When Musicians Playfully “Fight”: Bringing Humor and Audiences to Classical Performances

  The musical stories read in Norman Lebrecht’s “The Eternal Diary” often make people smile. For example, at a concert, two violinists accused each other of playing out of tune and got into a heated fight. This day is February 22, 1777, and the numbers indicate that a fight that will lead to “three opponents” is bound to happen.
  It turns out that when musicians quarrel, they not only use their hands but also their words, and sometimes their pen. Although Johann Strauss Sr. and Joseph Lanner jointly laid the foundation of the Viennese Waltz, their dance of friendship failed to reach the end of the music. During a rehearsal, Strauss picked up the cello and beat him hard, and Lanna also picked up the cello and smashed it hard. The scene was a mess. Afterwards, Strauss wrote a “Waltz of Reconciliation” to apologize to Lanna, but Lanna completely broke off with him with a “Walse of Breakup”.
  More than two hundred years later, today’s musicians rarely injure their instruments when they quarrel. After all, sincerity is valuable, and musical instruments are more expensive. Instead of fighting each other, it is better to fight the piano.
  The German female quartet “Perfect Girl Salon Orchestra” will make a lot of noise with their instruments as soon as they take the stage. It is said that “three women and one drama”, when four women and four musical instruments come together, the drama is comparable to a palace fight, and the cold classical music turns into a lively battle. They hold more than 120 concerts every year, leaving music and laughter while quarreling around the world.
  The cello group “2CELLOS” from Croatia, the “LL” in their name is like a pair of equally powerful violin bows. No wonder the “Two Heroes” start fighting each other when they don’t agree: fighting in the concert hall, in the Fighting on a pirate ship, fighting in Michael Jackson’s “Crime Master”, fighting in Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony”, fighting until beads of sweat splattered, bow hair flying, fighting until 1 billion streaming media views , tens of millions of fans and millions of performance ticket sales…
  But fighting against Qin hurts feelings, and fighting against feelings hurts Qin. Therefore, humorous piano master Vito Puzhu firmly believes that “smile is the shortest distance between people.” When playing “Second Hungarian Rhapsody” with Sahan in four hands, Puzhu and he staged a civilized quarrel of “you rise and I fall, you chase and I hide”. Every note is a war drum and a declaration of war. Victory The person finally got a smile.
  ”Wives get along well, like drums, harps, and harps.” If a musician husband and wife quarrel, “like a drum, harp, harp,” will become like a “fighting” harp. Russian violinist Igudesman once invited beautiful violinist Lusada to perform a self-composed piece, showing a couple fighting with each other on the violin. It would be more interesting if this duet was paired with lines from the sketch “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”: The two of them were quarreling back and forth on the strings, gradually becoming irritated, trying to make peace, and finally “Sound of Waves” sweetly. Still”.
  It is the dream of Russian violinist Igudesman to expose more and younger audiences to classical music. His theater shows always present classical music to the audience in a humorous way. After watching “Couple Playing Piano”, some netizens left a message saying: “No more words, I’m going to practice the piano.” If Goodesman sees it, he will definitely smile.

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