The Silent Flames of Unrequited Love: When Words Fail, Hearts Speak

Not all likes, will be fanfare.

In the relationship, there is a strange phenomenon.

Some people, who obviously like another person very much, will find out that the other party has posted new news for the first time, will not stop peeking at each other with their spare eyes, will care about each other’s every move, and will stare at each other’s avatars every day, but they just don’t say they like it.

It seems that the person who is attracted by the heart is not himself, and he himself is just a spectator in love.

I used to think that such a person was not loving enough, so he was unwilling to take action, but then I gradually understood that it was possible that he really loved, so he didn’t dare to take action.

As Yi Shu wrote in “Red Dust”: “If a person really likes another person, because of love, everything will become a gain and a loss.” ”

Because it is really moved, it is hesitant before taking action; Because I really don’t want to be rejected by the other party, I’d rather have a crush all the time.

 Such feelings, although hidden, are extremely sincere.    

is often the person who chooses to insist on loving even if he can’t be together. And such a person is actually easy to find, because the person who loves you very much and just doesn’t want you to find out will treat you like this.

01. There will always be excuses to satisfy you

I once read a topic: When you are in love, what is the sweetest moment that makes you feel sweet?

Some people say that it is a full sense of ritual on holidays; Some people say that it is hot water at the right time when the body is not feeling well; Some people say that it is half of the other party’s body that gets wet when it rains and plays an umbrella; Some people say that it is the happiness of having someone to accompany you whatever you want to do.

It is true that these moments do make people feel happy, but sometimes happiness, although it has different manifestations, hides a stronger heart.

It’s like when one person sends a message, the other person always responds in a timely manner, and the excuse is that he is just not busy.

Or, one person wants to go for a late-night snack and the other person happens to be hungry and just wants to go out for a walk under the pretext that he hasn’t eaten enough today.

Or, a bouquet of flowers on special holidays that uses “bought too much” as an excuse, or another person who wants to watch a movie, the other party says, “I just bought two tickets, I don’t know who to watch together”.    

These efforts disguised with excuses are often not taken seriously, because when there is no blessing of sweet words, many people will think that it is really just a coincidence.

 But in love, there are so many coincidences.

When one person is not sleepy, the other person is not sleepy every time; When one person wants to go out for a walk, the other person happens to be at home and is very annoying.

When a person is always cooperating with your behavior, always trying to meet your needs, and pretending to be just inadvertent with all kinds of excuses, there is no doubt that that person just loves you but doesn’t want you to feel stressed.

02. No matter how much you give, it doesn’t matter

I agree with a sentence in “Insight in Solitude”: “Very few people will really love others, people just want to get love by giving a little love, that is a kind of fishing.” ”

Many people in love do not love for the sake of loving someone, but for the sake of getting love.

Just like some boys, they will give up when they pursue a girl for a period of time without results, and the reason for giving up is not necessarily because they feel that they have no hope, so they have no choice but to leave.    

The more likely reason is that I don’t love much, so I can only give a little, and when I can’t see the result, I want to get out of it.

On the contrary, those who are truly in love, even if they can’t see hope, they want to hold on more.

is like Lu Xinghe in “The Best of Us”, who has accompanied Geng Geng for ten years, confessed countless times, and was rejected by Geng Geng countless times, he had countless opportunities to turn around and leave, but he didn’t seize it.

Just imagine, the reason why he didn’t catch it was because he didn’t know that Geng Geng didn’t like him that much, or didn’t know that he should give up?

Actually, no, it’s just that although he knows that there is no hope, he still wants to hold on for a little longer, thinking that he will be able to see Geng Geng’s turn back when he waits until the end.

Truly loving someone is not self-interested, but altruistic.

Therefore, when a person pays a lot, but never says what he pays, does not care about his own gains and losses, and keeps persisting, that person must be the one who loves you the most at this stage.

03.  I look after you in my own name

When I was in college, there was a boy in the class who was called “Shima”.

When he gathers, he doesn’t eat spicy food, meat, coriander, carbonated drinks, and even less alcohol, and every time he forcibly asks the party to end early.

At that time, many people joked and complained that it was better not to get together for such a thing. And he will justifiably say, “I have this all a normal demand.”

Later, I learned a long time later that he actually ate everything and didn’t mind going back too late, but the girl he liked wasn’t.

And his purpose in doing this is just to arrange everything carefully without the girl proposing, lest the other party feel uncomfortable because of the party.

Because of this incident, I remembered a sentence in “Zhiming and Chunjiao”: “I worked so hard to get rid of Zhang Zhiming, and in the end I found that I had become another Zhang Zhiming.” ”    

I used to think that only when two people have been in love for a while and lived together will they become more and more alike.

Later, I gradually understood that in fact, from the beginning of liking someone, I will gradually become the other person, because I will take into account the other person’s preferences and care about the other person’s feelings.

Just like the person who has always considered you in his own name, the rumors he blocked, and the title of “mother” he was crowned by others, is the most direct proof of his liking.

After all, how can there be so many two people with completely similar hobbies, one person will do this, in fact, just for you.

In the relationship, it is often the person who will take care of you, will satisfy you, and will give to you, who really loves you, although they don’t know it, but you should always feel it.

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