Seize the Day: Why the Present Moment is the Key to Happiness

Ellen Langer, a professor of psychology at Harvard, said in a speech that you don’t have to worry about answers in life, the best is the moment.

Most people are always making choices. They want to choose a good school when they are studying, and they want to find a job that will provide them with an iron rice bowl after they go out into society. Seeing others changing careers and opening shops and doing business to make a lot of money, I started to get ready to take action again, and I was ready to quit my job and give it a try.

In life, we always look forward and backward. We want sesame seeds and watermelons. It’s really a shameful thing.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said that life is not all about flowers and splendor, and nothing is better than contentment from the bottom of your heart. In this world of fireworks, everything is worthwhile and everything is regrettable.

Everything happening now can be regarded as a kind of destiny. Now that you have chosen, go ahead. I have heard a saying that existence is reasonable. Some of the photos we took in the past I thought were ugly at the time. But after many years, I accidentally found it, but I thought it was so amazing at the time.

In fact, the present is the best. People are always blinded at a certain time, and only when they look back do they realize that it was good in the past. It is wise to learn to face the present, not to be confused about the future, and not to regret the past yesterday.

Be brave enough to welcome tomorrow, and don’t be afraid of today.

1. Live well now and you will be well in the future

A person’s current state can tell whether he is going smoothly or hard on this road. In fact, many things are imagined by the brain, which undoubtedly adds troubles to yourself that may not even exist. It can only be said that you worry too much!

Carnegie said that 90% of the things you worry about will never happen. Instead of thinking about it, it is better to do what you should do now, and the probability of the remaining 10% happening is reduced again.

“The Complete Biography of Jigong” says that it is a blessing, not a curse, but a disaster that cannot be avoided. What’s supposed to come will come, don’t worry. Mr. Yang Jiang said that when people grow up, they must face the chaos outside with a calm mind.

1. Today is the beginning of tomorrow

Think about it carefully, if you live well today, the coming tomorrow will definitely be good too. If you are in a good mood now, it will definitely lead to a series of good things happening later. As the saying goes, people feel refreshed during happy events. As long as a person stays happy, no matter what he does, he will go more smoothly.

For example, if your mobile phone is dropped on the ground, you will joke to yourself and say, God is telling me to buy a new mobile phone, and you may even think that this is a waste of money to prevent disaster.

Generally speaking, whatever happens now will not affect you, but everything will develop in a good direction. In this way, only good things will happen, life will be comfortable, and life will get better and better.

2. Try to live well in the present moment

When you go all out to do something well, it will definitely produce a good result. Life is long, and what could be more meaningful than doing it now?

Think about it, every step forward in the future is related to this moment. Tall buildings rise from the ground, and your foundation determines your height.

Does it really matter how you are doing right now? Yes, it’s so important. No matter how people around you encourage you, you must have firm goals, because whimsical and ambitious ideas are unrealistic.

Only this moment is what you can change. What the future will look like depends on how hard you work today!

No one can know exactly what they will be like in the future, but you can decide who you are now, where you want to go, and what you want to be like, and you can start to do it.

2. Cherish the present, tomorrow will come naturally

Cherishing every minute and second of today is equivalent to accumulating wealth for tomorrow.

1. No matter how you are living now, time still moves forward ruthlessly.

Don’t stay where you are, as this will only waste time and won’t bring you any benefit. If you have more skills now, you may be able to pay back ten or hundreds of times in the future.

Since you can’t control the future, why not seize the present firmly. The more possibilities in life, the more hope there will be.

Use all your strength to make yourself more capable and stronger now!

2. Caring about you now means valuing your future.

Even if the whole world looks down on you, don’t give up on yourself. A person must believe in himself first, and then others will believe in you. No matter when and where you are, cheer yourself up.

Never do anything that would exaggerate other people’s ambitions and destroy your own prestige. You must know that excessive humility becomes inferiority; excessive self-confidence becomes arrogance. You must take yourself seriously at all times, because you must love yourself first before you can love others.

If you don’t like yourself, how can you make others feel uncomfortable? If there is the most reliable person in the world, it is yourself. Apart from yourself, there should be no reason for you to pay more attention to yourself.

Live your life well before giving advice to others. Always hold your destiny in your own hands so that you can control your life.

3. A person can only grasp the present moment

Life may have many possibilities, but things are unpredictable. Only by grasping the present moment can we live a real life.

We are not saints, and it is inevitable that we cannot do many things well. But don’t get entangled. If you want to be more successful in the future, it depends on what people are doing now.

Life is moving forward non-stop, and my heart is full of hope, hoping to see a rainbow after going through the wind and rain.

1. Time seems to be like running water from a faucet

It can be said that time is the leader of all things in the world. If it keeps moving forward, no one can stop it. It never favors anyone and never stops for anyone.

Do you believe that time can change everything? We have all heard that time has changed and time is not forgiving, so don’t wait until you are old and sad in life. Seize the moment well and you will not regret it too late.

Time is like running water, it will never come back, and life can only be done in the present.

2. Now is your shadow in the future

Looking at you now, you can imagine what you will be like in the future. Although there are many uncertainties in life, no one can arbitrarily veto someone. As the saying goes, the wind and water change, thirty years to the east of the river, thirty years to the west of the river.

But if you don’t pay, there will be no future. The present is the beginning of life and the place where dreams begin. Don’t expect how good the future will be, live your life well now.

There is no need to worry in life. I believe that the present moment is the most worth having. When you look back one day, you will still feel that that moment was the most beautiful.

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