Unveiling the Magic of Finnish Saunas: From Ice to Mobile and Cultural Experiences

In Finland, there are as many as 2 million large and small saunas, which is the highest density in the world.

There are many different kinds of saunas in Finland, among which the “ice sauna”, “smoke sauna”, “hot cube sauna”, “mobile sauna” and “culture sauna” are famous all over the world.

The ice sauna is built with thick blocks of ice on the snow and looks like a giant glass sculpture, scattering soft light from the inside, giving you a magical and warm feeling. The water vapor in the ice sauna is gentle and does not burn, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside while soaking in the sauna.

Smoke saunas are known as “the most original saunas”. If you add wood to the stove outside the sauna and boil water, the smell of smoke from burning wood will seep into the house with the water vapor. Finns like to jump into the icy water of the lake immediately after enjoying a smoky sauna. They believe that this transition between hot and cold is a good way to stimulate the vitality of cells and achieve the purpose of relaxation and relaxation.

A thermocube sauna is a wooden sauna that is easy to install and transport, and can be built on the water using pontoons or beams. Light and air penetrate the sauna through the cracks in the wooden planks, and you can feel the heat of the campfire, the sparkling waves of the water beneath your feet, and the sound of the waves.

The most common type of mobile sauna is a tent sauna. If you’re looking for the latest mobile saunas, head to the small town of Daiwa on the west coast of Finland, where you’ll be amazed by the variety of saunas, such as those set up in fire trucks, those built in telephone booths and the floating sauna boats.

Cultural saunas, on the other hand, are communal, and there are a number of uniquely designed public saunas in Helsinki, the most famous of which is a small public sauna built on the seaside of Hakaniemi. Cultural events such as poetry readings, literary salons and special lectures are often held here.

The sauna is both a place for Finns to relax and an important place to socialize. The environment of the sauna is relaxing, so many important decisions and close friendships are formed during the sauna.

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