3 Key Factors to Consider When Evaluating the Long-Term Potential of a Relationship

Nowadays, fast-food love relationships are too common. I really want to have a long-term relationship with a future, but I don’t know which aspects to judge from.

I have listed three aspects, hoping to help you.

First, we must determine whether the relationship between two people is love.

You need to define the nature of your relationship first.

When falling in love, the relationship between two people can be divided into three levels: the lowest level is good impression, the higher level is like, and the highest level is love. So, in order to judge whether a love has a future, you You must first determine whether the relationship between you is love, what level your emotions are at, whether it is a good impression, like, or true love.

Second, you need to determine whether your living habits, temperament and temperament are particularly compatible.

This involves many details, such as your life style, how you spend money, your interests and hobbies, and even some small living habits.

If one person has to take a shower every day and the other takes a shower once a week, will you both be able to get along well in the long run?

Can you tolerate his habits?

You love to be clean, but he hates cleanliness. You are very frugal, but he is lavish and spends money like water. You are very diligent, but he is very lazy. He hopes that you can cook, but you can’t cook at all and don’t like to do it. Rice, can you guys get along for a long time?

You have to think carefully about whether you can tolerate each other and see if you can tolerate the aspects of him that you don’t like.

If you simply can’t stand it, your relationship won’t last.

Third, you have to judge whether the lifestyles two people like are harmonious and consistent.

For example, if one person wants three children and the other person doesn’t want any children at all, there is no future for either of you.

If one person wants you to do their own thing, and the other person wants you to take care of him completely at home, then there will be no future for you two.

There was a famous writer who fell in love with a girl who was very ambitious and had her own career.

Later, the two of them failed to negotiate.

Because this writer said that he suffered a lot in the first half of his life, but now he can finally devote himself to his writing career, and he hopes to find someone to take care of his life.

Is he looking for a nanny or a partner?

How can two people with such polar opposites live together?

In short, when choosing a lifelong partner, you must first determine whether the nature of your relationship is love.

Secondly, determine whether the living habits, temperament and temperament of the two people are suitable for living together for a long time.

Finally, it is necessary to judge whether the lifestyles of two people are close, at least whether their expectations for lifestyles are in line.

Only through these three aspects can you judge whether a love has a future.

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