must not let go of? Understanding these is to understand the world more deeply. We must not only understand the future, but also understand ourselves!

This is a change that has never happened in five thousand years!

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