Navigating Love as a Middle-Aged Woman: 4 Films that Portray the Complex Emotions and Relationships

There is almost no legitimacy for middle-aged women to want sweet love. Either married or unmarried, just like the line in the movie, it is said that men become “golden bachelors” when they get older. There are even magazines that write articles to promote it, while women become “old aunts” when they get older. , I still have to dodge when I go out for a blind date. Even if they really fall in love, they are unlikely to show off their affection. What I think in my mind is that if they fall out in one or two months, it is better to keep a low profile and avoid causing trouble.

The appearance and core of ideal love for middle-aged women are different from those of youth. This difference is so big that it even needs a special name. This difference is as big as what happens to the heroine in the movie and what happens to you and me in reality.

On the last day of 2023, I recommend a few movies about middle-aged women falling in love. The movies are all from before 2010. Just like middle-aged women, they are not too young, but they have weathered the storm and can stand the test of time.

“Love is Compromise” Something’s Gotta Give

“Love is Complicated” It’s Complicated

The plot of “Love Is Compromise” is quite dramatic. It tells the story of a famous golden bachelor who only dates women under the age of thirty. This time he unexpectedly falls in love with his date’s mother, our heroine, Diana. ·Keaton plays the playwright Erica.

Erica has made extraordinary achievements as a writer, but she is also a middle-aged woman who has been divorced for many years and has been alone for many years. In the words of her sister, she is “so successful, but so alone.” At the end of this urban fairy tale, Erica completed a task that was impossible in reality – to make the prodigal son look back. The man’s confession was, “I am 63 years old and fell in love for the first time. I came to Paris just to I made a special trip to tell you this.”

What’s even more outrageous is that Erica was also passionately pursued by a 30-year-old young doctor at the same time. In order to highlight the young doctor’s attractiveness, director Meyers specially found the actor Keanu Reeves . A handsome doctor who is a super drama fan who is very attentive to me, and a famous golden bachelor in the city. Is there any middle-aged life that is more fairy tale than this?

The only one who can beat Meyers is Meyers himself. A few years later, Meyers made Love Is Complicated. It tells the story of a couple who divorced ten years ago. The trigger for the divorce was that the husband cheated on him. After betraying the marriage for 20 years, he married the cheating partner. But ten years later, he was full of resentment towards the person he had chosen. The son’s graduation ceremony in New York became an opportunity for the couple to reconnect. After returning to California, his ex-husband pursued her, mainly because after the two slept together once in New York, Jack couldn’t forget it and had to do it again and again. .

A more comfortable experience than being in love with two men at the same time, maybe only the man who betrayed you at the beginning is now looking back to pursue you.

Nancy Meyers’ romantic comedy may be the kind of fantasy work that middle-aged women need most to escape reality. As a female writer and director, she really knows how to create a desirable bubble world that revolves around the heroine and is obviously middle class, with a beautiful house and a spacious kitchen, and the audience can easily ignore those who are not. It’s reasonable, put yourself into the middle-aged woman in the movie who went from being unloved to being firmly chosen.

Before meeting true love, the heroine’s situation is very similar. Both were in their early fifties, both had successful careers, and had been married for twenty years. After the marriage disintegrated, they spent all their energy trying to find a balance in their lives, while their ex-husbands effortlessly remarried. , the objects are at least one round younger than them.

In “Love Is Compromise”, Erica is quickly conquered by the battle-hardened golden bachelor. At the age of fifty, she can still have the kind of romantic love. This exciting effect is Meyers The ultimate reason for the popularity of the movie. The real life of middle-aged women is trivial, and love fantasy movies are like a dose of drugs. Even if they can only comfort them for two hours, they must take a shot firmly.

No matter what age women are, moths flying into flames are awe-inspiring, but they also feel sorry for them. If you love him and he doesn’t love you, who will repair the broken heart? Sure enough, after Erica had been passionate with this man for a week, she found that she had fallen in love, and the man was still dating another young girl. She burst into tears and wrote this week’s love into a script.

Meyers’s two movies can be said to be fantasy products designed specifically for middle-aged women. Middle-aged women will always be cuter and more likable than younger women. For example, in “Love Is Complicated”, Jane, played by Ms. Streep, is over 50 years old and still looks radiant, while the young lady who unfortunately plays the role of “villain” was the person her ex-husband Jack cheated on at the time. Is she a young girl with beautiful thigh lines, tattoos on her back, and muscles on her abdomen? In the mouth of Jane’s friends, or after she had a foot in their family and caused their marriage to break up, she was in good terms with another man and became pregnant. An outrageous woman who came back to marry Jack after getting pregnant.

But Jane is different. She is honest and passionate about life. She opened a bakery/coffee shop with a good business, not to mention her cooking skills, which came from a study trip in Paris thirty years ago. Make delicious ice cream. Judging from the attachment of her three children to her, Jane is also an obviously good mother.

Such a charming middle-aged woman has only had one boyfriend briefly for eight months in the past ten years. Her sex life was so poor that when her best friends got together, they discussed the incredible news. She said that one day she saw a piece of news on the Internet about a girl whose vagina closed due to a long period of no sex and had to undergo vaginal reopening surgery. .

Another advantage of watching romantic comedies is that you don’t have to worry about the possibility of BE. No matter how twists and turns there are in the middle, in the end the hero and heroine you care about will definitely gain sweet love.

Using the logic of “happy news of the year” to describe the story told in this movie, the title could be written as: A man in the United States successfully escaped from prison, but the next day his heart was captured by a sexy single mother. Or if the latter is used as the subject, it can be written as: A mother and son were kidnapped at home by a fugitive from death row in a small American town. Unexpectedly, the man was proficient in repairing, ironing, and baking, so the mother and son decided to elope with him.

I couldn’t help but laugh after writing these two descriptions. This story does sound a bit ridiculous. It happened in the United States in the 1980s. On a hot summer day, Adele and her son Henry drove to do shopping. At the store, they were spotted by Frank, a fugitive who was hiding in all directions. He forced himself into the mother and son’s car, and then followed them to their home. . After that, they started living together for three days.

Fugitive status aside, Frank is pretty much the kind of man every woman has fantasized about. Wu can change the car’s oil, wax the floors, repair doors, and clean rotten leaves from roof gutters. Wen can also iron clothes and bake pies. In terms of skills, he not only handles the bedroom and kitchen, but also plays the role of father. Teach Henry how to play baseball and often express encouragement to his children. This is almost an omnipotent hero setting that only male protagonists in romantic novels have.

In just three days, Frank completely reorganized the increasingly crumbling lives of the mother and son. There was a reason why he appeared for the first time in the store and walked out from behind the shelf of superhero comics.

Back to “baking”, this plot is not unexpected. The neighbor knocked on the door and brought a basket of ripe peaches. He also expressed concern for the mother and son, saying that there was a fugitive and they should not open the door to strangers. Facing the basket of peaches, Adele said, “It’s a pity, they will rot soon.” Frank said, I have an idea. The prison escapee then showed off his baking skills, but even more impressive was his language skills. While demonstrating, he taught, “It’s all based on intuition. If you pay too much attention to recipes, you will forget how to perceive.” He also said, “Don’t push it too hard. You want it to be in a brittle state.” He added, “People buy all kinds of fancy tools, but sometimes the real tool is your body.”

The scene of making peach pie is ambiguous and meaningful. After the erotic meaning grows, the relationship between the two also undergoes a qualitative change. Seeing this, I suddenly realized that this is not just a simple romantic comedy, this is a movie that satisfies the fantasies of middle-aged women.

In addition to being capable of both literary and martial arts as mentioned earlier, Frank also has amazing control abilities. At some point, Frank proposed tying them up, reasoning that then you wouldn’t be harboring criminals, but rather being coerced. Frank gently tied Adele’s hands and feet with strings. His movements were very slow and gentle, and his words were soft and slow. However, behind every gentle sentence, there was toughness and authoritarianism.

Frank is played by Josh Brolin. Brolin is handsome and muscular, but has a colder face. His screen image is either a macho man or a tough guy. Even as a fugitive who has served more than 20 years in prison, sexual tension still looms over his face in a raunchy manner. Frank uses these binding movements to declare that he now has the final say in this house before he becomes gentler. Dangerous and sensitive, macho yet delicate, it wouldn’t be too much to say that such a man is a woman’s secret dream, right?

Some people say that it’s a good thing that this movie didn’t become a big hit after it was released, otherwise so many women would have written love letters to those serious criminals in prison who robbed their homes and homes. This sentence is quite harsh, but probably only in fantasy can a prison escapee say something like “Pie pastry is very forgiving.”

Also, don’t forget that Adele is played by Kate Winslet. You can always trust Winslet, and this kind of sexually repressed female character is her strong suit. Thanks to these two actors, the credibility of the story is greatly enhanced. In addition, most of the plot takes place in Adele’s home, and the semi-enclosed space also allows the director to create a paradise-like life for this pair of men and women who share the same disease.


For middle-aged women who want a sweet relationship, the elephant in the room is: What if I’m married?

Let us try to approach the issue of “infidelity”. It is not so much an issue as an option, an option that is difficult to discuss in reality. Maybe imagine the possibilities, and the consequences, through a work of fiction.

The poster for the movie “Unfaithful” is quite ambiguous, as if it is saying “I am a pornographic film”. If you are not watching the castrated version of some video apps, you can indeed see some charming erotic scenes. Director Adrian Lyne is very good at this aspect. In the 1980s, he filmed a movie called “Nine and a Half Weeks to Love You”, which became a learning template for many directors when making erotic scenes.

In “Unfaithful”, the husband and his wife have been married for 11 years and have a 9-year-old son. The family of three lives in the suburbs of New York and is considered a typical middle-class family. The wife played by Diane Lane is elegant and beautiful, and the husband the director arranged for her is even very tasteful. However, the French man whom his wife Connie met on a windy day was from another dimension. Well, his hair is a little long, his smile is charming, and he’s even more charming when he swears in French when the elevator breaks down. In addition to this damn exotic scenery, he is also a second-hand bookseller. In his own words, “I live with my books.” Phew! The line almost belongs to the artist.

When such a man, who is obviously very confident in his own charm, gives you a copy of the Rubaiyat, a collection of lyrical poems by the great Persian mathematician Omar Jaiyan, you must be fully vigilant. Connie returned home and stuffed the book into the bookshelf. When she pulled the book out and found the phone number tucked inside, it was almost fate that she was stuck in it.

In many Hollywood romances, erotic scenes are almost mere accessories or embellishments, like a small brooch when dressing up for a dinner party, or fresh basil leaves on pasta. But if we are honest with ourselves, 99% of cheating is caused by lust. At least it must be human instinct in the beginning. The most memorable scene in “Unfaithful” is when Connie takes the train home. She sat alone in a corner, her face changing with excitement, joy and even ecstasy, as well as panic and uneasiness that followed only half a second after the ecstasy. What interspersed with the train scene was the first time she spent with a French man. A passionate afternoon.

Connie later met two of her friends of the same age at the door of the cafe downstairs from his house. This scene is of course well written. It has the meaning of a double affair, not only sleeping with a young man behind her husband’s back, but also going one step further, staging a passionate drama in the bathroom of a cafe, ignoring the two ignorant people waiting for her outside. friend. And through the mouths of these two unsuspecting middle-aged women, the charm of the French lover has been upgraded. One of the friends said, “If he looks at me twice, I’m afraid I will sleep with him.” Another friend objected, “No, you won’t. You have to consider your husband and children.” The director is saying that it’s not that our Connie was tempted casually, but, you see, this man is so handsome that no woman can resist the temptation – unless you use your moral sense to force a stop.

Suburbs, middle-class family, seduced wife, these keywords can easily come to mind in “Covered Bridge’s Lost Dreams”. It focuses on the wife’s unilateral inner tearing. The director deliberately avoids the husband’s image and personality. The story of “The Bridge of Lost Dreams” takes place earlier, and the thoughts of small family members are not that important, because in the larger social environment, a cheating wife will not get any understanding or sympathy, even the one who is cheated on The husband will be ridiculed.

Decades later, in versions of the infidelity story, the husband became more central to the story, as individualism became more important. Of course, the husband still cares about the opinions of the people around him, but he is no longer a tool that causes his wife’s misfortune, but a – imagine a man saying in a coquettish tone, “I am not a brainless pig who can only think with his lower body. We It feels good too!” Of course, the last sentence above is my slight ridicule of men as a female writer in the post-feminist era, so don’t go into it too deeply. The truth is that the consequence of a man saying that he “feels too” is that he needs to defend his male dignity in the name of loving his wife. So in “Unfaithful,” the young lover had to die. There are spoilers here, but they are not that important. This is the fate of young lovers, isn’t it? In the 1980s, the director of “Unfaithful” also had another classic work on cheating called ” Fatal Attraction “, but the cheater was the husband, and the fate of the lover was even written in the title.

In general, if married women (and men should be included in fact) want sweet love, why not watch these movies together during the holidays.

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