Expressing Love: The Art of Communication and Gestures

Love is a language that transcends words, spoken through actions and gestures that convey deep emotions. In our daily lives, it’s crucial to express love in diverse ways, ensuring our partners feel cherished and valued. From small gestures to meaningful conversations, every detail matters in nurturing a strong and loving relationship.

High emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in love, guiding individuals to pay attention to the nuances of love’s expression. By focusing on the little things and creating a sense of security, partners can truly feel the depths of affection and care in their relationship.

Effective communication serves as the cornerstone of expressing love. Words have the power to convey care, concern, and affection, strengthening the bond between partners and fostering a deep connection.

Love manifests in various forms beyond mere verbal declarations. It’s about the daily interactions, shared experiences, and mutual understanding that build a foundation of love and trust.

Drawing inspiration from legendary love stories like Lu Xun and Xu Guangping, as well as modern-day couples like Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen, we witness how individuals with high emotional intelligence navigate the intricacies of love, expressing their affections in unique and heartfelt ways.

In the realm of love, it’s the thoughtful gestures, genuine conversations, and unwavering support that truly speak volumes. Let’s embrace the art of love, celebrating each moment and nurturing relationships filled with love, understanding, and appreciation.

If you love someone, you must let the other person know.
In relationships, different expressions of love can often determine how much love the other person will feel. Sometimes if a person doesn’t feel love, there may be something wrong with the way you express love.
Just like a few days ago, when I asked my best friend how her relationship was going, she sighed and said, “I’m too tired and want to break up.”
When my best friend and her boyfriend are together, they often quarrel, and the issues that cause the quarrel are very simple, but the conflict will continue to ferment.
For example, if she forgets to bring an umbrella when it rains, her boyfriend will say that she has no ability to plan for the future; if she cannot find a certain piece of clothing, her boyfriend will say that she has a poor memory and is not suitable for life; if her boss blames her, her boyfriend will say that she is not capable of working well enough. Might as well resign.
Although my boyfriend will find a way to solve these things after they happen, the teasing in the early stage will always make people feel too tired.
When they love someone, many people are like this. They don’t know how to express love, so they put on the cloak of blame and care for a person. But over time, that person has to bear too much blame and often cannot bear it.
In relationships, there are always many ways to express love. Generally, people with high emotional intelligence express their love quietly like this.
People with high emotional intelligence will handle all the details of love well and give the other person a sense of security, so that the other person can feel love more easily.
Many times, expressing love does not necessarily require saying “I love you”. It is the most personal love that can be reflected in the details of life, which is the warmest and most touching.
As the writer Mader once said: “What really drives love is not strong love, but trivial time.”
Just like Chen Yu in “Only Thirty”, in the process of falling in love with Zhong Xiaoqin, the love he gives to the other person always starts from small things. He will squeeze out the toothpaste for the other person, put it away and clean up Zhong Xiaoqin’s “mess”.

Zhong Xiaoqin, who was very nervous, couldn’t feel this kind of warmth at first, but when she finally looked back, she understood who loved her more.
Chen Yu’s example can prove the truth that details make love possible. However, to say that he has high emotional intelligence may not really be considered because the way he expresses love lacks the condition of letting the other party know.
Only given love can make people feel warm, but often the loved ones will ignore these small things.

People with truly high emotional intelligence will start with the details to make a person feel their love, but one thing that needs to be done is to be perceived by the other person.
For example, when Lu Xun loved Xu Guangping, he not only paid attention to the details of love, but also deepened the expression of love.
When the two of them were together, he would stare at Xu Guangping. When the two of them exchanged letters, he would name Xu Guangping “HM” (meaning black sheep, Lu Xun’s pet name for Xie Guangping).
In this way, Xu Guangping understood the difference between Lu Xun and himself, and would naturally love Lu Xun more.
Including when two people had to have a long-distance relationship, Lu Xun often wrote letters to Xu Guangping, telling everything about him in other places, in order to reassure Xu Guangping and reassure Xu Guangping.
I remember Sanmao once said: “If what you give me is the same as what you give to others, then I won’t want it.”
Everyone hopes to encounter unique love. That person loves himself differently and gives himself different love, and these differences are often reflected in the details.
People with high emotional intelligence can handle the details of love well and express their care for another person.
People with high emotional intelligence can “speak well” in love and express their care and concern through daily communication.
The writer Montaigne once wrote: “Language is a tool through which our wishes and thoughts are communicated. It is the interpreter of our souls.”
Language is the elaboration of personal thoughts and the expression of each other’s love. At this time, how you express love through language in daily life is often the key to the other party feeling love.
As the saying goes: “A kind word warms you for three winters, but a bad word hurts you for six months.”
Sometimes if you say the wrong thing or speak with your own temper, the other party will get the wrong information and even think that you no longer like her.
Just like the best friend mentioned earlier, the reason why she and her boyfriend quarreled was not because of any major conflicts, but the words her boyfriend said continued to aggravate the conflicts between the two people.
Originally, her boyfriend wanted to persuade her to remember to bring an umbrella when it rains, but when the words she said changed to “Why don’t you forget yourself”, it made the other party feel powerless.
Originally, her boyfriend wanted to persuade her to work hard and lay the foundation for the future. When the words she said became “It’s just that you are not capable enough”, it would naturally make the other party feel uncomfortable.
These problems that many people encounter in love can actually be solved by talking well.
Just like Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen, the two of them have been together for seven or eight years and rarely quarrel. Even if they have conflicts, they sit down and communicate calmly before solving the problem.
Especially in daily life, Du Haitao always regarded Shen Mengchen as his treasure, and he gave her nicknames one after another. Shen Mengchen would call Du Haitao “Guaiguai”. These are all manifestations of love.
In love, daily life is where love is achieved. How two people interact on a daily basis determines the development of the relationship.
When that person acts coquettishly to you, there is no need to feel that the person in front of you has not grown up. Sometimes doting without reason is the correct expression of love, including when that person has various shortcomings, forcing the other person to change them is not necessarily right. The correct way is to learn to accept sometimes, which is the correct expression of loving someone.
In the world of love, there is never right or wrong, and there is no need to fight over who wins or loses. When that person can feel your love and give you the same feedback, this is a kind of happiness and a kind of success.
What you have to do is to express your love properly and let the other person feel that you care. This can be done by handling the details and speaking well.
That person is your partner and should always be cherished by you.

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