Unlock Your Potential: The 2 Essential Skills for Maximizing Energy and Growth

Human energy is the most important reason for the gap between people .

Whether a person is energetic or not determines the efficiency of doing things per unit of time .

Efficiency determines the speed of growth in life, which in turn affects the energy field of the entire life .

Therefore, these two abilities are particularly important. Without these two basic abilities, people with weak bodies and weak energy will be weak for a long time, and it will be difficult for them to succeed .

One is the ability to fall asleep quickly ,

The second is the ability to eliminate negative emotions .

Falling asleep quickly allows the body and mind to adjust, helping the brain and mind relax and replenish energy.

Eliminating negative emotions can prevent us from falling into mental internal friction , thereby getting out of trouble faster and reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Don’t underestimate the role of sleep. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sleep accounts for 70% of a healthy body.

We may not know whether we really need what we eat, but after a good sleep, our body will wake up and find that we have gained a lot.

So, if you feel physically tired and nervous, you might as well put everything down and have a good sleep.

When you are tired, go to bed.

Tired of studying, sleep.

Sad, sleep.

If you feel restless, go to sleep.

I’m tired, go to sleep.

Depressed, sleep.

Sleeping really helps. Sleeping not only refreshes your mind, it also nourishes your body.

You will find that as long as you can sleep, there is no big deal that you can’t deal with .

My method of falling asleep (for your reference)

0 1. If the weather is nice, go for a walk down the stairs . If the weather is bad, just stay at home and watch videos and stretch.

0 2. Do n’t eat 2 hours before going to bed . Traditional Chinese medicine believes: ” If the stomach is not in harmony, it will lead to restlessness .” The spleen and stomach also begin to rest at night, and digestion slows down. Eating too much will burden the spleen and stomach and affect sleep.

0 3. When soaking your feet in hot water, I usually use clean water (you can do it according to your own habits) because it is simple, and the simpler it is, the easier it is to stick to it . Cold soles greatly affect sleep.

0 4. Do n’t fall asleep with emotions . Everyone should understand that the more you think about it, the more you think about it, and the more you think about it, the more you can’t sleep . (This will be discussed in detail later. It is recommended to recite the words of mindfulness at the end of the article)

The most painful thing for people is insomnia , being unable to sleep peacefully every night, lying in bed and thinking over and over again, with chaotic thoughts and negative emotions filling the mind, making people exhausted and exhausted.

So how do you eliminate negative emotions?

In psychology, emotions are divided into positive and negative.

Positive emotions: joy, enthusiasm, relief, etc., can make people experience pleasure and relaxation.

Negative emotions: anxiety, stress, anger, depression, sadness and pain can cause serious physical and mental harm if they persist for too long .

Many times, the reason why people feel negative emotions is because they confuse what is really important and what is not important in life , and put the cart before the horse.

This is actually a psychological trap that psychologist Thomas Gilovich calls the “Wild Horse Effect Trap.”

It is about a wild horse that is often sucked by a bat. The wild horse runs angrily until it dies of exhaustion.

Mustang’s death was not due to a trace of bat blood-sucking, but due to his own emotional loss .

90% of people’s negative emotions come from unimportant trivial things.

These little things may be a word, a look, or an action, but they often make us fall into an emotional whirlpool and be unable to extricate ourselves.

Negative emotions not only hurt yourself, but also affect others and the surrounding atmosphere and magnetic field.

Therefore, don’t worry about the small things in life, be proactive about the big things, and focus your energy on solving the big things .

In addition to physical pain, the emotions you feel are all projections of your inner values ​​and do not really exist.

Let go of what is not true and move forward with ease. Smile at life, let go of entanglements and worries, and live in the present.

Remember: in life, except life and death, everything else is scratched.

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