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Recently, I have seen some negative news about big companies. When these news broke out, it actually proved that some internal problems have existed for a long time.

Intel President Andy Grove said: “Senior leaders are slow to understand that the world around them has changed, and the boss is the last person to know the truth.”

Indeed, many times the boss cannot hear the truth, and employees always remain silent until the problem completely breaks out.

 3 reasons why employees are silent

Why is the boss the last to hear bad news? Why do employees always stay silent? Generally speaking, there are three reasons.

 The first one, I dare not say.

In most cases, bosses cannot hear the truth, and employees have ideas but don’t speak out because they dare not.

 Charlie Munger once mentioned a Persian Messenger Syndrome:

In ancient times, Persians and Greeks often fought wars. If the messenger brought good news, the Persian king would reward him vigorously. If the messenger brought bad news, he would kill him directly.

This is still the case today. Many bosses don’t like bad news. They also hate the people who deliver bad news.

 In view of this situation, everyone is in danger and no one dares to tell the truth.

 Second, I don’t want to say it.

The grassroots are in direct contact with customers. Chunjiang Plumbing Ducks are prophets. They know the changes in the market and environment earlier. However, the information they learned could not be conveyed to the top management in a timely manner. It needed to be passed on level by level. However, during the transmission process, the information was either interrupted or attenuated and was not taken seriously.

Every time grassroots members see that their opinions or suggestions are ignored, they will feel that the feedback is useless and will not be willing to give feedback in the future.

 The third one, pick and choose.

Most bosses are open-minded and want to hear the truth, but because they don’t know people well or others are too concealed, they only get promotions.

The Annunciation Bird did not do anything practical, but in order to show its contribution, it surrounded the leader, chirped, and said all the things the leader wanted to hear.

In order to win the favor of his boss, he always rushes to report good news, while he deliberately hides bad news.

Slowly, leaders are surrounded by information cocoons and become “deaf” and “blind”, unable to hear or see.

Mr. Kazuo Inamori said: “People who talk nicely are often unreliable. The ones who are truly reliable are those who work silently and work hard.”

Indeed, using these bad news birds will only make the company worse and worse. Once there is a problem in the company, they are the fastest to run away.

These are 3 reasons why your boss can’t hear the truth. If employees are silent and the boss cannot hear the truth, the company is not far from danger.

 3 ways to hear the truth

Siemens in Germany has a famous saying: “As long as management knows what employees think, it can become a great company.”

 So how can a boss get his employees to tell the truth so they can hear the truth?

 1. Leaders lead by example

I once said that leading by example is the highest form of leadership in this era. If you want others to tell the truth, as a boss or executive, you must first tell the truth yourself.

In his previous public speech, Jack Ma said: “I never hide anything from my team. I don’t have to tell you what I can’t tell. Everything I tell must be the truth.”

 Only if you take the lead and tell the truth, the people below will tell the truth.

 2. Reward those who tell the truth and solve real problems

Liu Zhenyun wrote in the book “Chicken Feathers in a Land”: “In the workplace, it is necessary to be true and false, true and false, and false and true. Those who tell lies will be promoted and make money, but those who tell the truth will be unlucky and punished. “

Although it is spoken by the characters in the book, it is also the voice of most people. In some companies, senior management doesn’t solve problems because solving them is more complicated, so the solution they come up with is to solve the person who raised the problem.

Therefore, if you want to hear the truth, you must establish a good culture in your company. Tell the truth without fear of offending others or causing negative consequences, nor will it harm future interests.

Moreover, once anyone comes up with suggestions that can solve the problem, they will be rewarded generously. Sam, the founder of Wal-Mart in the United States, requires Wal-Mart employees to actively come up with new ideas for the company’s development. Whoever has good suggestions will be invited to attend weekly discussions held by the company and relevant bonuses will be issued.

“This gives everyone a chance to try it out, and maybe their suggestions won’t be useful, but they won’t hurt the company,” Sam said.

When everyone feels safe, they will be willing to be the owners of the company and actively contribute their opinions and suggestions.

 3. Leaders take the initiative to listen to the truth

There are many levels in the company, and there will definitely be losses when passing things through. In order to avoid information asymmetry, senior management must not leave the front line and follow the rules of parallel communication.

① Listen to a wide range of opinions. You need to break the “isolation layer” and go to the grassroots level to discover and understand problems. At Kyocera, Mr. Kazuo Inamori established an “empty bus” where leaders and employees gather together after get off work to communicate face-to-face with employees. You can do the same, you can communicate with grassroots employees in an approachable manner, so that they can face you directly and share some of their ideas.

②Identify noise. In the process of listening, some are signals and are correct, and you should actively accept them; others are “noise” and interfere with you, so don’t be confused. Therefore, you have to selectively capture key information and listen selectively.

③Solve the problem. When a critical problem is found, it must be solved immediately. When employees find that their suggestions are taken seriously, they will have a higher sense of dependence and loyalty to the company.

In conclusion, when employees become silent, the company is not far from danger. So how can you get employees to tell the truth? The first one is for the boss to set an example and tell the truth; the second one is to strongly reward those who tell the truth; the third one is to take the initiative to listen to the truth and solve problems.

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