Piper Laurie: The Unsung Heroine of Hollywood

  In the history of American film, Piper Laurie is not a mainstay among actresses. She does not have the coolness of Lauren Bacall, the coquettishness of Bette Davis, or the charm of Marlene Dietrich. Aloof and confused, she is not as sexy and enchanting as Marilyn Monroe, but she also has her own brilliance – almost all actresses in the golden age of Hollywood retired after the 1980s and 1990s, but Piper Laurie was still there until 2018. There are works coming out. She played a grandmother named Werner in the movie “White Boy Rick” (2018) starring Matthew McConaughey, and in the movie “Exclusive Memory” (2018) directed by Melanie Mellon , she even played the leading role, playing an old man who encourages his granddaughter to bravely pursue love.
  The movie did not win any acting awards for Pepper Laurie, but no one can deny her achievements-except for fading out of the screen and the screen between 1963 and 1976, she almost never left the screen at other times. She was 86 years old when she appeared in her last movie in 2018, 68 years after she played Ronald Reagan’s daughter in her debut film “Louisa.”
  Piper Lowry started out in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Her grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Poland, and her maternal grandparents came from Russia. Because she was too shy as a child, her parents, who were furniture dealers, arranged weekly speaking lessons for Piper to overcome this shortcoming. It was then that she began to be exposed to acting. At the age of 17, she signed a contract with Universal Pictures and quickly entered the vanity fair of that era. Her name appeared on the posters of many Hollywood blockbusters and she became a hot new star. However, at the same time, she became increasingly tired of the occlusion and boringness of assembly-line production. Finally, she took the initiative to leave Universal Pictures. , went to New York and began to get involved in theater and TV series.
  In 1961, she played an alcoholic redhead in “Hustler” and won her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress; 15 years later, she played a fanatical religious cult in “Carrie”. A single mother, and was once again nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for this role. The paranoia and gloominess she interpreted gave the story a suffocating atmosphere of horror. To this day, the film is still regarded as a masterpiece of thrillers. do.
  In the following 30 years, Piper Laurie continued to perform well. She was nominated for 9 Emmy Awards and was crowned Best Actress in 1986. Compared with Hollywood actresses in their heyday, Piper Laurie’s awards are not as bright, but her decades of hard work have made her the actress with the most vitality. In 2011, Piper Lowry published an autobiography titled “Learning to Live Loud.” In the introduction, the editor wrote: “This memoir tells the inspiring story of Piper’s insistence on breaking tradition and practicing her acting skills on the biggest stage. She started out as a withdrawn, silent child who could not find her own voice. , but later turned into a woman who can work hard to live according to her own rules.” On
  October 14, 2023, 91-year-old Piper Lowry passed away. In an interview before her death, she once said: “I will never know what I lost and what I gained because of the name Piper Laurie. I only know that some directors or producers said, ‘Well, she Maybe act!'”

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