From Pitch to Palace: Beckham’s Journey Beyond the Beautiful Game

  The most popular character documentary in October this year is probably “Beckham” produced by Netflix. At this time, it has been 10 years since the football superstar retired, but the attention he has attracted around the world has not diminished at all.
  Among the four-episode documentary, the biggest attraction is undoubtedly the large number of precious video materials that have not been released before. In addition, it also adopts a multi-perspective narrative. In addition to Beckham and his wife, his parents, childhood playmates, mentors, and teammates appear on the documentary. , former bosses, etc. also came to support and personally revealed the inside story of old events to the audience.
  Netflix’s sincerity is unquestionable, and the audience’s response was as enthusiastic as expected. It has been online for more than ten days, and its Rotten Tomatoes freshness rating is as high as 93%. More than 4,000 netizens on Douban also gave it a high score of 9.0. Old fans relive the classics and remember their passionate youth, while passers-by learn about the life of the superstar and take a bite of old melon.
  However, unlike most documentaries about sports stars that mainly depict their careers, “Beckham” not only focuses on his games, training, highlights and lows, but also accounts for almost half of the content about Beckham’s family life. Due to the length of the film, instead of calling it “Beckham”, it would be more appropriate to change it to “The Beckham”.
  From the Theater of Dreams to the Bernabeu, from the United States to the San Siro, Beckham’s current achievements begin with football, but not only with football. He took the lead in completing the transformation from a top athlete to a business star. Many years after his retirement, he and his family still have a level of popularity and discussion comparable to that of the British royal family. And this is exactly what the audience is trying to figure out: Why did Beckham become Beckham?
Response and escape

  To be fair, compressing more than 20 years of vast material into a documentary of only four hours is not an easy task.
  Similar to the experiences of anyone who becomes famous at a young age, David Beckham grew from a green-faced member of the youth training team to a hot football superstar, and then retreated to the second line. During this period, he was interspersed with high-profile relationships, having children, and getting married. The first half of his life happened under the spotlight.
  If you just take a quick look at Beckham’s career or the artificial love myth of “Hot Girl and Beckham”, it will be a mediocre work that is difficult to stir up excitement at best.
  But obviously, the ambitions of this documentary don’t stop there. Netflix paid the Beckhams 16 million pounds for the filming, and the two parties reached a tacit deal to some extent – selling some “new” news.
  As early as the preview, “The Beckhams responded to cheating rumors for the first time” was the biggest gimmick of the film. This couple, who were once a match made in heaven in the hearts of the public, have long been labeled as seemingly incompatible and yet apart from each other after going through several cheating suspicions.
  After so many years, can we finally get a glimpse of the truth? Why did David cheat? Are the third party Rebecca’s revelations true? How did they overcome all this? Such private gossip is more provocative than the changes on the green field.
  But compared to the massive publicity about “responding to cheating”, the couple was very vague about the incident itself. Beckham insisted that he had just left Manchester United, where he had a deep relationship, and went to the unfamiliar Madrid. He could not speak Spanish yet, and his wife and children were far away in London. He had no family support and was very lonely. Victoria said, “This is the best time for our relationship.” “Difficult moments”, there is quite a kind of indifference that once thousands of sails have passed, let’s forget about it.
  It’s like acquiescing to the occurrence of cheating, and quickly exposing it while avoiding the major issues. Wanting to pry deeper, I only responded with a business-like response to the previous sentence, “After all, this is our private life.”
  Another standout segment of the documentary is a look back at the early days of love. “Victoria said that she was also from the working class, and David poked his head out of the side door and said, ‘To be honest, what kind of car did your father drive to take you to school?'” Victoria tried to defend herself several times, but finally had to admit in embarrassment that it was a “Rollsley.” Si”.
  In an instant, the eldest lady cosplayed as a working-class person to gain favor, but was mercilessly exposed by the person next to her. It was full of drama and conflict. The noble “Bess-in-law” is deflated, while the image of Beckham as a straightforward “working-class son” is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It can only be said that the director is well versed in the audience’s psychology.
  It is an all too common practice for celebrities to selectively give up their privacy to obtain rewards and consolidate their persona. Occasionally, the protagonist is backstabbed and maliciously edited by the producers. But this film is Beckham’s safe zone. The director Fisher Stephens is an American who was introduced by his friend DiCaprio and has no prejudice against him. The production company 99 Studio is also his own, and he will not ruin the boss’s brand.
  Therefore, in the documentary, you can see the Beckhams making some indifferent responses to old things, and earning a good review from The Guardian as “astonishingly candid”, but they do not respond to tax issues, charity, etc. that may really cause controversy. Donations and endorsement of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which is known for being extremely conservative, are not covered at all.
  Therefore, compared to a personal documentary, “Beckham” is more like a spiritual monument that “Old Beckham” built for himself after he became famous and recalled the past.
Highlights and Lowlights

  In 1975, Beckham was born in a typical working-class family in a small town in England. His father placed his unfinished football career on the young Beckham and trained him in ball control, passing and shooting for more than ten years.
  The painstaking training did not let them down. The teenage Beckham was spotted by Manchester United coach Alexander Ferguson during the game and was recruited. The latter coached the “Red Devils” for many years, so he was often called “” Lord”. In the 1996 Premier League, the 21-year-old Beckham scored a stunning long-range goal, which first attracted widespread media attention.
  Over the next two years or so, the budding football genius was very proud of himself, winning one victory after another and beautiful shots one after another. While he was triumphant on the field, he did not fall behind in love either. Beckham fell in love with Victoria at first sight, a member of the popular girl group and the “noble hottie”, and their relationship quickly heated up.
  In order to avoid the paparazzi, the two could only date and kiss in the underground garage, but they were happy with it. When he was deeply in love, Beckham was even willing to drive 4 hours to London just to spend 20 minutes with Victoria.
  And in 1998, Beckham’s life of singing all the way was pressed on the pause button.
  In the 1/8 finals of the World Cup in France this year, the England team played against Argentina. After being fouled and knocked down by the opponent’s player Diego Simeone, Beckham impulsively kicked back Simeone, who fell dramatically. As a result, Beckham was sent off with a red card. The morale of the England team, which lost its core players, was severely depressed, while the Argentina team pursued the victory and eliminated the England team.
  Due to historical reasons, Argentina and England have never faced each other. This game, which took place 16 years after the Falklands War, is burdened with political, cultural significance, and even national honor in addition to winning or losing. In the heat of public outrage, someone must take responsibility for the failure. Head coach Glenn Hoddle chose to push Beckham out directly. Even then Prime Minister Blair said that if Beckham was not impulsive, “we would be invincible.”
  Overnight, Beckham went from “the pride of England” to “the shame of football.” Abuse, curses, and death threats are constant. Every time Beckham appears on the court, he will be “booed” by the audience. It wasn’t until the European Cup six months later that he made a miraculous long cross that turned the tide, and he avenged his shame and returned to glory.
  Beckham shakes hands with Simeone, his rival who “tricked” him after the World Cup.
  However, at this time, the relationship between Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson deteriorated further. To some extent, the relationship between Sir Alex Ferguson and Beckham is very similar to that of a traditional father and son – Sir Alex Ferguson is very controlling and requires players to put football first, while Beckham becomes more rebellious as he grows up and is frequently involved in business activities, the contradiction between the two continues to intensify. After the famous “flying boot scandal”, the two broke up and Beckham was sold to Real Madrid.
  In Sir Alex Ferguson’s opinion, it was Victoria who brought Beckham into the limelight. At the golden age of football players, Beckham was running around in major shows, filming commercials, and even sometimes guest-starred in movies, which was a distraction and a waste of energy. Talent. A reporter once asked Sir Alex Ferguson if he was given a pistol with only one bullet in it, would you choose to kill his old rival Arsene Wenger or Victoria? Sir Alex half-jokingly replied: “Can’t you give me one more bullet?”
  However, it is not so much Victoria who drives Beckham, but rather the common goal of commercialization that brings the two together closely.
  Beckham himself loves luxury goods, from GUCCI leather jackets to Porsche luxury cars. His desire for consumption is increasing, and it is difficult to refuse the benefits brought by commercialization. Moreover, the media’s long-range shots under the spotlight and the eager gazes of the audience on the green field are the same as Beckham’s heart.
  In addition to her consistent pursuit of commercialization, Victoria also moved with Beckham when he transferred many times. From buying a house, decorating to choosing a school for her children, she was always the most solid family support for the football genius, allowing him to focus on his career. Train and don’t be distracted by the trivial matters of life.
  This may explain why the two still maintain their marriage after more than 20 years of ups and downs. In this relationship, it is always two people who fight against the world, against the fans’ maliciousness when they lose the game, against the head coach Sir Alex Ferguson’s severe opposition to commercialization, and against the acclimatization in an unfamiliar environment.
  At the end of the documentary, the couple danced to lively music. Discord aside, in front of the camera they seem to be a model couple who still love each other in middle age.
  After Beckham, no more Beckham?
  It is rumored that the British “Sun” once searched for people around the world who had never heard of the superstar Beckham’s name, and finally they found a shepherd in a Central African country without Internet or television.
  Of course, this statement is inevitably exaggerated, but at his peak, Beckham had both good looks, talent and fame. Everywhere he went, there were crazy screaming fans. He really could afford to say “Who in the world is the best?” People don’t know you.”
  In the second half of his life, he took off his jersey and put on a suit, completing the transition from player to club owner. His Inter Miami continues to grow bigger and stronger, and this year it even signed Messi.
  In addition, the Beckhams also established a fashion brand and investment company of the same name, and their business territory continues to expand. After years of painstaking management, the “Beckham” IP has become a presence comparable to the British royal family in the field of public opinion.
  In the past, people talked about the love story of “Beckham and the Spice Girl”; now the four children of the Bei family are also receiving widespread attention. The eldest son Brooklyn married Nicola Peltz, an old American rich man, and was ridiculed by many netizens for “marrying into a wealthy family”; the second son Romeo inherited his father’s football career and currently plays for Brentford’s B team; the third son Son Cruise has discovered his love for music; youngest daughter Xiao Qi has all the characteristics of a heroine in Mary Sue novels. She has been the focus of attention since birth, and even the always mean British media prefers her.
  Football is Beckham’s talent. This talent has not failed him, allowing him to rise from the son of a barber to a billionaire, allowing his family to stand on the shoulders of the Beckham family name and see the wider world.
  Relying on talent to change your destiny is nothing new in the sports world. When Venus and Serena were training for tennis, bullets whizzed past their heads; Bolt was born in a remote rural village in Africa, and his father still owed a lot of debt; the Phelps family of four relied on their mother’s career as a school bus driver. It’s hard to survive on a meager salary. But with their talents, they all ended up with a lot of wealth and completed a class jump.
  But now, perhaps that channel is narrowing.
  The so-called “aristocratic sports” such as golf and racing have high thresholds and high investment, so they are naturally out of reach of the working class. Even in sports with low training thresholds, top athletes from working-class backgrounds are rare.
  Looking at the younger generation of athletes, most of them are sons who inherited their father’s career and are protected by connections from the previous generation, such as Neymar; or they are from well-off families, can provide a lot of financial support, and are able to do well in studies and competitions. “They. This is actually not difficult to understand. On the one hand, under better conditions, it is often easier to discover talents and meet the so-called talent; on the other hand, in today’s increasingly expensive world of trial and error, it is too necessary to invest a lot of time and money and embark on an unconventional path. The courage to make a desperate move.
  After all, there are only a few people like Quan Hongchan who are extremely talented and lucky enough to be recognized by coaches.
  Beckham, a perfect lucky guy.
  Most people, throughout their lives, are not even aware of their talents. Perhaps only at a certain moment when you are swimming freely in the water, you will suddenly imagine what kind of ocean you have missed.
  It just makes people sigh. If Beckham had been born 20 years later, would he still have grown into the football superstar he is today? Perhaps, opportunities and the changes of the times will also obscure the shining light of genius.

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