Navigating the Minefield: 9 Taboo Topics to Avoid in Conversation

In life, when interacting with people, some topics and remarks are very sensitive and taboo , and may cause disgust and discomfort to others .

0 1. ” Why aren’t you married yet?”

Marital status is a free personal choice, and everyone has their own plans and considerations.

Moreover, marriage involves various complex reasons such as family and three views .

We should avoid excessively asking or commenting on other people’s marital status without them taking the initiative to share it.

0 2. ” Are you pregnant?”

There is a saying in our hometown that the fetus is not stable in the first three months of pregnancy, so it is not publicized.

Moreover, if the family does not want to disclose the pregnancy news, it may also involve work arrangements and the like, which will make them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

0 3. “How much is your salary?”

Salary is a very personal topic, and there is no sense of boundaries when talking about it casually .

Talking about other people’s salaries is embarrassing and can put a burden and pressure on others.

How to say more or less, and this will also involve the leakage of privacy and personal information.

0 4. ” Why are you so weak? Are you sick?”

Be particularly cautious when evaluating the health of others .

Even if others look bad, they still don’t like hearing such words.

If you really want to care, you can change the way. You can say, you have been doing things all morning and you are tired. Take a rest.

0 5. “I think you should…”

You are not him. You only see a little bit of the surface. You don’t understand the whole thing. You think it may not be accurate.

Moreover, values ​​and ways of doing things are different, so don’t use your feelings to teach others at will.

Respect other people’s choices and lifestyles.

0 6. “I really hate…”

We should also choose appropriate words when expressing dissatisfaction or negative emotions.

Excessively negative expressions can easily convey negative energy and affect other people’s impressions and feelings of you.

When you are angry, shut up and give yourself a minute to calm down.

Then express your dissatisfaction or disagreement in a calm tone to avoid hurting others’ feelings or causing unnecessary disputes.

0 7. “I wouldn’t do such a vulgar thing.”

This sentence may make people think that you think too highly of yourself and look down on what others are doing.

Everyone has their own lifestyle and values. There is nothing inferior or superior , only what suits or does not suit them .

Remember, don’t belittle or deny the efforts of others.

0 8. “I’m prettier/successful/richer than you…”

Intelligence, success, and wealth are all relative concepts, and everyone defines them differently.

We should respect the achievements and efforts of others and not overemphasize our own superiority.

Remember, real success is not about being better than others, but about surpassing yourself .

0 9. ” If it were me, I would definitely do better than him . ”

Such words can easily make people think that you are arrogant and disrespectful of the efforts and efforts of others.

Everyone has their own strengths and advantages, as well as their own shortcomings and limitations.

We should respect other people’s labor results and experience, and not blindly substitute unrealistic imaginations, push ourselves up, and belittle others.

Different expression methods will have a completely different impact on interpersonal relationships.

Remember, there must be a teacher among us, and we must always maintain a learning attitude.

Being cautious in your words and deeds and respecting others can help establish good interpersonal relationships and bring you more luck and good luck.

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