Beyond Money: Cultivating True Wealth Through Kindness and Tolerance

What is the most worthy thing for a person to show off? It is not money, but sincerity, education, kindness, tolerance, and the cultivation of seeing the world.

Wise men say that intelligence can be a talent, but kindness is a choice and has nothing to do with your knowledge and cognition.

The philosopher Schopenhauer also said: I once foolishly thought that singing well, writing well, playing football well, or being good at a certain aspect is talent. Later I discovered that the awakening of the soul, the sublimation of thoughts and the independence of personality are the real talents.

It is not easy for a person to be a good person, but it is even harder to be a good person to others. You can’t change what you’re born with, but you can choose the way you do things.

Our elders have taught us since childhood to be low-key, to be humble and to respect others in everything we do. As the saying goes, if you want others to respect you, you must first respect others.

It is important for people to be self-aware, but they must also have self-confidence. There is no need to let other people’s ambitions destroy your own prestige.

1. It is difficult to move forward without money, but money is not everything

I often hear people say that talking about money is tacky. But these are the most basic necessities of life, and these all require financial resources. When people are in a trough, don’t talk about the situation, survival is the king; when in adversity, don’t talk about feelings, pragmatism is the fundamental.

It’s not that a person must pursue fame and fortune, but whether you have this ability. If you have not climbed to the top of the mountain and stood at the foot of the mountain, you are not qualified to point fingers at those who climb.

The well-known cross talk actor Guo Degang said that when you are not famous yet, what you say is not even bullshit. This sounds heartbreaking, but real life is so cruel and ruthless.

When you make achievements, others will follow your example. This is what people say when they speak softly. No matter how much you talk without producing results, no one will listen to you.

It is true that money is not everything, but you must have the ability to make money. When you encounter difficulties and obstacles, it will not be because you have no money that you cannot solve the problem.

The most important thing in life is to have an optimistic attitude. Don’t measure a person’s ability by money, but you must have the courage to not be afraid of difficulties.

2. Intelligence is a talent, kindness is a choice, and choice is more important than talent.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said in a speech that intelligence is a talent, while kindness is a choice, and choice is more important than talent.

Talent is something you are born with, not a choice. Kindness can reshape a person and is a choice. Keep a kind heart and build more friendly relationships with others.

A person’s upbringing is reflected in your words and deeds. You should be lenient to others, and you will not only see the shortcomings of others and ignore your own shortcomings.

When dealing with others, you can better communicate with others by thinking from their perspective, and you can also gain good popularity. The best way to get along with others is to say less and speak more. Listening can help you maintain a good relationship with others.

If you talk too much, you will lose your sense of proportion. As the saying goes, if you talk too much, you will be wrong. Like-minded people will unite. If there are differences in words, don’t say any more. Just stop talking.

So what we can’t change is our birth, and every step we take is our own choice. Choose to be a person who is nurturing, sincere and tolerant.

3. The most important thing for a person is to have a tolerant heart

Mr. Yang Jiang once said that remembering the good things of others is called gratitude, and forgetting the bad things of others is called tolerance. Only those who know how to be grateful and tolerant will live a very happy life.

There is no need to force everything on others, we just need to be ourselves. As the saying goes, if you don’t agree on the three views, you don’t need to go together; if you have different cognitions, you don’t need to argue.

If you want others to treat you like a guest, you should also treat them like a distinguished guest. The most important thing in everything is reciprocity. You must know that if one party blindly gives and the other party does not give back, even 100℃ boiling water will become cold, let alone the human heart of only 37℃.

People respect me one foot, and I respect others one foot. If you learn to repay each other with a drop of kindness, you will naturally cherish each other.

Don’t say who is nobler than the other, just because they have different backgrounds, no one has the right to discriminate against others. Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi. Feng shui takes turns, and sometimes life will be reversed.

They say, leave a fine line in everything so that we can meet again someday. When you are a person and do things, you must be lenient and merciful. There is no need to be tit-for-tat in everything. Taking a step forward today means you will have one more path to take in the future.

Learn how to get along with others and make your future path more spacious. There is a folk proverb that says: Don’t gossip about others, for walls have ears.

Be an open-minded person, and I believe that the road to life will become smoother and wider in the future.

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