The Importance of Good Character in Relationships: Building Love that Lasts

When falling in love, how important is a person’s character?

 I once read this passage:

“Some girls can’t be scumbag at all, because her experience, her outlook, and the principles she knows tell her that that’s wrong and she can’t be that kind of person.”

The “halo effect” in love always puts a filter on when we look at the person we like.

If the other party is half-hearted, you will interpret it as immature and playful; if the other party is selfish and unwilling to give, you will interpret it as too fragile and accustomed to self-protection.

There are always people who make “excuses” for their lovers in relationships. They would rather believe that the other person will change in the future than believe that some behaviors are proof of bad character.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for a girl with bad character to continue to love someone.

Their character dictates that they don’t know how to be responsible for their lovers, have no way to stick with them, and won’t understand where they went wrong.    

 So I hope that the relationship will be fruitful, and it is best to find someone worthy to love.

A girl worth loving must have a guaranteed character, and only they will have these characteristics. This is evidence of whether their character is good or not.

 Be good at managing life and have a clearer self-understanding

Many people have misunderstandings about the word “character”.

Just like some people think that the so-called good character means that you should be willing to pay for others. In fact, the real good character is to protect yourself while not infringing on the interests of others. As long as you can do this, you are a good person. Direct proof of good character.

One of the common manifestations of such girls is that they have a clear self-awareness.

They will also occasionally feel confused in life, and they will also become uneasy when faced with choices, but what is certain is that they need the support of others, but they can also live without the support of others.    

You rarely see girls with good character constantly lowering their bottom line for love because they have higher self-worth.

This kind of self-worth is not based on “the amount of income”, “what the conditions are”, or “social status”, but is related to a person’s perception of himself.

Only when people first admit that they are worthy of being loved can they take the initiative in love.

Only a girl who can admit that she deserves to be loved can know how to love others better. When she does not wrong herself, she will not think that others should bear the wrong for herself.

Good love should be equal, and its basis is that you can correct your own identity and know how to respect others.

Like familiarity more than novelty

As early as 1977, psychologists discovered that different people have different adaptability to the environment, which can exactly reflect their personality and character.

Some people cannot find pleasure in their daily lives. For them, repetitive work and life will only make them bored.    

But there are still some people who are very good at running a repetitive life and would rather stay in a safe and familiar environment than constantly pursuing novelty and different experiences.

 Although environmental adaptability cannot be directly linked to a person’s character.

However, in the psychology of love, most studies show that a person who is obsessed with novelty lacks the spirit of “contract respect” for love.

Their love easily expires because the novelty cannot last, and they are attracted to others.

 This can also reflect a person’s character to a certain extent.

Girls with good character will not necessarily resist novelty. Everyone is curious and it is normal to like fresher feelings. However, people with good character will not be bored with familiarity.

In other words, they can find more fun in ordinary life and experience a different life in a new world.

When you find a girl who has no long-term friends, it mostly means that they are not good at running a long-term relationship.    

 Occasionally express feelings of alienation in social relationships

In the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, there is a classic line: “If we want to be friends, we have to agree now not to pry into my business.”

When a person has a sense of standard when getting along with others, many people think that this is “too self-centered” and “too aloof.”

 In fact, this is proof of a person’s good character.

Just like many girls who have “spare tires” in life, the reason why they have many suitors and are willing to pay for them must be because they are better?

uncertain. The more likely reason is that they have no sense of distance from the opposite sex and give too many people hope, which makes others misunderstand and think that they will make the other person’s heart beat.

From this perspective, the better the character of a girl, the better she is at grasping social norms.    

Even if they have more friends, they still know how to interact with each other in what capacity. This is obvious by not being casually ambiguous and not casually falling in love.

So you will rarely see friends of the opposite sex who have particularly good relationships with them, not because there are none, but because they know that if they are not intimate partners, they should not get too close to the opposite sex.

On the contrary, it is a person who has no standards for getting along with the opposite sex. Instead of feeling that the other person is popular, it is better to carefully observe the other person’s character.

There is a passage in the novel “Lotus” that says:

“If all it brings in the end is abandonment and hurt, you should refuse to start. People should have self-control over their desires and shortcomings. You don’t just eat when you are hungry or lie down when you are tired. All this requires willpower to overcome.”

It is difficult for us to restrain the spreading love. When love comes, even if we know that the other person is the wrong person, it is difficult to get out in time.    

People always want to give their other half more possibilities, especially the one who invests more in love. They always hope that the two of them can make it to the end.

 But no matter how much you love someone, you should understand that character is the key.

The intensity of love can determine whether two people can come together, but the quality of their character determines how far they can go.

 A story without an ending is better not to start.

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