The Entanglement of Past Relationships Journey to Lisbon

Luo Yatao came to Lisbon this time – a year after her husband had an accident.

She didn’t mention it to me beforehand. Presumably, she made an agreement with Fan Xianmin.

I have met Luo Yatao’s husband. That year, my wife and I went to the island for vacation, just for Luoyang taro. Their family owns a Chinese restaurant on the island. Because it is a tourist destination, business is booming in the summer and neither salty nor light in the spring and autumn. It is closed in the winter. Luo Yatao’s husband armed himself like an American soldier fighting in the desert. He snapped his fingers and said, “This kind of life rhythm suits me very well. The combination of work and rest is perfect.” The vast majority of Chinese people living in Portugal prefer playing mahjong in their spare time, followed by drinking and singing karaoke, both of which are indoor activities. Luo Yatao’s husband is very different. He drives a modified four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle, travels over mountains and rivers, and bravely explores strange and mysterious places that are rarely visited by people.

One day last year, when I was browsing the local Chinese newspaper “Portuguese News”, I accidentally read an obituary in the newspaper. I learned that Luo Yatao’s husband, who had an adventurous spirit, unfortunately fell into the abyss with his car and everyone, and everyone and the car were destroyed. .

At that time, mobile phones were not yet widely available, so I called Luo Ya Yu Restaurant’s landline. Her son answered the phone and said that his mother was in the hospital due to excessive grief. I thought I’d call in two days. After three or five days, I felt that her most painful days were over, so it didn’t matter if she didn’t say a few words of comfort from the bear.

Speaking of which, although Fan Xianmin and I live together in the city of Lisbon, we haven’t interacted with each other for at least seven or eight years. What’s the whole story? Let me sort out the whole story.

My first stop abroad was in Malaga, Spain, where I worked first and then opened a small shop. Malaga is located on the Mediterranean coast, with charming scenery and profound cultural heritage. Once when I was on the phone with Fan Xianmin, I boasted a little more, and he opened the door and said, “It turns out this is Picasso’s hometown, so I have to come over for a walk!”

Fan Xianmin stayed in Malaga for a week. According to him, he had a great time. Picasso’s paintings touched his soul. Before leaving, he extended an invitation to our couple, saying that you are welcome to come to Portugal… Beaches, sunshine, cacti, and old captains are all the same here, but there are still differences.

My husband and I also spent a week in Lisbon.

During these few days, my wife sensed business opportunities. My wife said to me, “Your friend’s shop is doing so well, I’m jealous.” I said lazily, “Everyone has his own way, everyone has his own destiny. There is nothing to be jealous of.” My wife hugged me and said, I took a rough look, there are only five or six small commodity department stores in Lisbon, not more than seven, everyone has business… I mean, we put the ones in Malaga The vegetable stall has changed hands and a department store has been opened here! I sat up suddenly in shock and said, this is against the rules. My friend asked us to come over to play. We got the market information and opened the store here. What is this called? This is called luring a wolf into the house… This is obviously trying to steal his job! My wife doesn’t think so. She said that Lisbon is so big and business is so easy. If we don’t come to open a store, won’t others come to open a store? We opened the store first, maybe people will quit in spite of the difficulties… I believe your friend will understand this.

My wife’s remarks seem to be substituting one thing for another. But at the time, I thought it made sense.

After a month, our couple flew to Lisbon again without saying hello to Fan Xianmin.

With the help of my wife’s local distant relative, we quickly opened a store in Lisbon.

Carrying some expensive gifts, our couple visited Fan at his home. Out of dignity, he did not throw the items onto the street on the spot. Afterwards, the shop opened. Among the two rows of colorful flower baskets at the entrance of the shop, there was one sent by the person who entrusted the flower shop to Fan Xianmin. It was the opening banquet of a Chinatown restaurant in the evening, and he didn’t come to attend.

In the first few days, I was uneasy and felt guilty. I either called him or went to his store and asked him to have a meal or a cup of coffee, but he declined. Time is a magician. After a year and a half, I am too lazy to stick my hot face to others’ cold butts. I secretly decided in my heart, go to hell! From then on, sometimes they bumped into each other on the road, and sometimes they bumped into each other at the trading house where they purchased goods. The two of them nodded like a dragonfly and said hello.

I wasn’t feeling well that day and left the store early. My wife shouted from behind, “Go back and put the ox tail in and cook it early, that way it will be cooked well.” I didn’t have the strength to respond. I was crying because I thought everyone was asking me to do this and that. The distance between my shop and my home is three stops. Sometimes I take an old tram and stagger back due to its inertia; sometimes I walk back along the uneven streets of Lisbon with its hilly terrain, looking here and there along the way. Today, I had been at the bus stop for a while, and for some unknown reason, I lifted my legs and walked back.

I was almost at my door when the tram clanked and caught up.

A woman with long hair got off the tram, wearing large sunglasses on her face. Seeing the woman walking into the courtyard gate of my house, I couldn’t help but feel a little curious.

Entering through the gate of the courtyard, it is not a single courtyard. There are two old Western-style buildings that are about a century old. They are covered with green ivy. The windows are densely covered like a honeycomb. Outside the windows, there are miscellaneous clothes like tens of thousands of flags flying. In other words, when a woman walks through the courtyard gate, she actually has nothing to do with me.

At that time, in my mind, I crudely connected the woman in front of me with a woman in the next room who kept coughing. Only hearing her voice but not seeing her person, I became very interested in what the woman next door looked like. I thought to myself, I finally bumped into it today.

I walked a few steps closer, pretending to look at a tree next to me, and glanced at her closely. The other party stopped, took off his sunglasses, and said, Shan Ye, I just came from your store… Your wife told me your home address.

It is indeed dramatic.

Luo Yatao said straight to the point, this time I come to Lisbon, I would like to invite you and Fan Xianmin to have a meal together.

After a moment of silence, I said, I can’t be a light bulb for you now.

Luo Yatao said, it’s so ugly to say that a light bulb is not a light bulb… I just think that time is ruthless, and many fates are still worth cherishing.

On that day, the three of them came to a restaurant on the seaside as scheduled.

Looking out from the open-air restaurant, you can see the April 25th Bridge.

The winding bridge is really grand and magnificent when the lanterns are first lit.

The sound of waves is ringing in my ears.

A white yacht sailed slowly past in the dusk. The bikini girl on the yacht jumped up and waved to the people on the shore.

Luo Yatao came back from the bathroom, and I asked, how did you find this place? I have been living in Lisbon for so many years, but I never knew there was such a restaurant.

Luo Yatao smiled and looked at Fan Xianmin.

Fan Xianmin coughed lightly and said, this seafood restaurant… is a century-old restaurant and very famous.

I wanted to answer the question, but I didn’t know what to say. After all, we haven’t dated each other for many years, so we are not relaxed and feel very unfamiliar.

We sat at a spot in the open air restaurant.

This restaurant is a bit interesting. The extension of the open-air restaurant is like seven buds on a branch – seven tables are placed on seven round tables – our table is on the seventh “bud” .

Below is rough water.

Due to the distance, other noises are less audible.

As night fell, the waiters placed candles with glass shades on each table.

The lighthouse in the distance blinks endlessly.

The candlelight is dim and the figures are hazy. Luo Yatao raised her cup and said passionately, “Cheers to our reunion in a foreign country…”

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