AI in Magazines: Creativity Unleashed or Robot Reporters? Unmasking the Impact of AI on Writing.

  A friend asked me, does artificial intelligence have any impact on how we run magazines and write articles? The influence he talks about refers to impact. The popularity of the Internet in the past decade or so has indeed had a great impact on paper media, and artificial intelligence seems to usher in a more powerful technological era. Many jobs may be reshaped and many jobs may be lost.
  My answer is, only positive effects.
  In art design, as long as we accurately describe what we want, it can basically fully reflect the person’s will. It can create highly artistic paintings and almost perfect photos, and it takes almost no time to create and can be generated instantly. This is a great help to beautify the layout. At present, the role of artificial intelligence in the early stage is still a more convenient tool. In the past, it was brushes, paints and paper, and later it was design software. No matter which one requires strong artistic skills. Now, all it takes is words to describe it.
  The development of science and technology seems to be reducing the production of everything to the ability of language and rhetoric. This is really amazing in our limited life experience.
  Frankly speaking, everything we are good at and stick to may be backward. In the early days of the popularity of email, many people scorned it, believing that it would cause long-distance communication between people to depart from warm handwriting, and lose the ritual of letterhead, envelopes and stamps. There are too many such examples. Human beings will naturally oppose progress in the name of culture. But we are by no means rejecting artificial intelligence today. Technology has proven itself countless times. It is similar to the horse-drawn carriage scolding the car, and it will eventually become the laughing stock of history without exception. But we currently do not allow the use of artificial intelligence to generate articles. All articles readers see in Nanfengchuang are the result of the creativity of human thinking. It’s not because artificial intelligence is not smart enough, but because everything about it is based on the existing foundation, and the pursuit of truth and the production of ideas each time result in an increase in human civilization. Among our increments are rationality, conscience and responsibility, which artificial intelligence will never have on its own.
  On the other hand, only words created by humans are full of emotions, and emotions are the soul of words. When we write about love, we will think of the smile of our first love, the deer bumping into each other when we first met, the boundless longing of the mountains and rivers, and the two people walking under the street lights in a snowy northern night. The dim streets. This is extremely important, because the human creative process itself is beautiful and an irreplaceable enjoyment. As higher animals, we always need such beauty and enjoyment, otherwise we will lose our sense of meaning.
  But artificial intelligence does not require a creative process, and as mentioned above, it requires almost no labor time. The presentation of requirements is the realization of results. This omission is a reflection of efficiency and an amazing aspect of productivity. However, human beings cannot lose this process. Beauty is not the result, but the process. Human beings who lose this process will lose the ability to experience aesthetics, and then no matter how perfect the presentation is, it will be spiritually meaningless.
  Artificial intelligence is coming, and we all know that it will liberate humans from some heavy or boring labor. Liberation means humanity has time. Why do we need time? Because we can do things we like to do. What you like to do refers to the beauty of the process and the enjoyment of the process. It is a pursuit of creativity and the only way for human beings to prove that they are human beings. Writing is a creative job, and we need to write.
  The rapid evolution of technology makes me more and more convinced that a communist society will eventually come, because in such a society, human beings develop freely and comprehensively, labor is a need, and labor is always a creative process of experiencing beauty. Marx’s insightful ability is increasingly admirable, because his vision of the future is not just a hypothesis based on human needs, but also a scientific plan based on the belief in the high development of productive forces. In the future, human beings will eventually get rid of all the work they don’t want to do and only follow their own hearts. What is called financial freedom today was a common blessing back then. It is not based on individual efforts or speculation, but on technology itself. Science and technology are the primary productive forces, as expected.

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