From Superstition to Serenity: How Science Stabilizes Emotions in the Macro and Micro World

Steadfast emotions emanate from a comprehensive comprehension of the vast cosmos and a lucid perception of the infinitesimal realm. Upon grasping the intricacies of life and death, there arises no rationale for trepidation, alarm, or unease, akin to the act of pulling a trigger.

In antiquated societies, humanity harbored scant awareness of the universe, thereby yielding lives fraught with dread and apprehension. The medieval Western witch hunts stemmed from erroneous imputations of diverse calamities in the world. Similarly, the bewildered reverence of the Chinese populace toward the heavens sprang from this common genesis.

Since the advent of modernity, mankind, through the progress of science and technology, has at last glimpsed the visage of the cosmos, ushering in the gradual wane of superstition. While science may elucidate merely 5% of the phenomena surrounding us, it is a substantial improvement from yesteryears. A scientific comprehension of the macrocosm has profoundly steadied human emotions, averting overwhelming terror during abrupt cataclysms.

In former times, existence was laborious, marked by hardship, with a meager life expectancy of merely thirty or forty years, where any pulmonary ailment could swiftly claim lives. Consequently, people were steeped in existential insecurity, fostering superstition and resignation.

In the contemporary era, numerous once-incurable maladies are now curable, augmenting the general life expectancy to seventy or eighty years in peacetime nations. Individuals now possess a more pragmatic understanding of their corporeal forms. Furthermore, there exists a scientific apprehension of myriad microcosmic behaviors and their ramifications. Consider, for instance, the comprehension of masturbation. Pre-modern societies harbored myriad misconceptions about masturbation, deeming it the harbinger of numerous aberrant afflictions. However, modern scientific scrutiny, grounded in anatomical findings, refuted these fallacious attributions, concluding that masturbation was innocuous. A scientific comprehension of a multitude of analogous microscopic phenomena heightens people’s sense of security, stabilizing their emotions, thereby preventing the penchant for attributing various ailments and disasters and self-inflicting fear.

As our perceptions of the macro and micro worlds increasingly align with truth, we finally attain a sense of assurance, departing from the timorous existence of pre-modern people, and embracing the tranquility and felicity of existence.

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