How Maintaining an Optimistic and Smiling Mindset Can Help You Overcome Life’s Challenges

  There is a saying that goes well: Those who face life with a smile will be favored by life. Laughter is not only an attitude and expression, but also a kind of power and state. It is inevitable to encounter troubles on the way to growth, and setbacks are often accompanied on the way to pursue dreams. When we are repeatedly tested by life, an optimistic smile is the passport to change our destiny. Just as the poet Rabindranath Tagore said: “When a person smiles, the world loves him; when he laughs, the world is afraid of him.”
  There was a little girl who walked from home to school every day. One day, it started raining heavily soon after I went out, followed by lightning and thunder. The mother was worried that the little girl would be frightened by the thunder. She walked along the way to school to find the little girl, but she saw her child walking calmly alone in the rain from a distance. She even found that every time there was lightning, the little girl stopped, looked up to the sky and smiled. The mother stopped the little girl curiously and worriedly, and asked her: “What are you doing?” The little girl replied: “They are taking pictures of me, and I am smiling!” Rodin, the famous French sculpture artist, once said: “There is no such thing in the world
  as There is no lack of beauty, but there is a lack of eyes to discover beauty.” It can also be said that the world does not lack happiness, but it lacks the mentality to discover happiness. In work and life, we are often more concerned and sensitive to the disadvantages and harms of things, but lack the imagination and exploration of their positive and beneficial aspects like a little girl. We even have a questioning, negative, and hostile mentality towards things, and it is difficult to open up. A state of mind that is optimistic, open-minded, accepting, and integrated. When being unsmiling and guarding against rejection has become the norm in life, it is indeed worthy of our thinking and change.
  The well-known host Ouyang Xiadan’s family was not wealthy when she was a child. After her father died of a serious illness, her family’s life was very difficult. Sometimes she could only eat one piece of bread a day to satisfy her hunger, but she wiped away her tears and still lived a strong life with a smile on her face. A classmate asked her privately: “Aren’t you sad when your test scores are not good? Why haven’t I seen you cry?” She said: “No one can be outstanding all the time, as long as I try my best That’s enough for you. Give it your all, and the rest is to face life with a smile.” More than
  ten years later, Ouyang Xiadan came to work at China Central Television (now China Central Radio and Television). This book It should be a day that everyone would envy, but it was the most stressful time in her life. There are so many talents here and competition is always present. But Ouyang Xiadan faced the challenge bravely. She never complained or complained. She told her family and friends that she had tried her best to do her best, and if she failed, she should face it with ease and joy. Soon, her rigorous work attitude and professional hosting ability left a deep impression on more and more viewers, and she quickly became a well-known CCTV host with her unique charm. When talking about his own experience, Ouyang Xiadan summed up himself in one sentence: “The balloon is filled with hydrogen, which is lighter than air, so that it can fly into the sky. My body is filled with the concept of happy and relaxed life, so I can Fly.”
  Nine times out of ten things in life are unsatisfactory. Frustration, pain, and setbacks will always encounter us unexpectedly, and even prevent us from getting away. At this time, we need to remain calm and calm, and reconcile with the unsatisfactory life. Change your perspective and think from a positive perspective. An optimistic mood will make people mentally stronger, and problems will usually be solved. As the British jurist Coke said: “Always look on the bright and happy side. This is the secret to success in my life.” The joy and sorrow of life lies in our state of mind, and an optimistic attitude can always give people upward power. When we always let the positive side prevail, optimism will surely fly with ideals.
  He received 5 grades, was demerited for fighting, ran away from home at the age of 12, and wandered in the war for 8 years… In a hundred years of life, Mr. Huang Yongyu has experienced various hardships, but he is “very cute, very kind, and very kind.” “Naughty”, he always looks at all the dissatisfactions in life with humor and ridicule, always “basking in the sunshine in the shadow of the times.” He took the driver’s license test at the age of 50, drew monkey stamps at the age of 60, appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine at the age of 83, and drew a blue rabbit as a New Year stamp at the age of 99. He never set limits on his life. He said in his collection of essays “Along the Seine to Florence”: “I have lived almost 100 years in my life, and my luck has always been picked up on the roadside. I have turned misfortunes into good fortunes, which both honest and cunning people find hard to believe. “Behind Huang Yongyu’s frank and humorous words, he reveals his wisdom and sobriety after having read everything in the world. He said: “As long as you laugh, you have not lost!”
  Einstein once said: “Real laughter means optimism about life, happiness at work, and excitement about career.” Life will not be sunny all the way, nor will it be a long night forever. , we should not be happy with things and not be sad with ourselves. We also need to live towards the sun and follow the light. Because only by smiling at life can we live up to the affection of time; only by smiling at life can we hold the gift of time.

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