How Xiaomi Is Surpassing Apple in the Electric Vehicle Race with Its Upcoming SUV Model Supporting Major Apple Features

On December 29, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is being surpassed by Chinese IT companies Xiaomi and Huawei in the automotive field.

In the report, Tang Jin, a senior research officer at Mizuho Bank, said: “Chinese smartphone giants now realize the importance of cars, and they are rushing to build smart cars with software thinking ahead of the expected arrival of Apple car products.”

Apple’s smart car has been difficult to produce for a full decade.

Xiaomi SU7
The first Apple car for iPhone users

The new force that first made Apple users feel the charm of car-computer interaction was Xiaomi Auto.

At Xiaomi’s press conference, Lei Jun said that Apple users should also have a good experience on Xiaomi cars.

The Xiaomi SU7 car unit will be equipped with wireless CarPlay as standard and support iPad in the car.

Apple users should be familiar with the CarPlay function:

To put it simply, it is the screen projection of the Apple mobile phone on the car.

For Internet companies and mobile phone companies: the concept of “car building is a moat” is understood like this:

A car system that conforms to your usage habits will become one of the factors that influence car purchase.

The most familiar operating system must be the car owner’s own mobile phone system.

Xiaomi, who has a background in mobile phones, adapted CarPlay on SU7, which is essentially Xiaomi’s respect for Apple users’ usage habits:

Xiaomi did not force users to adapt to ThePaper OS, but took the initiative to allow the systems of its friends to be integrated into its own automotive products.

This wave of operations has truly solved the problem of ecological adaptability for Apple users, and the pattern is full.

In addition to CarPlay, Xiaomi cars also have some shadows of Apple.

Apple’s car-building plan is called “Project Titan”, and Xiaomi’s body uses self-developed Titan metal.

Understand, the orthodoxy of Apple Car is in China.

apple car
Ten years of difficult childbirth

According to foreign media howtoisolve, Apple’s car won’t be available until 2026 at the earliest.

The estimated selling price is RMB 600,000!

From the establishment of the “Titan Project” in 2014 to today, Apple Car has been difficult to produce for nearly 10 years.

Apple’s initial plan is basically the same as what some domestic car companies are doing now: to use the concept of making mobile phones to create an ecological smart car.

Now, this plan has been blocked by Huawei and Xiaomi.

Not content with being an ordinary car, Apple hopes to develop L5 autonomous driving and overtake in corners.

Then, rely on the huge user base to quickly occupy the market.

But to create an L5 that is not sure whether it exists out of thin air, even for Apple, it is still too difficult.

Regarding the progress of the car project, Apple itself has revealed very little new information:

The first is the digital license plate patent applied by Apple last year, which can support the iPhone to customize the size and digital color of the license plate frame.

However, in China, where license plate formats are strictly regulated, this function is of little use.

Then at WWDC in June 2022, Apple designed a new version of CarPlay:

It is no longer a simple central control screen projection, but can be connected to the dashboard or passenger screen to achieve more interactions.

I don’t know if this new CarPlay will be used on Xiaomi SU7.

At the Wuzhen World Internet Conference in 2014, Lei Jun once said that “Xiaomi will be the world’s number one in the industry.”

But Bruce Sewell, Apple’s vice president behind Lei Jun, just thought he was talking nonsense, leaving a snicker of “It’s easy to say”.

Now it seems that whether Xiaomi can surpass Apple in the mobile phone industry and become the world’s number one remains to be discussed.

But in the automotive industry, Xiaomi is definitely surpassing Apple.

After all, we still don’t know what an Apple Car will look like;

Xiaomi Motors has already held a press conference.


Apple Car will have to wait until 2026 to sell for 600,000 yuan;

Xiaomi cars that support Apple systems will be released within half a year, and Lei Jun said: within 500,000, there is no rival.

Apple fans who are still waiting for Apple Car——

Question rice noodles, understand rice noodles, and become rice noodles!

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