10 Life Lessons from One Hundred Years of Solitude: A Journey Through Loneliness, Love, and Legacy

In 1965, Marquez quit his job at the magazine and decided to concentrate on writing.

He handed all his savings to his wife, walked into his small study room of several square meters, and began to devote himself to writing. He thought hard and began to write “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

In August 1966, “One Hundred Years of Solitude” was finally completed. Marquez also owed a large amount of debt. He couldn’t even pay the rent and sometimes had to buy groceries on credit.

Marquez took the manuscript to the post office. A full package of 590 pages cost 82 yuan for postage. But Marquez only had 53 yuan with him and could not find any more. He had no choice but to divide the manuscript. Sent twice.

The following year, “One Hundred Years of Solitude” was published, which quickly became popular around the world and became a classic in the treasure house of world literature.

In the book, Marquez explores loneliness, death, fame and fortune, and love. The reading is endlessly evocative. After re-reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, I found these 10 sentences that can make us live more clearly.

No matter where you go, you should remember that the past is false, memories are an endless road, all past springs no longer exist, and even the most tenacious and crazy love is nothing more than a fleeting moment. A fleeting reality.

There are three days in life, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

No matter what happened yesterday, it has passed. It cannot be changed or repeated. It gradually becomes a memory, and as time goes by, it will become as thin as smoke.

If a person is obsessed with the past and is bound by the past that has become a memory, it is like dragging a long tail forward, making our lives heavy and even making today tinged with the color of the past.

However, the past is past.

What we do today determines what will be in our memories tomorrow.

The choices and decisions we make today also determine who we will become tomorrow.

Therefore, we must remember not to be bound by the past, which is just nothingness. We should find the real power of life from our own lives.

People live not by memories, but by their own strength. We should gain the strength to move forward from our past experiences.

The god of death has been following his footsteps, sniffing his whereabouts, but has not yet made up his mind to give him the final blow.

There are two most fair things in the world, time and death.

No matter what kind of person you are, there are only 24 hours in a day. It will not give you 25 hours because you are rich, nor will it only give you 23 hours because you are poor.

No matter what kind of person you are, you are slowly getting older and approaching death. Therefore, every day we live, we should cherish it, because we are all going to die eventually, and the God of Death is always staring at us.

Buendia came to Macondo and lived an isolated life, but the gypsy Melquíades brought many new things, filling the town with different vitality.

When Buendia first met Melquíades, he did not look very old and in good health. However, within a few years, Melquíades aged rapidly due to illness and disaster. , bringing him closer and closer to death.

He told Buendia that Death had been chasing him but had not yet made up his mind to deal him the final blow.

In fact, every day we live, we are closer to death. Death is like a knife hanging over our heads, and we don’t know when it will harvest our lives.

Therefore, every day may be the last day of life.

When we think like this, we will not waste our lives easily, waste our time doing meaningless things, and will not waste our time taking care of meaningless interpersonal relationships.

We should always remind ourselves that life is not as long as you think. Whatever you want to do, be brave and don’t be timid. For this only life, there will be neither past lives to refer to nor future lives to correct.

Resentment against the world gnawed at his heart.

After experiencing a lot, we will find that what really makes us live better has always been love. Life without love is just a desert.

The reason why we work hard is to love or be loved.

Of course, we will also resent people who hurt us. However, you will slowly find that hatred cannot make you better, but will drag you into the abyss.

The human heart is a very strange thing. When you fill it with beauty, life will become beautiful. When you fill it with hatred, life will also be swallowed up by hatred.

The novel “Wuthering Heights” is about a man who was swallowed up by hatred. Because of hatred, he killed his most beloved woman. Because of resentment, he even used his own son, all just for revenge.

But when he finally completed his revenge in a lifetime, he suddenly found that his heart was so empty. The only truly beautiful things in his past life were the time spent with his lover.

He guarded his lover’s tombstone and whispered to his dead lover.

He ruined his life with hatred.

Sadly, at the end of his life, he discovered that what he needed most in life turned out to be love.

When you hate someone, it will consume your time and your life energy. It will make your heart weak and even become a slave of hatred. It will eat your heart bit by bit and make your heart full of wounds. Hundreds of holes.

And love will make you more and more energetic and make you better and better.

He was forced to wage thirty-two wars, break all agreements with death, and wallow like a pig in the pigsty of honor. Finally, it took him nearly forty years to discover the value of innocence.

People work hard to make money in order to live a better life.

But many people live their lives trying to make more money.

Spend all your time making money and forget to live a good life.

Colonel Aureliano Buendia was different from ordinary people since he was a child. When he grew up, he launched a revolution and became a hero in people’s hearts.

He was brave and good at fighting. He was forced to launch 32 uprisings, narrowly escaped 14 assassinations, 71 ambushes, and even escaped a shooting.

In the end, he was in great power, but lost the innocence of the past. When he went out, he was always accompanied by guards, even when he came home. No one was allowed to come within three meters of him, not even his mother.

He was in great power, but he fell into loneliness and confusion again. His confused heart made him tired of people’s applause.

He felt “divided, repeated, and never felt so alone.”

So, Aureliano said goodbye to all this. He returned to Macondo, returned to his laboratory, and became obsessed with alchemy.

At this time, the colonel finally understood that he was like a pig, wallowing in the pigsty of honor. Only after forty years did he discover the value of innocence.

Only then did he realize that when he was pursuing those honors, he was also possessed by honor and became a slave of honor.

The world is nothing but what is external to you.

as the saying goes:

We once longed for the waves of destiny, only to discover in the end:

The most beautiful scenery in life is actually inner calmness and calmness…

We had so longed for recognition from the outside world, but in the end we knew:

The world belongs to you and has nothing to do with others!

We live in this world and are hurried travelers in this world. We walk around in this world and then leave this world naked.

When we come, this world is pure, and when we leave, this world is also pure, as if we have never been here, and how others should live is still the same.

However, there is a strange phenomenon in the world. Many people like to use other people’s opinions to evaluate themselves and care very much about other people’s opinions.

But the opinions of others are just like the world. Some people say you are good, some say you are bad, and some say nothing. But if you are a good person, you will not be judged because others say you are bad. Become bad. On the contrary, if your life is terrible, you will not suddenly become good just because others say you are good.

Because man is not God, he will not be like God, saying that there should be light, and the world will have light, and saying that there should be stars and moon, there will be stars and moon in this world.

So, no matter what others say, you are just you.

But everyone has to go through a lot before they can understand this truth and truly become calm inside.

What saddens me the most is that we wasted so much time.
I remember there is a saying in “The Shawshank Redemption”:

Either get busy living or get busy dying.

In fact, I should add another sentence, either get busy loving.

In “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, after a long drought, Macondo is dusty and unbearably hot, but little Aureliano and little Amaranta are madly in love.

At that time, they felt that they were the only happy creatures in the world. Because of love, they temporarily defeated loneliness and the pain caused by loneliness.

Love is their salvation.

They are relatives, have a certain blood relationship, and have different generations. They are also troubled by the legend of the Buendia family for generations, that is, they will give birth to children with pig tails.

All this made them never think about being together.

But after getting together, they suddenly discovered that they loved each other so deeply.

Looking back on the time they spent not together, they felt that they had wasted so much good time.

Indeed, when we really find something we love and someone we love deeply, we will feel that it takes us so much time to meet them in this short life.

Therefore, all good lives should not be wasted time. We should invest all our time in it and live steamingly instead of living lifelessly.

There is a lot of beauty in the world that we have yet to experience and feel, so don’t wait until old age is approaching and look back and realize that you have wasted too much time. At that time, no matter how sad you are, it will be useless.

There are also many people who say they are wasting time, but most people still enjoy it and continue to waste it.

The secret of happiness is just to sign an agreement with loneliness without losing dignity.

People are lonely.

Because no matter what, he is a person and only a person, unlike anyone else.

Loneliness is the most primitive background of life, because everyone is unique, as if they were thrown into this world.

However, many of us are afraid of loneliness and dare not live in harmony with loneliness. Therefore, we go into the crowd, eager to be understood and recognized.

But when I was really among the crowd, I found that the inner loneliness became more and more intense.

Therefore, in order to combat loneliness, they work hard to manage various interpersonal relationships, fearing that they will be squeezed out, and they work hard to be gregarious, fearing that others will not like them.

In order to get along with the crowd, they neglect themselves.

However, it is difficult for a person who even ignores himself to truly live a happy life, because they leave the factors of happiness to be determined by the outside world instead of deciding their own happiness.

External things are easy to lose.

Only the innermost things will be relatively stable.

He was finally able to fight for his own freedom, and no longer fought for abstract concepts or the slogans of politicians who could change the situation at will. This belief made him full of passion and high morale.

The world we live in is a world full of standards and concepts.

Many concepts tell us how people should live, what is success, and what is the standard of life.

Therefore, many people work hard to live like this.

Houses, cars, money, these are what most people pursue. Many people even focus on these things. No matter how useless they are, they force themselves to endure it. No matter how unhappy they are, they force themselves to hold it in and dare not leave. Don’t dare to be independent.

Because they follow this concept and regard it as a guiding light in life.

In fact, when a person comes to this world, he is blank, but in the process of growing up, the world instills its own ideas into this person and uses it to control his life.

We need to work very hard to break away from these concepts and truly live the way we like, getting rid of all slogans and all external standards.

When we get rid of the control of external concepts and standards, and truly live for ourselves, we can be full of passion and high morale, because we will find that every day, we are closer to the life we ​​like. a little.

No ideal in the world is worth the price of such sinking.

After Colonel Aureliano Buendia launched the revolution, he started an extremely legendary military career. Step by step, he moved to high positions and reached the pinnacle of power.

He originally hated soldiers and the oppression of that kind of power.

But when he gained power, he became a different person, becoming cold, selfish, and ruthless. His friends told him:

You hate soldiers so much, have fought with them for so long, and thought about them for so long, but in the end you have become just like them.

Marquez said:

No ideal in the world is worth the price of such sinking.

Yes, there is nothing in this world that is worth sinking ourselves to pursue, or worth selling our souls to pursue.

Anything that requires us to sink ourselves and lose ourselves in order to obtain something may itself be problematic.

Don’t miss the chance, life is shorter than you think.

Life is too short.

Some people, if they miss it, may miss it forever.

Some opportunities, if lost, may be lost forever.

Some things, if missed once, may be missed forever.

We always think that the future is long, but in fact, it may suddenly come unexpectedly. We always say that we will talk about it later, but in fact, there may be no future at all.

Aureliano Segundo woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly realized the sad fact that he was going to die.

So he worked harder to sell lottery tickets.

He shouted on the street: “Don’t miss the opportunity, life is shorter than you think.”

Yes, if you want to do some things, do them quickly; if you want to love some people, just love them well.

Because no one knows where we will be tomorrow.

In 1982, “One Hundred Years of Solitude” won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The award citation read:

“This book creates a unique world of incredible wonders and the purest reality of life.”

Many years later, when we think of the small town called Macondo in the book and the centuries-old experience of seven generations of the Buendia family, perhaps for a moment we will suddenly understand:

On the background of loneliness, death follows us everywhere, and fame, fortune and desire continue to erode our lives. Therefore, everyone needs to see through and let go of life.

If you see through it and let it go, life will be at ease; if you can’t see it through and let it go, you have to keep looking and participating.

Reading is the best way to understand the world and make yourself strong and clear.

For the rest of our lives, I hope that in books, we can transcend time and loneliness, reconcile with life, and dance with destiny.

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