From Sherlock Sniff to Love Potion Quest: A Woman’s Journey to Longevity

Work hard to be healthy and live a long life, so as not to cause trouble to society or family and friends.

Thirty years ago, I was standing in a bookstore reading a lot of books. At that time, I went out to eat a big bowl of noodles at noon. After eating, I put down my chopsticks and walked a few steps, and I could encounter one or two bookstores. One day I happened to read an interview with the Japanese female writer Sono Ayako in a magazine. Ms. Sono Ayako must have been in her sixties back then. She said that one thing is really boring about old people. In the past, when someone came up to him, big or small or middle-aged, he would always look left and right for a long time, paying full attention and full of interest. It’s no longer necessary. You don’t even need to open your eyes. Just smell it with your nose and you’ll almost know the person’s trump card. This reduces the fun of twists and turns. Sono Ayako is still alive and well at 93 years old. She is still an old lady who writes about how to live a long and healthy life and how to live happily for a hundred years.

When I read this interview, I was still a lively young woman. I deeply admired the veteran’s amazing skills. What kind of unique skill was this? A female Sherlock Holmes? With such a powerful super power, how can the old timer say it is boring? Well, time flies and the sun and the moon fly by. In the blink of an eye, as you know, thirty years have passed by. Without anyone’s teaching, I actually understood this sentence of Sono Ayako, and it’s not just an ordinary understanding. It’s a bad idea. Sorry, I’m just going to show off my skills a little bit. In the past two years, as I have grown older, either lovingly or ruthlessly, I have mastered this skill without any teacher. In three to five minutes, maybe eight minutes at most, I got to know a character’s trump card without even using my eyes. It saves trouble indeed. It no longer requires many rounds of sending and greeting, bending and circling, and the coffin is closed in eight minutes at most. How efficient, low consumption, and environmentally friendly. However, boring is really boring. It is so straightforward, one shot to the heart, and it is solved quickly in eight minutes. Senior Sono Ayako is really not fooling me.

Well, is this considered a progress in life? Or is it regressing? Who knows?

A few days ago, I had dinner with an old friend, who is a scientist and financial investor studying longevity. On the dinner table, I spread out my notebook and carefully consulted on a series of cutting-edge knowledge about longevity medicine, such as the longevity medicine NMN. Stem cell technology is in full swing, and so on. My old friend took the time to educate me in detail all night, and finally told me, in fact, you don’t need to pay too much attention to these things, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Just fall in love often, stay active, and you won’t grow old. Longest health.

Scientists spend a long time subverting science with their own hands, which is a bit magical. After dinner, I took a walk home and thought about it for a long time. I came to the conclusion that this old friend is really good. He doesn’t have back pain when he talks while standing. He just needs to talk about love more often. It’s easy to talk about love. Love is so easy to talk about. Of? Still talk about it often? For a woman who has mastered the art of smelling people for eight minutes, if she smells a person who continues to smell good and is suitable for love talks among all living beings after eight minutes, it is simply the level of One Thousand and One Nights. Do you know the Arabian Nights?

It’s a new year. I’m over 50 years old. Good things like health and longevity are unavoidable and deeply yearned for. The main thing I think about is to work hard to be healthy and live a long life so as not to cause trouble to society or family and friends. . My choice is to take a little Qingchun Bao, a health supplement that was once very popular, but now seems to have been forgotten for a long time. This was during my trip to Hangzhou last year to see the Zao Wou-Ki Centenary Retrospective Exhibition. My friends at the Hangzhou Zoo shocked my heart. A friend told me that the giant pandas she was responsible for feeding at that time ate Qingchunbao every day and lived to be 30 years old. The normal life span of giant pandas is 20 years old. There is absolutely no intention to write soft articles for Qingchunbao. I hope you can understand this.

The last question is, it seems that those who are proficient in the eight-minute listening technique are all women? Boys and girls, even if they live to be 200 years old, are still two creatures who cannot live on the same path. It’s a pity, but it’s also interesting. Thank God.

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