True Detective: Season 4 – A Chilling Mystery Under the Midnight Sun

I love stories about the polar regions. Through the time tunnel, the ice sea and giant beasts have been sneaking from childhood to the present. The bright blue moon is above the head, and the surrounding cold waves are vast and the water is thousands of waves. This scene has an eternal magic, terrifying and full of temptation. The loyal believers of realism can’t help but feel an almost mystical feeling in their hearts, as if they heard the call of the wild that has always been hidden deep in their hearts. This is probably my weakness, even if I just see the slightly trembling fur in the snow, it will increase my impression score first.

The fourth season of the series “True Detective” takes the story to Alaska in the Arctic Circle. The crazy background of the movie and the thrilling police story at the beginning give people the illusion of being in “Fargo”.

This season changed to the still popular dual heroine setting, and the actor invited Jodie Foster. From “Taxi Driver” to “The Silence of the Lambs”, the impression is that she seems to have been stuck in her teenage years, with clear eyes and tight lines like a deer. Surprisingly, even though we haven’t seen her for a long time, her reappearance will not arouse the cliched sentiment of “beauties grow old” at all. Only her appearance has aged, but she still looks pretty, brave and strong. My partner is an Inuit girl, with strong muscles and a cool vibe, and her occasional smile is particularly contagious. The unique personalities of the two women, the colorful warm-toned lights of Christmas, and Jodie Foster’s home clothes printed with fruit patterns like her old autumn clothes all work well to offset the horror of the case itself. and a sense of coldness.

The story revolves around the bizarre death of a scientific expedition team member in a small town and unfolds during the polar night. Adhering to the tradition of this series always being based on a mysterious style, a psychic lady, some undead gods, and a One-eyed polar bears transformed from toys are appearing one after another.

“True Detective” has some shadows of “The X-Files” in its character setting. One of the two protagonists is more realistic and the other is more mysterious. As a representative of the power of reality, Jodie Foster is the driving force to push the case forward, while the Inuit girl is like Duan Yu who has not mastered the Six-Medium Sword, responsible for seeing the souls of the dead sometimes and sometimes not.

My psychology of watching “True Detective” is a bit like watching “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio”. It doesn’t really matter how capable the gods, ghosts, demons and foxes are, or how the story line changes. The highlight is always how the protagonist deals with himself in a strange world.

The wind is still cold and the snow has not yet melted, but there is something different in the air, wisps of the previous severe cold.

Compared with the previous work, the biggest breakthrough of this season’s “True Detective” is the change in style. Overall the series has become a bit brighter – not the kind of clarity that changes the world, but more like the east wind thawing. The wind is still cold and the snow has not yet melted, but there is something different in the air, wisps of the previous severe cold. The desolation of the previous work has been greatly alleviated in this season. Through layers of mysterious veils, we touch some very traditional cores: mothers who have lost their children, women who have lost their friends, and they keep talking. A sanctimonious criminal who killed out of love. If I have to find fault, the series avoids the real pain in real life, and it seems to be evasive. After watching the entire drama, the audience will feel that the people who have the hardest life in this drama are not the local Inuit people, not the persecuted party as the story finally reveals, but the people who are called to drink by Jodie Foster. Go, the poor little policeman who keeps asking around and gets complained about by his wife all day long.

The story is over, and the theme is brought back. The timeline changes from the extreme night to the extreme day, and everything revives. Under the irresistible sunshine, it seemed that even the frozen dead were finally no longer full of resentment. I don’t think gentleness necessarily means appeasement. A friend said that this show seemed to let her see what Officer Starling in “The Silence of the Lambs” looks like when she gets older. Maybe this is just a fan mentality. Time flows through everyone, neither noble nor cheap. It may be difficult to choose between straight and relaxed. But looking at Jodie Foster, it seems that nothing is impossible. This can be regarded as a valuable aspect of fan psychology besides being naive.

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