Embrace Imperfection: Action is Key to Building Wealth

The paramount consideration in wealth accumulation lies not in the sufficiency of the idea but in the timeliness of the action.

The inability of numerous individuals to amass wealth stems not from a dearth of capability but from an overindulgence in contemplation paired with a stark deficiency in action.

At the core of excessive deliberation is the perennial desire for flawless outcomes at the initial attempt.

A mentor gathered several distinguished pupils in a field, instructing them to stride directly forward and return with the most substantial wheat ear they could find.

Emboldened, the students embarked on their quest. Yet, despite their forward march, they ultimately returned disheartened.

Their disappointment arose from a collective anticipation of encountering superior wheat ears further afield, a prospect which paradoxically left them empty-handed.

Hence, the quest for “perfection” emerges as a formidable barrier to achievement, a truth particularly resonant in the realm of financial endeavor, where the penchant for perfection must be exceedingly curtailed.

It suffices to bear in mind that in instances where others falter entirely, a modest achievement of sixty percent is commendable. The quest for an immaculate score of one hundred percent is unnecessary. Fulfillment, more often than not, supersedes perfection.

Part 01

“pursuing perfection

It’s often counterproductive”

My friend Xiaolan complained to me before about changing her mobile phone, and her tone was full of regret.

She had just bought a house, but her work had changed at the same time. She was already short of money and wanted to break every penny in half to spend it. This is probably a “true portrayal” of how misfortunes never come singly.

Because she couldn’t stand “a crack in the glass behind the phone” and wanted to save the “high price” of repairing it in a store, she bought the materials on a certain store and planned to replace it herself.

I don’t know whether it was because the operation video looked too simple, which gave her confidence, or because she overestimated her hands-on ability. Anyway, by the time she replaced the rear screen glass, her hand was broken and the phone couldn’t be used anymore. It might as well be There is no need to replace this screen.

If you don’t replace it, there will be nothing wrong with the phone except for the aesthetic effect. In the end, because I was “pursuing perfection” and wanted to save money, I ended up spending more money instead of saving it.

Until she complained to me about this incident, I could still feel her full “regret”.

I believe many of us have experienced similar life events like this!

In fact, the crack in the mobile phone does not affect anything, but if this crack grows in a person’s heart, it will be like a feather, it will not hurt, but it will make people feel itchy and very uncomfortable.

But in fact, if this feather is deliberately ignored and not stirred, this discomfort will not exist at all. If you care about it, you will stir it up unintentionally, and it will become more and more itchy, and you want to eliminate it perfectly and completely.

And often, each of us is bound to encounter bumps and bumps in life. Imperfection is always there, perfection never exists. Deliberately forcing it is doomed to have no results, or even the results are worse than the original, just like the case of Xiaolan’s mobile phone. Same.

Therefore, perfection is sometimes not necessarily a good thing. Being too obsessed with perfection is often “counterproductive” and regretful.




Imperfection is perfection.”

Some people say that there is no perfect thing in the world. Perfection itself is an imperfection, and imperfection is perfect!

A little confused?

It doesn’t matter, let’s take a look at the goddess “Venus Broken Arm” together. Why can she become the most beautiful in our minds?

In 1820, a cave was discovered on a small island called Milo. During an investigation of the cave, a marble statue was discovered.

At that time, the waist of the statue was disconnected. After people cleaned the stains on the statue and roughly repaired it, everyone present exclaimed: What a beautiful female statue!

Looking at this stunningly beautiful statue, people naturally think of the legendary goddess Venus. In Western mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. She is famous for her beauty.

In this way, the statue became known as the “Venus Statue”.

The statue of the goddess Venus is 204 centimeters tall. Its upper body is naked, while its lower body is covered by expressive pleats. Because the lower body is thick and stable, the upper body appears more beautiful.

Let’s look at the facial expression of the statue: it looks calm, does not smile, and looks very dignified and elegant.

People at that time also felt sorry for the broken arms of the statue, but no fragments of the broken arms were found. Therefore, someone commented: “It is beautiful, but not having arms is always a defect. Let’s put arms on it.”

As a result, many people have thought about adding arms to the statue. This plan can be described as diverse and varied.

Some people said: “The goddess should put one hand on her head and hold the skirt of her clothes with the other hand.” Someone suggested: “The hands of the statue should be placed on a stone pillar beside her.”

However, once tested, people suddenly realized that none of the suggestions would work.

Because they not only destroy the overall beauty of the statue, but also destroy the imagination of the viewer. Only with her arms broken, the goddess is the most beautiful.

After that, no one ever tried to attach arms to the statue.

Later, after research, people discovered that the size of each part of the statue has a certain proportion. The human body image created according to this proportion is the most perfect. Therefore, people named this ratio the “golden section”.

Many times, our understanding of perfection is basically equivalent to completeness, and the broken arm of the statue of Venus is her flaw, but it is precisely because of her broken arm that people can have unlimited imagination.

Therefore, imperfection is more perfect.



“Let go of perfectionism

Action is the guide to making money.”

In life, many times we fail to start because of “perfectionism”.

“I either don’t do it, or I do it best.” Is this what you think? That “best” never seems to live up to expectations, so things get delayed again and again until they are finally completely forgotten.

When we look at others, we always use our own filters, but we are very picky about ourselves. In fact, this in itself is not a big problem, but if it is overdone, it will be bad.

Someone else writes a good article, which is liked by many people, wins awards, and gains popularity. So, you want to try to write, but when you start writing, you find that your title is not good enough, your topic selection is average, and your content structure is a mess.

You want to write the same “good articles” as others, but you find that no matter how you write, you are not good at it. Then you say to yourself: I will learn it first, and then I will learn how to write a good title, choose a good subject, and have a clear structure. , I will write “good articles” again.

There is a lot of content to learn and it is difficult. You persist very well at first, maybe for a week, maybe for a month, but you find that you still can’t write a “good article”, so you don’t want to continue learning or writing. .

After procrastinating a few times, you completely forget about the “good article that inspired you to write.” It is no longer important, so you give up on it completely, and the “good article” is no longer with you.

In fact, it’s not just one thing to write well, but many more, such as painting, writing, dancing …… In fact, it is not just about writing good articles, but also many things, such as painting, writing, dancing… If you cannot meet your highest expectations, you will lose confidence and patience and continue, which will lead to giving up halfway.

But whenever we see others achieving good results and making money, we can’t help but feel envious and begin to wonder if we are not living a good life.

If you can let go of perfectionism, accept your imperfect self, and stick to one thing to the end, then you will be able to surpass most people.

The reason why there are only a few people who make money is that many people are persuaded to quit in advance and get off the bus early, so naturally there are fewer people who reach the successful end point and more resources are allocated.

Therefore, if you want to make money in 2024, choose the right direction for your development, stay focused and persistent, but you must avoid “perfectionism”!

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