Vincent Price: The Enigmatic Legacy of a Horror Icon

In the movie world, there are always some characters whose names and images become symbols of an era.Their talent, their legend, let us marvel at it.Among these characters, there is one name whose career direction is mainly to play a terrible role.His horror films have become classics for millions of people-he is Vincent Price.

Price was born on May 21, 1911, into a wealthy family in St. Louis, Missouri. His father was chairman of a candy company and an important member of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce.His grandfather invented the world’s first baking powder of tartar powder-“Dr. Price’s baking powder,” which made his family rich.

From an early age, Price was passionate about music and art.At the age of four, he began performing skits with neighborhood children called “Water Ghosts.”He had a soft spot for Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, and was even addicted to it.

In 1929, Price entered Yale University to study English and minor in art.Although in his spare time he would shoot films with his classmates, it was only out of interest.In 1933, during the Great Depression, Price struggled to find work even after graduating from Ivy League Yale.So he went to Courtaud College in London for further study.While writing his senior thesis, he read John Gielgud’s Hamlet over and over again and fell deeply in love with theater.At that time, a play called Chicago was put on at a London theatre called Gate, and Price participated in the play.He then appeared in a new production at the Gateway Theatre, Queen Victoria, which later went on to Broadway and was a huge success.After premiering on Broadway in New York on December 26, 1935, Price quickly became famous.At the age of 24, he appeared on the cover of Time magazine and became a household name overnight.

Broadway’s success caught the eye of Hollywood, who offered Price an olive branch.In 1938, Price signed with Universal Studios and began his screen career.He collaborated with then-Red Star Constance Bennett on the comedy Luxury of Service, his first film production.Price made his first foray into horror films in 1939, starring in Boris Crawford’s Tower of London.However, this role did not have much impact on him.In 1940, he moved to Twentieth Century Fox, where he appeared in two major roles in two historical dramas.A rider to Fox’s contract required him to continue appearing on Broadway alongside his big-screen roles.In December 1941, he appeared in Angel Street at Broadway’s John Gold Theatre, playing a mild-mannered killer.The success of the play allowed him to finally define his place in the theater.

Over the next few years, Price made several films for Fox, including various types of characters.At this time, his career was booming, but it also brought trouble to his marriage.His first wife, Edith, met him during his Broadway career, and Vincent Price, who was also developing in Hollywood, apparently fared better than his wife.In 1948, stress finally broke up the marriage, which lasted for many years.In 1949, he married stage costume designer Mary Grant, and their shared interest in art led to more interest in public art careers and events.

In 1953, Price appeared in Wax Museum of Horror, the first film to be shot in 3-D.Wax House of Horror was a huge commercial success, successfully reaching the top ten of the year-end box office charts in North America.The subsequent Flies and Return of the Flies were also quite successful.In 1986, David Cronenberg’s remake of the film of the same name also received good reviews and box office results.Price then collaborated with William Castle, then the “master of horror,” on films such as Haunted House and The Shocker.William Castle’s unique marketing methods combined with Price’s popularity and acting skills made both films successful at the box office.”Heartbreaker” received a very high evaluation in terms of word of mouth.He also appeared as a construction supervisor in the epic film Ten Commandments and appeared frequently on television, including the ABC series Crossroads and NBC’s Martha Ray Show.

By the 1960s, Price and Roger Corman were working on a number of low-budget films with American Image International.These films include adaptations of Poe’s The Forbidden Zone, The Pit and the Pendulum, Horror Tales, Horror Comedy and The Devil Bird, as well as horror classics The Red Death and The Tomb of Lydia.In 1964, he also starred in The Last Man on Earth, an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel I Am Legend.In 1968, he played demon hunter Matthew Hopkins in Exorcism.

Price is basically a symbolic spokesman for old-school Hollywood horror movies of the 1950s and 1960s.After the mid-1970s, Price gradually reduced his time working on films and devoted more time to voice acting and storytelling.During this time he was involved in many TV and radio shows as well as commercials and albums.He also hosted the PBS television series Mystery! from 1981 to 1989.

No one could have predicted in 1982 that Price’s voice would have such a profound impact on the world.First, he gave a voice in Vincent, a six-minute short film by then-youthful director Tim Burton.I believe many people already know what kind of achievements the young director had at that time, and this debut is already widely known today.That same year, his signature voice appeared in his fan Michael Jackson music video Tremor.The highest-selling and most successful album of all time has billions of people around the world “shuddering” at Vincent’s voice.Two years ago, his monologue was preserved forever along with “Tremor” in the “American National Treasure.”

In 1987, he teamed up with Hollywood veterans Bette Davis and Lillian Gish in the movie August Whale.The trio is a dream for fans.Lillian Gish, who has been brilliant since the silent film era, is 94 years old, and two-time Oscar winner Bette Davis is 79 years old, compared with Price, who is only 76 years old.In 1990, Vincent starred with Tim Burton in his final film, Edward Scissorhands, in which he played Edward the scientist.

Vincent Price died on October 25, 1993, aged 82.His death was attributed to lung cancer caused by years of smoking.

Vincent Price’s life was legendary.His image is changeable, his acting is excellent, and he has become an idol in the hearts of countless people.However, his success was not smooth sailing, and countless efforts and sweat were paid behind it.It was this persistence and courage that made him a legend of his time.

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