The Beauty of Melon Leaf Chrysanthemums: A Reflection on Life and Balance

A friend came to visit and gave me a pot of melon leaf chrysanthemum. I told her that I am not a flower grower, and she smiled: “This kind of flower is very easy to raise, and it doesn’t take much work for you. It is more vibrant to have flowers at home!” I thought this made sense, so I happily accepted it.

From then on, this pot of melon leaf chrysanthemum made its home on the balcony. After raising it for a while, I found that my friend was right. It is indeed a very good flower to raise. It is not as delicate as orchids, which must be carefully tended to live well. It is not as reserved as succulent, and refuses to bear a flower bone after raising it for a long time. Just let it bask in the sun and drink enough water, and it will show you all its beauty generously.

For its own flowers, it is not stingy at all, and hates to let all the buds bloom together. The pots of flowers are densely packed, and the stretched petals cover the green leaves below. The color of the petals is even more beautiful, the outer ring is lavender, the inner ring is pure white, and the stamen in the middle is golden yellow. Whenever the sun shines on it, the bright color seems to illuminate the entire balcony. If the window is opened and there is a breeze blowing, the flowers of the melon leaf chrysanthemum will emit a faint fragrance. Although this aroma is not as strong as that of roses, it makes people feel relaxed and suddenly enlightened.

However, during the last vacation, I was so busy with other things that I forgot to water it, causing it to lose its former vitality. By the time I found out, the petals of the melon leaf chrysanthemum had begun to wilt, and the color was much dimmer. Even the thick stems and wide leaves had lost their former uprightness. I was very annoyed and hurried to water to remedy it, but it didn’t seem to have improved much. I began to wonder if this once beautiful pot of flowers could still regain its original vitality.

Unexpectedly, when I almost gave up, a miracle happened. After a few days of recuperation, the seemingly withered melon leaf chrysanthemum was rejuvenated. It slowly straightened its back, opened its palm-like leaves again, and its petals gradually regained their dazzling color, as if to tell me that it did not give up, but was waiting for a chance to be reborn.

Seeing this scene, I couldn’t help but fall into deep thought. Isn’t the experience of this pot of melon leaf chrysanthemum a portrayal of life? Sometimes, like this pot of flowers, we lose our vitality and fall into a trough for various reasons. Just like this holiday, I should have put down my heavy studies and enjoyed a relaxing time, but I couldn’t really relax at all. The anxiety in my heart was like a shadow, and I kept pressuring myself. As a result, I was exhausted and almost lost the pot of melon leaf chrysanthemum given by my friends.

In our busy lives, we are often surrounded by various responsibilities, expectations and pressures. Whether it is school, work or interpersonal relationships, we all want to stay in the best condition, just like a blooming melon leaf chrysanthemum, always showing our beauty and vitality. However, this continuous effort and dedication make us ignore our inner needs and feelings. Just like a flower needs moisture and rest to maintain its beauty, should we also allow ourselves time to rest?

So, I decided to let myself wither for a few days, stop pursuing my perfect self, and give my mind a chance to breathe and regain the balance of life. I allowed myself to slow down and feel the beauty of life; I immersed myself in a good book, letting my thoughts run freely on the grassland of words; I strolled in the fields of the countryside, admiring the beauty of nature, feeling the comfort of the wind blowing on my face… After a few days, I was refreshed again, full of energy and strength.

Just like a flower will wither, please allow yourself to wither for a few days occasionally to release the inner pressure and give the mind a space to rest. In this way, we can maintain a balance under busyness and stress, and better cope with the various opportunities and challenges in life.

The temporary withering is to accumulate energy and welcome a more gorgeous bloom.

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