Taylor Swift: The Unconventional Pop Star Who Redefined Success

When such a person dresses unfashionably, it is difficult not to make people suspect that she did it on purpose. And this “unfashionable” may be exactly why she is so popular.

Taylor Swift is not a female celebrity with outstanding fashion sense, I can say that categorically.

Dear Swifties, please don’t rush to refute it. I know how outrageous this conclusion sounds. When a woman has a supermodel height of 1.8 meters and looks like a Persian cat, and also has a net worth equivalent to 7.9 billion yuan, it means that she can call on any talented stylist in the world if she wants. You can take care of your style and buy the entire women’s clothing section of a high-end department store with a calm look on your face. When such a person dresses unfashionably, it is difficult not to make people suspect that she did it on purpose. And this “unfashionable” may be exactly why she is so popular.

Taylor Swift’s style can be easily summed up in one sentence: non-offensive girl-next-door. Even though she is one of the most influential pop stars in the world, she has an approachable, neighborhood feel about her, as if she could pop up at your neighborhood coffee shop rather than an expensive boutique store on Fifth Avenue. inside. I once read a comment from a netizen, saying that she has a “kindergarten teacher-like beauty”, sweet, gentle, and lovable, which is indeed somewhat appropriate when I think about it.

In the early days of her debut, her music followed the standard country music route, and her dress was in line with everyone’s impression of a country music singer: a delicate and elegant chiffon skirt and a pair of rugged cowboy boots were her most iconic features at the time. Sexy dress; the hair is not the big curls that are stretched and lazy like Victoria’s Secret models, but dense and neat small curls, delicate and a little cramped. All of this really can’t be said to be very fashionable, but I have to admit that her outfit and personality fit perfectly. At that time, Taylor Swift had an obvious youthfulness in her body. She did not look like the cheerleader in high school, but how could a cheerleader write about such a sensitive and delicate girl who worries about gains and losses?

But soon, with the rapid accumulation of fame, her stage and red carpet looks began to gradually fade away from the childishness when she debuted, and became more gorgeous. In the context of fashion, “gorgeous” can be realized in many ways. Bead embroidery, rich colors, silk and satin can all reach the end of gorgeousness, but Taylor Swift’s definition of gorgeousness is fairy tale-like. of. She especially loves sequins and tutu skirts, and her obsession with these two elements can still be felt to this day.

Her look at the 2008 Grammy Awards was a prime example of this fairytale glamour. The upper body is a satin bra style, and the lower body is a long floor-length gauze skirt with vines made of lace hanging down. At the 2009 CMA Awards ceremony, she also wore a dress with a Disney princess style. The golden glitter on the upper body radiates like the sun’s rays, and the lower body is a light yellow gauze skirt.

The key to success on the red carpet is to dress sharply, dress shockingly, and sometimes even need the courage to offend. These descriptions are almost the opposite of Taylor Swift. On the red carpet, she just wants to be worldly. Just be beautiful and elegant. Such a conservative and traditional choice will definitely not lead to a tragic red carpet accident. After all, wearing such a dress is indeed exquisite, just like the most expensive Barbie doll. It is completely possible to imagine a ten-year-old girl pointing at Taylor Swift and announcing to her parents: I want to be her when I grow up.

According to Taylor Swift’s influence today, it is very rare that she has not been endorsed by any luxury brand. Almost all singers with as bright a star as her will hold a big-name endorsement contract, and some will even walk in shows themselves, or participate in the design of one or two joint series. The relationship between the fashion circle and the entertainment industry has always been one of you and me, but she is an exception.

I believe that many brands must have extended an olive branch to her over the years, but she turned down these opportunities that others only dreamed of. I guess the first reason for doing this is self-confidence, because her name is loud enough without being tied to an old French fashion house. The second reason is because the underlying logic of luxury goods is to create an unattainable dream. What brands sell is never a first-layer cowhide handbag or a well-tailored dress. What they sell is a product suspended above daily life. dream world. And this sense of distance from ordinary people is the last thing Taylor Swift needs. “Girl next door” and a sense of belonging are one of Taylor Swift’s most important labels, and they are also the reasons why she can establish such a deep connection with her fans. If she becomes the spokesperson for a certain kind of gilded life, can fans still smoothly become themselves when listening to her songs?

Perhaps for the purpose of maintaining a people-friendly image, or perhaps due to a natural lack of interest in dressing up, Taylor Swift is as ambitious as she is in her singing career, but she is mediocre when it comes to fashion. She does not go to fashion weeks to watch shows, and her daily private clothes are quite casual. There seems to be no trace of professional stylists, otherwise no stylist would allow her to wear the combination of cake skirt, brown rhombus socks and high-heeled boots. Street bar? One of her die-hard fans couldn’t stand her various bizarre outfits on weekdays, so she created an account on Instagram called @youbelonginthis (meaning: You should wear this), specifically using photo editing techniques to create photos for Taylor. · Swift wears various outfits that she thinks are more suitable for the superstar. This account now has more than 20,000 fans and has been interviewed by fashion media. It turns out that even fans with love will have the urge to clean out the wardrobe for their idols.

Recently, Taylor Swift’s “Era Tour” concert was in full swing. I also searched for her stage performance clothing and found an interesting phenomenon: despite her indisputable beauty and well-proportioned and healthy figure, some concert The performance costumes are also very revealing, but she is really not a person who shows too much sexual charm. This is also the biggest difference between her and other popular female pop singers on the market today.

In the world of European and American pop music, sexual charm is a very important characteristic of female singers, and is even one of the sources of power. For example, the senior Madonna became a landmark figure in the history of pop music because of her bold and sexy looks. Many scholars, sexologists, and feminist writers have taken her sexy image on stage as the object of study. Starting from Madonna, the meaning of women showing sexiness in popular culture began to change. When a woman wears a sexy bra, she does not regard herself as a container for others to project their desires, she is more like a smart person. A hunter, her sexual charm is like a trap covered with honey. In this context, sexy clothing is a symbol of power. Nowadays, popular female singers will show off their sexual charm to some extent. This has almost become a customary practice.

The amazing thing about Taylor Swift is that she seems completely unconstrained by this set of sexy marketing rules. Even wearing a tight bodysuit and sparkling transparent stockings, she only feels that her body is toned, without any charming associations. Coupled with her unique dance moves, she feels that there is a sense of righteousness all over her body.

How much of this is due to her nature, and how much is the careful planning of the record company? I guess it’s half and half of both. Taylor Swift herself responded to the “not sexy” thing in an interview with Access Hollywood. She said that she has accepted this evaluation. She already has many qualities in her body, but sexiness is not among them, and she thinks there is no problem with this.

From a market perspective, this unsexiness means lower risks and a wider audience. Parents of teenagers can safely let their children listen to her songs without worrying about any explicit descriptions in them. There are no frightening scenes in her MV. Everything is healthy, uplifting, and suitable for all ages. Perhaps it is not too absurd to say that her “unfashionable” is one of the elements that makes her successful.

I shared my humble opinion on her style with two of my biggest Taylor Swift fans, and got two very different responses. The first person thinks that I have completely misunderstood the point. Many times her style is not to look good and fashionable, but to fit in with the concept of the album, or to send code words to fans. There is a real meaning in it, and it is not enough for outsiders to explain. Another person who works as a fashion editor sighed faintly after hearing what I said, “Oh, who calls her Taylor Swift? You have to forgive her for whatever she wears!”

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