From Guizhou Girl to Belgian Princess: Li Ran’s Inspiring Journey of Love, Strength, and Success

  On the morning of November 2, a girl from Guangdong returned to her hometown to visit relatives. Not only was she warmly welcomed by the people in her hometown, she also became a hot search topic.
  This battle is comparable to the Yuan Chun wedding ceremony in “A Dream of Red Mansions”.
  What is this girl’s background?
  Her name is Li Ran, a native Hakka girl, but she has a special identity – Princess Ligne of Belgium.
  This post-80s girl who came out of a small county town cheated all the way and made a comeback from a working girl to become the first Asian princess of Belgium and the first Chinese to marry into the European royal family.
  The story of her and the prince also became a popular story.
  But this is not a story about a prince and Cinderella, but a model of evenly matched and complementary love.

  In 1984, Li Ran was born into an ordinary family in Wuhua County, Guangdong. She is intelligent by nature and has been “someone else’s child” since she was a child.
  According to memories of her high school classmates, Li Ran never lacked suitors.
  Because she has a cheerful personality and outstanding temperament. She has a level 10 piano and is versatile. What’s more important is that not only does she have excellent grades, she is also a talented player, the type who “regularly reads comics and gets first place in the class”.
  Li Ran’s cousin said that when she was having trouble when she was a child, Li Ran played “Four Little Swans” and she immediately cheered up.
  Some birds are destined to fly high.
  In 2002, Li Ran was admitted to Beijing Language and Culture University to study finance. After graduating from the university in 2006, he went to France to study.
  Li Ran first studied French at the Sorbonne University in Paris, and then enrolled in the Ecole Supérieure de Management in Paris to pursue an MBA degree in luxury marketing and management.
  Two years of studying abroad allowed her to speak fluent French. After graduation, Li Ran chose to stay in France.
  She first worked as an intern at a Givenchy store for a year, and then worked as a salesperson in two luxury brand stores, Balenciaga and Fendi.
  In 2009, Li Ran was working in sales at Fendi and met a handsome designer because of his work relationship.
  At this time, she did not know that this designer named Charles would be her future true love.
  What is even more unexpected is that this unknown designer is actually the prince of the Belgian “Ligne family”.

  Prince Charles is 4 years older than Li Ran. He was born in Paris in 1980, his father is Prince Ligne and his mother is Princess Crow.
  The Ligne family is one of the oldest and most prestigious noble families in Belgium.
  The history of this family can be traced back to the 11th century. Although they have no royal power, members of the family have received princely titles since the ancient Roman Empire. The boy is Prince Ligne and the girl is Princess Ligne.
  However, Charles himself does not care about this prince title because he is good enough.
  He works as a designer, interior architect, runs a company, makes investments, and clearly understands the crossover.

  It was precisely because of his identity as a designer that he got to know Li Ran.
  Since Li Ran is fluent in Chinese, French and English, it is effortless to communicate with Charles. Soon, Prince Charles was attracted by this Chinese girl with outstanding temperament and good conversation.
  During the conversation, it was discovered that the two had the same interests and had many things in common. This also laid the foundation for their long-term relationship.
  They fell in love and went on dates like ordinary couples, chatting about each other’s past and the future.
  Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, this couple with very different statuses is just an episode in each other’s life journey, and will not achieve success.
  But after a year and a half of dating, Prince Charles solemnly proposed to Li Ran. He is willing to spend the rest of his life composing a long sonata with this Chinese girl.
  When Charles introduced Li Ran to his family, the members of this ancient and noble family were not without surprise.
  In the nearly thousand years of their family’s history, no Asian has ever “intruded”.
  Will this kind of union with huge cultural differences and identity gaps be happy?
  But fortunately, Prince Charles’s parents are not conservative and xenophobic die-hards. They respect and believe in their son’s decision, and finally accepted the Chinese girl with open arms.

  In 2010, the two got married.
  Due to different religious beliefs, they did not hold a grand public wedding, but only invited close relatives and friends to witness their happiness.
  Compared with the luxurious wedding of Charles’ brother Edward, the wedding of Charles and Li Ran seemed too “sloppy”, but the groom’s eyes when he looked at his new wife were full of affection, and the bride was so happy holding the prince’s hand. .
  From a working girl in a luxury store to the first Asian princess of Belgium, this Chinese girl attracted the attention of the domestic public at that time.
  Many media rushed to report their story. In addition to being amazed, many netizens sent blessings to the Chinese girl from across the air.
  Many former classmates and friends only knew about Li Ran’s current situation and praised her for her outstanding performance, because only they knew that Li Ran relied on her personal charm and hard work to cross the gap that ordinary girls could not overcome.
  There are also negative voices among them. Some people commented that she is like a “sparrow turned into a phoenix”, while others complained about her appearance and expressed that they are not optimistic about this marriage with a huge gap.
  However, facing the eyes of others, the couple did not care, but worked hard to live their little life in a low-key manner.
  In 2012, Li Ran gave birth to his lovely son Amadeo. At a young age, Amadeo already held the title of prince.
  After marriage, Li Ran did not give up her career and live the life of a wealthy nobleman enjoying the success as people imagined, and she never used her status as a princess to make a big fuss.
  But as usual, work hard, live a low-key life, and be the best version of yourself.

  Over the years, Li Ran has rarely given interviews to the media and rarely updated her status on social platforms. From 2013 to 2020, she has been working as a senior consultant at Dior and other related jobs, traveling between France and China.
  She always behaves as an independent woman, neither dependent nor blindly obedient, and just writes her own legend with peace of mind.
  In 2013, she attended the Shanghai International Horse Culture Festival with actress Christine Yang; in
  2015, she appeared in the “China Special Issue” of VOGUE magazine with her image of a successful Chinese woman.
  She also brought her husband back to China to show him traditional Chinese culture, and Charles also supported his wife unconditionally.
  This couple, who was once not favored by the outside world, has now been together for 13 years.
  Prince Charles often posts group photos on social media to express his yearning for China and his love for his wife, using practical actions to break the world’s stereotypes.
  What is commendable is that neither Li Ran nor Charles take “status” as a thing. It is not glory and halo, nor is it a shackle that binds oneself. It is just a “title”.
  The only thing that can truly bring you success and joy is your own efforts.
  This is also the reason why the two are attracted to each other and resonate at the same frequency to this day.
  So Hua Xiaomei said from the beginning that this is not an old-fashioned story about Cinderella meeting Prince Charming. Although Charles is indeed a prince, Li Ran is not Cinderella, but the “queen” who controls her own life.
  Know how to control the rhythm, be calm and relaxed.
  This does not depend on luck, but on strength and courage.
  Li Ran’s “return to his hometown” this time was invited to participate in the Sixth World Merchant Conference to contribute to the development of his hometown.
  However, ordinary girls don’t have to envy Li Ran’s life. Whether you marry into the royal family or join a wealthy family, it is just the beginning. What to do next, this commoner princess has given the best answer.
  Everyone has their own rhythm of life. All we have to do is not be afraid and control it.

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